I admit it

The only reason I bought a pumpkin was so that I could attack it with a knife and take a cool photo for my blog.

It’s a bit messy but it’s done and I can leave it alone and cook dinner very very quickly before going out for Crochet evening.

Two things before I go …

I do intend to write actual blog posts again, these last two have been very lazy but come on, it wouldn’t do to post a pumpkin photo on November 1st now would it?

Secondly, the weird security code that you have to enter to comment: I know it’s a faff having to do it but for some reason my blog gets about 150 spam comments every single day without it so I’m afraid it’s staying. I know it says invalid code, and then posts your comments twice, and I am really sorry about that but it’s just a WordPress bug and there isn’t anything I can do to fix it. Thank you for letting me know though.

Enjoy your Hallowe’en :-) xx

Right Now

Right now I am just sorting out my yarn bag for a day of hooky and chat with these girls but I just thought I’d show you what my view looks like right now. The Clocks go back tonight so tomorrow this will be a 7am view and not an 8am view, and my mornings will be a little lighter :-)

I hope you all have fun things planned for your weekend – enjoy xxx