Gratuitous Blanket-fest

Yesterday I was taking photos of my finished Phoebe Ripple and my Stashmerino Cashmerino yarn (♥) and I thought … you know, I think I could actually stack up my blankets and take a photo. Remember how I was saying a while ago that I wanted to do that? I gathered them all up …  and folded and stacked in a very satisfying way. Veeeerry satisfying.

Then I thought … you know what, I think I have more than this. So I went on a bit of a rummage and search through the spare bedroom, and nipped downstairs to grab my Pink Daisies and gathered all of my blankets, completed and works in progress, and piled them up too.

I turned it into two neat stacks …

Still not quite right though, I wanted One Big Stack of blankets, no matter how precarious. Here we go then, easy does it … balance it well …

Oh yeah. That’s the stuff.

Suddenly I don’t feel so unproductive as I thought I did! Let’s see what we’ve got:

Here we have: Circus Ripple, Aran Squares, Kool Kotton Straight Ripple (small), Pink Daisies, College Stripe Baby Blanket, Kool Kotton Straight Ripple (larger) and the Sneaky Secret Crochet Project.

Then we have:

Rialto Stripe, Sea Blue Ripple, 400 Squares Blanket, Big Blue Blanket

Phoebe Ripple, and of course the Horrible Hexagons underneath.

Not bad eh.

Here are the links to the relevant blog posts. Some of the blankets are WIPs, some are completed, some have no homes etc. But they make a pretty photo! I admit that this is just an excuse to take photos of all my blankets and think how pretty they look together :-)

Pink Daisies (almost finished WIP)

Sneaky Secret Crochet Project

Phoebe Ripple (complete! yeaaah!!) I will do the Ta-daah post once I have given it to Katherine, it’s a bit mean to do it first I think.

College Stripe (WIP)

Hexagons (WIP)

Rialto Stripe (WIP)

Sea Blue Ripple (will never be finished cos can’t afford the yarn but is nice to wear as a shawl in the house when cold)

Kool Kotton Straight Ripple

Circus Ripple

400 Squares

Big Blue Blanket

This is not including all the ones I have given away, such as the Rosie Ripple, Granny Rachel, Granny Alice, Baby Rosie Ripple, Baby Phoebe Ripple, that one I gave to Fran for Christmas but forgot to photograph, the Blanket Story Ripple and the one the same that I gave to an ex-colleague, and the Sweet Pea Ripple that was the only one I ever managed to sell (teehee).

I think I need a lay down now, and perhaps a finger massage …

21 thoughts on “Gratuitous Blanket-fest

  1. Siobhan says:

    I totally get it when it comes to piles of blankets, they just kind of look extra special that way don’t they?

    I certainly would not ever call you unproductive – that’s rather a lot of crochet going on there. (Now one finished, and one still a row off a third of a blanket is NOT very productive, and the nearly one third has been hanging around for nearly a year now.) You should feel really proud of that lot you should. My absolute favourites from the pile are big blue, 400 squares and pinkety pink, pink daisies. It’s all those textures and patterns together that make blanket piles look so spectacular.

    Anyway love those pictures. They would make a lovely desk top or screen savers.

  2. Ooh I love them all. Every last one. You clever girl, very inspiring!! But my favourite – second photo down, the top blanket on the left hand pile… It’s cream and bright coloured yarn… giant square? Which one is that and what yarn have you used? It’s be-a-utiful. Nicki

    • admin says:

      the one with the red blue and green stripes? It’s the “College Stripes” blanket and it is just straight stripes of treble crochet using Rico Baby Classic dk in Cream, Green, Red, and Petrol. it’s a baby blanket for Andy’s new baby cousin x

  3. That is the most gorgeous stacked up gratuitous blanket-fest I’ve ever seen. Actually it’s the only stacked up gratuitous blanket-fest I’ve ever seen. Love it !

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