A ripple-along update

Hi Everyone :)

Goodness me, thank you all so much for your comments on my blog post yesterday, blimey you certainly know how to make me blush with all your blanket-ripple-yarn-blog love!

It seems like a good bunch of you are interested in joining in our Ripple-along – brilliant! The only thing you need to do is make a ripple … you don’t have to use the same pattern or yarn as Lucy or me, you don’t have to make a blanket – you could do a scarf or a cushion or something else. You don’t need to start one specifically for this, it could be something you’re already working on. It just needs to be ripply :-)

I’ve made a Flickr group to put our photos in, do come and join us as it’s just me at the moment and I feel a bit self conscious!

thank you again for your enthusiasm ♥


25 thoughts on “A ripple-along update

  1. I long to join the ripple along but i just cannot get my ripple to ripple. Woe is me. I’m going to join the flickr group though just for a nosy and await for my lightbulb ripple moment when i finally ‘get’ it. Oh and i’ve been reading through some of your old posts and the photo you posted of your living room when you moved into your house is scarily similar to our ‘before’ photo of our living room too. And we didn’t use the room for months because of damp either. Totally unrelated subject to hooky but i’m random like that, thoughts wildly flit from one thing to another! K xx

    • admin says:

      That room gives me nightmares. One day it will be done. One day. I go to other people’s houses and get jealous of carpet and sofas! x

  2. Was inspired enough by you and Lucy to get what was supposed to be a ripple blanket finished into a scarf tonight. No pics tonight (though you can see it with all ends flying on my blog from the weekend) Will be wearing with pride tomorrow (please be chilly!!) Happy rippling!

    • admin says:

      Well I don’t usually approve of wishing for it to be chilly weather, being without heating as we are, but go on then, just this once I will wish for chilly weather for you to wear your scarf in ;-) x

  3. I’m in! (Dragon’s Den style.) Have bought my yarn this afternoon. Yipee!


    PS love the Mollie Makes style photo you put here and in yesty’s blog. Ha! x

    • admin says:

      ha yes I unashamedly stole that pose from them! It just felt so nice to cup the ripple like that, ahh and keep it safe. :-D Hurrah for yarn shopping!

  4. Mentioned you on my blog today because I am so inspired by your saving for a stash idea! Already mid ripple so I am not sure if that is a cheat! Found your blog through Lucy & am loving your blankets x

  5. Sarah says:

    I love what you and Lucy are doing. I am determined to make a ripple this winter!!! Work has been a bit of a chore these past few weeks
    to put it mildly so a new crochet project sounds like the perfect pick up.xx

  6. Well you and Lucy between you have shifted the focus of my next blanket so that it incorporates a ripple! So very excited. I’ll post photos on group once it’s a bit longer…

  7. Heather,
    Everyone is definitely talking about this Ripple along. I am trying to stay strong and not join in. I have two blankets that I am currently working on and wouldn’t feel right starting another. He he. I have been trying to get rid of my WIP pile and the blankets are my last two things I need to complete, then I can go yarn crazy again. I really enjoy your blog and am happy you are a frequent blogger.

  8. Debi says:

    I haven’t done any ‘hooky’ work for years, but after reading yours and Lucy’s blogs, I have gone out and brought some cheap wool to practice with!! I also hired the book from the library that was mentioned in Lucy’s blog, ‘Cute and easy Crochet by Nicki Trench’ and am ready to give it another go!! Off to look at the flickr site now!! Happy hooking!!…..

  9. Gosh I may join you in a year’s time when I gather up the wherewithal to buy all that luscious goodness….it is very expensive but so worth it to have natural yarn…there is nothing quite like wool, is there…..good acrylic is ok but the feel of wool is just something else. Love those three colours today….amusing anecdote about those colours…was in Belfat yesterday and in TKMaxx and saw a scarf with just those colours, maybe slightly more green in it…it was sumptious…very long and bulky…in my madness I bought it and then went to look for some knitwear to wear it alongside….but it was just far too bulky for shortie me to wear and nothing looked right so trotted back to TKMaxx and returned it….so so sad at having to do that but it was 9.99 so thought I’d better leave it – the colours were great though and your three colours remind me of it.

  10. Rita Graham says:

    Just found your site – I am joining in your ripple along from Canada. It soothes, calms and at the same time exhilarates me – the very idea of this. I have already completed 2 rows of my new blanket.

  11. Jo says:

    Hi Heather
    I have been contemplating rippling for weeks, if not months. Your Purple and Green is fantastic, I think this is what my potential colour scheme has been missing.

  12. Hi Heather,
    I’m quite new to the crocheting world, but your blog has inspired me to start blogging my own experiences. It will please you to know that the patterns you’ve shared for the rest of us to toil over are now the basis of my blanket (which, quite frankly I am not best friends with at the moment).

    I long to ripple along with you all, but I’ve got a long way to go yet – keep blogging + inspiring! :) x

  13. I got it! I rippled!! Yay me. I can now join in in the ripple along. I’m going to make a cot blanket for E, just working the foundation chain now (grr hate foundation chains) K xx

  14. I would so love to join in with the ripple along but I have a secret squirrel project I’m about to start which needs to be finished by Xmas. :( I will definitely be keeping up to date with how you are all getting on though. Ripple blankets are so relaxing to make. Love love love the colours that you and Lucy have chosen. I need to start a stash of expensive yarn, I have been making things out of Stylecraft for ages and I’m fed up with it! xx

  15. YAY for ripples…..it looks like you’re holding a little cute pet in your hands :-)
    Mind you I find myself stroking my wool whenever I get it out. I’m rippling a cushion cover using Lucy’s fab Neat Ripple pattern.

  16. YAY for ripples…..it looks like you\’re holding a little cute pet in your hands :-)
    Mind you I find myself stroking my wool whenever I get it out. I\’m rippling a cushion cover using Lucy\’s fab Neat Ripple pattern.

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