Pinketty Pink Daisies Blanket – finished!

After working on my Pink Daisies blanket intensely and constantly for ten days, I put it down on the final stretch (Pink Pointy Picot Border) and left it alone for ages. I always do this when I’m making things (not sure why): I work really hard and get almost to the end and just think … “ehh, that’s done then!”

Anyway I am hoping to gift the blanket on Sunday and so it really did need finishing off. I took it to my Monday Hooky Group this week and finished the border off. Incidentally my Hooky Group has moved from the pub to a friend’s house and I just love it. I so look forward to Monday evenings and hate that I’m always the first one to break the spell and go home.

It hasn’t changed much since the photos here, but I felt like it should definitely have it’s own “Ta-daah” post anyway.

The Pointy Picot border is the same one I used for Rosie and Phoebe’s ripples, you can see the instructions HERE.

I was concerned that the pointy border wouldn’t be enough but after seeing it finished I think anything more would take away from the squares themselves. The pointy border says “Yeah, I’m finished” rather than “LOOK AT ME I AM A BORDER THAT IS HUGE”. It makes me think of a pink doily actually. In a good way.

I was unsure how to do the border when I got to the holes where the squares are joined together. In the end I left it gappy and made it look intentional. When you stand away from it, it looks like a continuation of the lovely cross shapes made by the holes and I really like it.

Yes, all in all, I’m pretty pleased with the way this has turned out and I think I might use the style of the squares like this again. All in all I think it took about ten days to do. My hands did hurt a bit afterwards though!

You can buy Stylecraft Special DK at Wool Warehouse (this is my affiliate link).


37 thoughts on “Pinketty Pink Daisies Blanket – finished!

  1. I love it! One of my favourites that you’ve done. Lovely colours. What yarn did you use? (I always ask people this, I must be really annoying.)

    Your lucky lucky friend.

    Nicki xxx

  2. Wow, it looks beautiful Heather. The border works so well and finishes it off perfectly. I think you were very reserved for a ta-dah post…I would have had to have at least…at LEAST… half a dozen photos :0)
    well done , I’m sure it will be well used and loved this winter.
    Jacquie x

  3. For someone who didn’t like working with those colours you have done a wonderful job. I’d be happy to receive a gorgeous gift like that.
    xXx Helen

  4. Siobhan says:

    Well done Heather it’s a beauty! It isn’t nice to be jealous of a newborn is it? So I won’t be but I would love one of those. Same colours too because I am a pinkety pink person. All the little lacy holey patterns have come out beautifully, it’s a lovely pattern. The more solid squares take more crochet time than more open ones I think, but a little girl will be feeling as snug as bug in a rug due to your efforts. I bet her mum will love it too!

  5. Isabel says:

    This blanket is gorgeous! I want to make my friend one for their baby. What is the wool like? Is it nice and soft? xx

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