It’s time to let the yarn out of the bag! You will notice that I have been sitting on these photos for over a week and I’m most excited to share them. I’ve been putting my thoughts in my head in order because I want to chat a bit about the colours. I think I’ve said before that I’ve been stashing this yarn for over a year. I think I started buying Cashmerino dk in July last year with the intention of it being a “slow stash” and then making it into a patchwork blanket of solid squares. It was for this reason that I didn’t mind too much about the colours: I bought most of the yarn online without putting much thought into the colours. It was to be the yarn itself that was the focus rather than the colours.

Then I changed my mind, like I do often, because I realised that I really did want to make a ripple. The thing is, Cashmerino just ripples up SO beautifully and the feel of the fabric you make is gorgeous. I think that it loses a bit of quality the more you twist it into shapes like squares. Cashmerino Ripple it was then!

I continued to work on my stash and received both yarn and vouchers for Christmas and my birthday. I’ve also bought a ball when I’ve been on trips to places: I bought one in London, for example, so I like that it will be like crocheting a bit of my trip to London into my blanket.

I’ve held off for so long making this blanket because I wanted it to be a sofa blanket in our new house. Well we are still a way off having sofas and a living room that is useable so I’ve decided to just Go With It. It has also taken a while to make sense of the colours I bought. I’ve spent some time lately taking them out of the bag and lining them up in different combinations and orders, making notes of which colour numbers I have, deciding which to buy two of and which to take out. I removed a dark forest green and a silver grey. The green didn’t go, and there are quite a lot of bluey-grey tones already and this one was more of a hinder than an enhancer.

I’m happy with my colours now:

All Debbie Bliss Cashmerino dk. Some shades are discontinued now (off the top of my head they are: 25, 10, 06, 03 but there may be more.) Thanks to some google searching and the help of First4Yarns, Tangled Yarns and Woodland Yarns I was able to buy more of the discontinued ones that I needed.

I was a little dubious about number 03, the beige camel one. My mum sent me this colour as she bought it in the John Lewis sale. I don’t usually use brown colours but the more I put it into groups with other colours, the more I realised that it was quite a fab colour. An enhancing colour, if you see what I mean?

I feel that one of the most important things I’ve learnt about colours is that it’s not just how that colour looks on its own, but how it looks with other colours as the ones all around it can really change the personality of that colour. The colour number 33 looks a great deal greener when it is next to number 25, but next to number 36 or 28 it looks more blue/dark grey.

I’ve put a lot of colour thought into this blanket. It’s only this year that I’ve started to think properly in colours, it has definitely taken me a long time to get my eye in with colours. With my first three blankets (Big Blue Blanket, Granny Alice, 400 squares) I copied Lucy’s colour palette exactly and I really liked it. This year I’ve been really pleased with my colours for my Phoebe Ripple and Rosie Ripple and the more blankets and cushions I make, the more confident I become.

Because Cashmerino is so expensive (the reason why it’s taken me over a year to stash all of this!) I didn’t want to end up with a blanket that I didn’t like (like the hexagon fiasco. Incidentally I’m sending that into hexile to live with my mum for a bit) or where the colours didn’t work. What I have done is tried to place the yarn in groups of three or so where they all look lovely together, but to make sure that they overlap with the next group of three. Hopefully, you’ll be able to pick out a chunk of three or four stripes in the blanket and the colours will look reasonably good together.

The middle photo really does it for me here. I LOVE this combination: you may have noticed that it is quite similar to the little striped blanket I’m working on at the moment. The last photo is Autumnal and also makes me think of a piece of Candy Corn. The first photo … well, can’t go wrong with pinks and purples can you?

I also stacked them into colour “families” and then gave them all colour names, like seaglass, banana and peacock. It’s easier to remember than numbers!

The next exciting part of this is that a couple of months ago, Lucy and I decided that we would like to do this as a Ripple-Along. Yarn & ripple love is even better when you can share the yarny excitement with someone. (Or a LOT of people if you look at all the comments on this post!) I’d been speculating and fantasising about my ripple blanket in the pub during Pub Hooky for ages and Lucy wanted in on this Cashmerino action too. I said that I would wait a bit longer until Lucy had acquired her stash and some time to crochet in (after school summer holidays) and now the time is here. Oooooh yes.

Two weeks ago we had a bit of a yarn fest photo shoot and lined up all our yarn together and tried to think of names to describe that green one on the bottom (second in from the left on the bottom.) Bogey green anyone?

Lucy’s colours are more like a rainbow than mine despite us having a number of balls that are the same colour. I think it’s because I don’t have a bright yellow and orange, or a lilac colour. Lucy’s palette also has another green, and less dark colours than mine.

This is partly because Baby Cashmerino has a MUCH better colour range than the Cashmerino dk, and partly because Lucy is better than me at picking a balanced rainbow-type palette.

I think you can tell who’s is who’s!

I really wish that I both my thumbnails were the same length here. I’ve been obsessing about that since this photo was taken.

I get a little “ooooh” when I add each new colour :-D

I started my ripple with a 210 +3 foundation chain and this way I should be able to get 2 stripes (4 rows) out of one ball of yarn. In the interests of keeping the blanket balanced, I’ve divided my yarn into two bags and have the same number of each colours for the first half as I do the second half. I don’t want this to be a random blanket: this is meticulously colour-planned and ordered!

I’m doing two rows to a stripe because really love the solid stripe effect you get when you have one row of back facing stitches and one row of front facing stitches in the same colour. I know it’s the same as all the other ripples I have done, but I really like it and this really is the first one I’ve made for myself. At the moment, I can’t quite put into words just HOW much I love it already. But it’s a lot :-)

If you head on over to Lucy’s blog you can read about her yarn and blanket choices too. Or more likely: hello and welcome if you have popped over to my blog from Lucy’s!

If anyone wants to join in with our Ripple-along, leave a comment :-)

Some images kindly provided by Lucy.

75 thoughts on “Ripple-along

  1. How exciting! I can’t wait to see the progress that you both make with your respective ripples. I only wish I could join in but I have just embarked on a Blue Granny Stripe which is for a Christmas pressie, so I just have to content myself with watching from the sidelines! :O)xx

  2. heather, thank you SO MUCH for waiting patiently for me, both with starting the ripple and then getting our joint First-Posts together, I’m sorry I’m always so slow!!
    How lovely to read your words, our remarks re colour choosing are reassuringly similar!
    Beautiful yarny pics, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm scrummy!
    Am SO looking forward to taking these ripple babies of ours through the Autumn Winter season, you must come up to number 24 when we light up the fire for some hearth-side ripple action, nothing beats it ♥

  3. That’s it, I’m rippling away right now. I had started a ripple, just did the chain then part of the first row and gave up on it but it now coming out and I’d love to join in.

    Love both of your colour choices and its a shame some of the ones you have chosen are discontinued as they really do look great together and your blanket will be so soft and scrummy when it is finished with the yarn you have chosen.

    Have you or Lucy set up a Ravelry ripple along group?

    • admin says:

      I hadn’t, but that’s a fab idea and I’ll have a looky tomorrow and see what I can do. Perhaps a pinterest board too? x

  4. Heather I love your colours!! Especially the purples!

    My next blanket project is going to be for our bedroom – which I am decorating next week – colours unknown as yet!!! But….I think I might have chosen….!

  5. Siobhan says:

    A ripple is great fun. As you say it really is how colours look next to each other. It makes it a colour adventure, that spurs you on, as you are never sure how it is going to look from colour to colour. I already have a ripple to cuddle up in to watch X factor but I started a solid square blanket which I love too. It’s a third of the way through but going slowly. I need it asap though because of the cold weather coming!

    I tried out different numbers of rows for the ripple to see what the effect was, but like you I love the two rows of each colour best of all. Your colours are lovely and it is looking beautiful already. Here’s to some happy crochet time!

  6. I really loved Lucy’s colour choices, but then headed over here and really love yours too. Both blankets are going to be gorgeous. I love the solid stripe effect too.
    Would love to join you with a ripple along but I’m STILL working on the Granny Stripe, and will be forever I think!
    Lovely to have found your blog.

  7. Well, you know I’m gonna ripple along with you only mine has to be a tiny project as I have a million things on the go (including a million mouths to feed and bums to wipe at the moment) so I shall do a cowl/snood and I will buy the yarn at Knit Club on Saturday. I shall buy “Seaglass” colours as these will go best with my blue winter coat and my old green one and my wrist warmers that are in the queue.

    I feel excited. I feel a blog post coming on once I’ve finally caught up blog wise with the past two weeks.

    Your nails look fine to me, clean and neat.

    I’m still coveting your bed linen!


  8. Anne Marie says:

    I’ve found this blog from Attic 24. I bought some wool last week, it’s not Baby Cashmerino but I think has the same yarn content, as I bought it by mistake. I didn’t have the vast range of colours to choose from so it won’t be anywhere near so nice as either of yours. Here’s hoping I don’t give up on it.

  9. Heather, I love you, you have just given me a reason to randomly buy odd balls of cashmerino. It’s one of my favourite yarns to knit with but it’s usually too expensive for me to buy enough for a jumper in one go, but one or two balls a month, well that can’t hurt can it. Those ripples are going to look stunning.

  10. Heather, I love you, you have just given me a reason to randomly buy odd balls of cashmerino. It\’s one of my favourite yarns to knit with but it\’s usually too expensive for me to buy enough for a jumper in one go, but one or two balls a month, well that can\’t hurt can it. Those ripples are going to look stunning.

  11. Trudy says:

    Your ripple looks stunning already. I’m very jealous! I made a ripple blanket earlier this year following Lucy’s tutorial and I loved every minute, i also used cashmerino yarn, maybe it’s time to start another? Happy hooking x

  12. Heather,
    Your colors are fantastic. I love Lucy’s too, but I think you are being too hard on yourself. I love what you have picked out. Your blanket is going to be absolutely beautiful. I found your blog because of Lucy and am addicted to your posts. Isn’t buying yarn one of the most fun things to do. My best friend and I like to have lunch and go “yarning”. She and I have different tastes in colors, with a few similar choices. But our blankets and other projects always look lovely and have our own personal stamp on them by our color choice.

  13. Drooling with excitement over see all these colors together. Both of you have a fabulous eye for putting them all together. Sure wish is was as easy peasie for us over on this side of the pond to find those fab UK yarns. I can’t wait to see this “classic” “A24” “RIPPLEs” come altogether. I must hit my yarnie shop soon to join along. It’s always been one of my favorite pattern.

  14. Today I announced that I am not starting anything else until I finish my hexagon blanket….and then you tempt me! Both of your ripples are looking gorgeous. I love the zing in Lucy’s and the snuggliness of yours. It has been interesting reading about how you both choose your colours. Thanks for sharing! x

  15. MelanieMelanie says:

    Hi Heather,
    Your hexagon blanket which hs come on holiday for a while to me looks lovely on my bed; it increases the snuggle level of my bed and room and is extremely warm and cosy, Looking forward to visiting! X

  16. chinagirl says:

    Loving your colours Heather..think you have a great eye for colour blending, so time to relax and believe in yourself!..This will be a FAB blanket :))

  17. Hi Heather, how absolutely exquisite your ripple blanket is going to be. Such fun having a ripple along with Lucy and both your colour choices. I’m starting to get serious ripple envy…hmm might just need to do something about that xox Enjoy watching your blanket evolve x

  18. I love your idea of having a ripple along with a friend – i bet you will both finish a lot quicker spurring each other on! Really looking forward to seeing how your blanket turns out!

  19. I love your blanket – and I’ve enjoyed reading both your post and Lucy’s on the same subject. It is interesting to see what colors appeal to different people. I look forward to seeing your blanket grow as the months go by.

  20. Carla says:

    Hello Heather

    I have been planning to do a ripple blanket for some time. I have been saving some debbie bliss cash dk in a vibrant yellow, some greens, blues and creams of various other dk wools. I think maybe now will be the time to start mine. Happy Hooking. Carla

  21. penelope says:

    Such fun, your ripples! I really like both sets of colours. I could never imagine doing a ripple all in one colour, how boring!
    Debbie Bliss, I must get some!

  22. Hi Heather, I am on my 24th row of a ripple blanket, I did 255 chain to start with, I was surprised how much it ‘pulls’ in when you do a ripple so it isn’t as wide as I thought, but it won’t matter. I will be happy to ripple along with you and Lucy, I will be the little turtle, slow but steady :)
    x Sandi

  23. Manda says:

    Amazing!!! I’ve been following Amy for a while. I never could find a ripple pattern I was confident with til I came across hers. You guys have inspired me! Im going to the store first thing in the morning and adding to my stash to start on my own ripple! I think its amazing you guys crochet together. My moms a knitter been trying to get her into crocheting so Id have a crochet buddy not work to great though. So I am so glad to follow you guys for amazing inspirations!!!

  24. jo egan-small says:

    Lovely colors and little sample in your hands already looks sooo snuggly and soft. Can’t wait to see more of it. I’ve been planning a ripple blanket but something keeps coming up. It’s at the top of my list though and I’m glad the both of you gave me this colorful inspiration. xo, jo

  25. I love the fact that you have been buying the yarn for so long. I have always used stylecraft for my blankets which is lovely but I have longed to make a delicious cashmere one. the cost has always put me off but this weekend I am off to the local yarn shop to buy the first ball of my stash. Christmas is coming as are the sales so who knows – by february I may be starting on my own super soft cashmere blanket. Thankyou for the inspiration!

  26. Georgie says:

    Hi, I am going to start a blanket for my dad who is 86, not well and feels the cold even though he lives on the Goldcoast is Australia. Its the air con that gets him as my mum an sister feel the heat. I am going to start a ripple blanket,my second, and work on it through the summer.

  27. Nanita says:

    Wow, your colours are fabulous and the neutral one fits right in, no doubt about that! How exciting! :D I am Very Tempted now to start one of my own and hook along, I’ve never done a ripple before… Mmm, must take a look at my bag of pennies. In the mean time, I’ll just drool over your pictures again and wait impatiently for scrummy updates! ;) xxxx

  28. Your last line made my heart melt. Because I did pop over from Lucy’s blog to see your ripple post. Now your blog will be in my list of regulars and I’ll look forward to lots of ripple action!

  29. Ellie says:

    I’ve been a reading both yours and attic 24 blog for ages now but never been brave enough to comment but this post is so lovely and so so informative I decided to brave it.
    Sounds like it a sore subject so sorry to bring it up but I was wondering if you could tell me why the love for the hexi blanket is not great? Its just that I’m doing a hexi type blanket with the african flower pattern-i’ve tried to inculde colours that i’m not ‘drawn’ to straight away to try to add variety and depth (otherwise it would be very pink!) but i’m scared that I’m going to end up with a similar issue as you where the love is not strong. So if its not to painful to talk about I was wondering why your not keen on the blanket now-thankyou in advance for a any tips bits you can share! Well for a 1st post this is very long!!xxx

  30. Just hopped over here from Lucy’s blog, had a lovely read.
    The new ripple-a-long is going to be such fun to watch grow.
    I’ll be back …. novice crocheter here, i need all the inspiration i can get LOL

  31. Just hopped over here from Lucy\’s blog, had a lovely read.
    The new ripple-a-long is going to be such fun to watch grow.
    I\’ll be back …. novice crocheter here, i need all the inspiration i can get LOL

  32. Freydis says:

    Thanks for sharing your crochet with the world. It is bright and beautiful. You to are going to have so much fun rippling together. Looking forward to see some progress pictures.

  33. Shani says:

    Hiya Heather! Great blanket beginnings!! Picking my long-neglected ripple back up due to your and Lucy’s inspiration. I have been working on smaller projects as a way to keep crocheting, but must admit I hit a dry spell these past few months. Feeling some of the fever coming back, so thank you!! Have a lovely day~ xxx

  34. I think both of your colour ranges are great. Really love the neutral colours in yours as well. It is going to look lovely. I would love to join in but I have no stash at the mo and desperately need to get my autumn blanket done and my summer one done. That should keep me busy for a bit. Will look forward to seeing yours progress though. x

  35. louise says:

    Just love it, popped by from the attic, it must be something in the air because i am also doing a ripple at the moment my second of this year they are so jolly, i am using only 8 colours of Caline de france (super soft)and like you have gone for 2 bold rows. Happy cosy Hooking x

  36. Rosy Nancarrow says:

    Hi Heather, love your colours as well as Lucy’s. Just commented on Lucy’s blog too, I would love to join in the Ripple Party, if you can let me know what I need to do that would be great. As I said at Lucy’s, I badgered her for information on her ripple earlier this year, started mine, went off it, hid it for a while, but now I have uncovered it again I don’t understand what I didn’t like about it, so I am off again. My nephew has also asked me to make one for him, but I don’t think his colour choices were quite so well thought through as yours or Lucy’s! Rosy x

  37. Verna says:

    I just found your blog from Attic24 and am enjoying it immensely. I will think of both of you as I “ripple” my way along the blanket I am making for my granddaughter for Christmas. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures and discussion of colors!

  38. Verna says:

    I just found your blog from Attic24 and am enjoying it immensely. I will think of both of you as I \"ripple\" my way along the blanket I am making for my granddaughter for Christmas. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures and discussion of colors!

  39. Rebecca says:

    For months I have been reading both your blog and Attic24. My computer died one day and I just now have gotten it back, Yippee! One of the first things I did was go to your blog. I would love to be in the ripple-a-long. Both you and Attic24 inspire me to create on a daily basis. I am so excited! Also, you both have inspired me to crochet with vivid, bright, and cheery colors. Thank you for everything, the blogs, the photos, the inspiration, but mostly for just putting yourself out there for people like me!

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