On My Camera: September Snippets So Far

Oh September, you’re a funny month aren’t you? Not quite sure if you are Late Summer or Early Autumn. You arrive with a bump as one slips unexpectedly out of August and into the month of back to school, leaves changing colour, desperate urges to buy new stationery that must be controlled … and here we are on the 8th day of the 9th month already. A week of September already gone and I’ve barely blogged at all. So many things I want to remember! Here is my “September Snippets” edition of “On My Camera” with a bit of non photographed snippets at the end.

So far I have …

– appreciated the last of the blue blue sky and taken the moment to photograph the jar of jam that my mum brought me when she visited. Not just any jam, this is the jam that she and my sister made from the wild plums we collected at the very end of July.

– added ripple after ripple to Phoebe’s blanket, seeing the finish line in sight and loving it more and more with every stitch. Can’t WAIT to give it to her!

– enjoyed a bright bunch of asters that I got reduced to £1 in the supermarket. They’re on the way out now but they’ve lasted two or more weeks. I think this is because they don’t look very dead when they are, because they are not fleshy petalled.

– snapped what I think of as an Early Autumn sky and thinking how different it looks from a summer sky. Thinking how we’ve nearly come full circle this year of living here and being glad of one more photo to document our gorgeous view.

– hung my washing out to dry and trying to make the most of being able to do this. LOVING my pillowcases! They are CK ones and to be quite honest I am NOT into CK very much at all, but I do LOVE LOVE LOVE the bed linen range. The rosy ones were from my sister Rachel and the stripy ones were a new addition last week. We couldn’t stretch to the duvet cover as well (although we would dearly love to have an all-stripy bed: we are stripe loving people!) but the pillowcases were Just Right. I have been waiting for House of Fraser to put them in their sale and they finally did! I got a £20 House of Fraser voucher from work for my birthday (don’t get excited – we have to pay into it each month so technically it is my money) so those pillowcases effectively cost me £1.20 each! Perfect price I think.

– Finishing my “Sneaky Crochet” project and loving it. Reeeeeally wanting to show you more!

– had friends round for a cuppa after work and appreciating how pretty my washing up looked with the mugs afterwards. Feeling happy that I do have pretty things even though sometimes living in a distinctly un-pretty house gets me down.

– savouring the last few times of getting home and throwing the windows open wide because the house is hot.

– Starting some knitting again. I know, shocker. I really want to knit some wristwarmers but I am a bit lacking in the needle department. Pondering saving to buy some more. Katherine has leant me the addi turbos in the photo above, I think they are 5mm, and a bundle of assorted bamboo straights. I get on really well with the addi turbos but I can’t get on with straights at all. I’m not sure if it is the straightness of them or that they are not as pointy as metal ones. I think I would like to invest in a set of these.

– enjoyed Knit Night at Jo’s yarn shop. I like going here very much – it’s mostly knitters and people are always impressed with my crochet which makes me chuffed and self conscious at the same time!

– received exciting things in the post …  I have a new penpal! Am already plotting my letter to send back. It is So ExCITinG to come home and find an actual letter FOR ME on the doormat.

– Country Living also arrived in the post today. Usually this is THE most exciting thing to come in the post but it was pipped to the er, post by Leanne’s card. Sorry Country Living, should have arrived yesterday shouldn’t you.

Aaaand the things I want to remember that I don’t have photos for …

– walking to work on Monday morning: crisp and dry and windy. The trees were shaking in the wind and hundreds of tiny leaves were floating down through the air like snow. It really was like walking through the very first snow before it’s settled, only warmer, drier and prettier. I tried to explain this to people at work but they didn’t get it.

– walking to work on Tuesday morning was a whole different kettle of fish. I think we have caught the tail end of Hurricane Irene and have had torrential rain and very strong winds for the last few days. I was about to set off to work and the downpour turned into sheet rain. I changed back out of my work trousers, socks and shoes and put on jeans, different socks and trainers. I packed my work clothes in my bag and packed my bag into a plastic bag. Then, putting on my far-too-big waterproof coat, I set off to work. Well. The sheet rain was so horrendous that by the time I got to work I was wet through to my underwear. the water had come up my jeans and the ran had blown onto the back of my legs. I was drenched. D R E N C H E D. Awful. I had to get changed in the loos and really wish I’d thought to bring a towel. My shoes were so soaked that I’ve had them stuffed with newspaper and sat in front of the oven since. They’ve finally dried out enough to wear today.

– New laptop! Finally. My laptop broke last year just before we bought our house and I’ve been limping along with it on Linux since then with my fingers crossed hoping that it doesn’t give up the ghost entirely. This week, we were FINALLY in a position to buy me a new one. It’s shiny and I love it. Scrolling is a bit tricky and the screen colour temperature is much cooler than my old laptop so my photos look really disappointing in comparison. I’m sure I’ll get used to that though.

– meeting a new friend, which really deserves a blog post all of it’s own.

– becoming totally addicted to Pinterest. I love it! You can follow my boards if you like, I am little_tin_bird and I pin crochet things a lot.

I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of September brings and just hoping that it will slow down a tad before October kicks in. I have some LOVELY things planned in October that I am looking forward to immensely but I want to enjoy September first. Can you believe that it’s nearly our House-a-versary? Blimey.


19 thoughts on “On My Camera: September Snippets So Far

  1. Hi Heather, love your pictures !! That ripple is gorgeous and the way you have photographed it makes it look like waves.
    Your pretty crockery and asters in the stripy jug are favourites too.
    I havn’t got my country living yet…maybe it will arrive tomorrow .
    Nearly the weekend :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. I love the colours on your ripple blanket, beautiful. I’m on Pinterest too and can’t get enough of it, it’s such a great place to be, such beautiful things and so much talent there.

  3. I love the colours on your ripple blanket, beautiful. I\’m on Pinterest too and can\’t get enough of it, it\’s such a great place to be, such beautiful things and so much talent there.

  4. Julie says:

    I often pop in and read your blog but I have never commented before. I like reading about your house because it reminds me so much of our first house quite a few years ago – similar age and similar state of disrepair. We did end up with a nice house in the end and it was worth all the bad bits but then we relocated to another part of the country so we didn’t get a chance to enjoy it. Anyway I just wanted to say that I have discovered Pinterest this week and I love your boards.

  5. Nanita says:

    Oh dear, what a gorgeous yarn shop!! What is it with yarn shops here in Belgium that most of them look like obscure caves and they make you feel like a member of the resistance sneaking in with a mission?! This makes me want to check out Eurostar prices :-) Looking forward to your secret project reveal! And I love the aster-jug :-) x

  6. Lovely photos Heather, i especialy love the ripple blanket ones, the colours are lovely! Your stack of dishes looks just like mine, i dont think i own anything that isn’t patterned or brightly coloured. I’ve just started to crochet, and i mean just started – i’m still at the chain stitch stage. My lovely Grandma is teaching me, and also to knit too. I feel its a skill i will never master when i look at such lovely items that you, attic 24 and others have made but i suppose we all have to start somewhere! How and when did you learn if you dont mind me asking? Take care, Kate xx

  7. Oh goodness…what lovely photos and colours on your ripples…they are sumptious….
    A great post to read, thanks.
    Just might buy Country Living this month…have to restrict my magazine buying…I could go mad but have learned not to as most of the glossies are not worth the money.
    Pinterest…..addiction….yes, I have to restrict myself to once per day…great ideas for just about anything…I haven’t registered….don’t want to be encouraged to spend even more time….more wind and rain is coming next week – hey, why don’t you buy yourself waterproof overtrousers? I got a pair on e-bay for very little….they are great for walking in the rain and you could stay in your work trousers for sure. I know they are not stylish, nor are they meant to be, but they keep the rain out….it is one thing walking home in the rain as you can shower and change but walking to work is quite a different matter….I would also need to take a hairdryer, hotbrush and all that as my hair would be straggly as well! LOL!!

  8. penelope10 says:

    That Irene really made her landmark! We now have Katia out there being very tempermental!
    Love the pictures. I can totally relate to your walk to work, describing it to co-workers, that just don’t get it.
    I’ve always felt I think differently than other people, so I see I am not alone.
    So much to appreciate that alot of folks just don’t see.

  9. Helen says:

    Hi I have been following your blog for sometime and I love reading it and seeing what you are making. I think the ripple blanket is beautiful, I was just wondering if you could show a picture of the corner as I am making a ripple blanket but have no idea how to edge it but seeing yours I know what to to now but have no idea how to do the corners!!!!

  10. Ooooo ho hooooo oooooohhhh. I am so in love with your secret project! Yes I am! Very much so. And your crockery. Love that too. I took a picture of some of my crockery the other day. I took the photo with plans to blog about it so that you specifically could see it. You like a nose at EB pottery dontcha!! Still envious of your bed linen, wish my husband was more in tune with my tastes.

    Very impressed by your knitting. I don’t understand the joined by wire needles. Do you knit the same on them or just keep going round? Knitting blows my mind! I find crochet suits me way more. But I won’t give up as I really want to knit socks.

    So glad you have a new laptop. I’d hate for you to be absent in blog world.


  11. Hello Heather! It’s lovely to enjoy life wherever you are, rather than hoping it away… I find doing that most challenging during times of change (like right now in my life) but also very rewarding rather than give in to fear of what might happen next.
    your september photos are just lovely and that wool shop looks amazing! We don’t have any cozy wool shops like that in wellington, they’re more white walls and… not so cozy?
    I started a ripple after you last post ha ha I couldn’t help myself… it’s a destash ripple and I’m having fun. My first riple, quite exciting!
    Have a wonderful remainder of your weekend XXX

  12. Siobhan says:

    I’ve just seen your cushion as one of the chosen on Emma Lamb’s website (Colour me Monday). Oooh, I thought, that’s nice and checked to see where it from and it was yours. Silly me, I ought to have remembered it! Very nice colours, very seasonal actually.

    I do like the look of that wool shop, nowhere like that around here sadly. Knitting is fun too but I don’t like the circulars that I have used. When I next need some I am going to get the Adi turbo’s as I have heard they are really good. The ones I have have silly joins so the stitches won’t glide nicely onto the needle. I’m fine with straights though.

    I am a friend of Autumn but not of Winter – am dreading those bills and the cold! Shuffling about in damp leaves and nice stews are my thing though.

    I would spend hours on pinterest if I had it but I don’t like facebook and you need it apparently. I do like looking at other people’s boards though – nosey as I am!

  13. devinder says:


    Heather i noticed on your blog you are doing a ripple, well i am attempting a ripple, following the Lucy Pattern. Now i could ask Lucy but i thought as you are doing a ripple right now you might understand my dilemma. I am a little unsure of the ends. Lucy in her pattern says towards the end you chain 4 and if you ahve done the right amount of chains there should be one chain left and you need to do 2x trebles in that stitch, which in turn gives you a row of 6 trebles. ok got that. next row you do 2 trebles and then a further 4 single trebles and then you start with the pattern. now here comes problem. my first 4 rows are fine, if you want i can send you a pic, a sec opinion would be most welcomed. anyway i am finding that my blanket is extending at one end due to this method – why and what am i doing wrong. please help me. also your ripple seems to lie flat mine doesnt it is raised?

    i would be so grAteful for youR help again!!!

  14. I love that ripple blanket so much! Gorgeous colours….I really want to make one!
    And that yarn shop looks AMAZING – I wish there was something like that near me.

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