So, Alice … the car is all packed and tomorrow you leave for Uni. I can’t quite believe that you are old enough to go to uni as despite how mature and capable I know you are, there is part of me that always does a double take as I realise that you are an adult and not my littlest sister with Pippi Longstocking plaits in her hair, trying to ride her bike in a dress whilst wearing rollerblades.

I did a double take again this evening as I was loading these photos as I realised that it’s been six years since I was in your position: waiting to go to uni. I didn’t know what to expect and really was quite unprepared. I think you have an advantage here in that you are the third sister to go: you at least have some idea of what it will be like, and you will know that you CAN come home again too. When I was at uni, to begin with it felt like home didn’t exist anymore and I was surprised when I came home after three weeks that everything was still there.

I know this isn’t about me, it is all about you and I don’t want you to think that since you are the third sister to go to uni that it’s any less of a big deal. Because it is a big deal. It’s the start of many things for you, and also a continuation of all the things you’ve achieved so far. I think you’ll do just fine because I know you’ll apply yourself to university and living away from home with the same determination, tenacity and attitude that you approach everything else with.

Before I get off my Big Sister Soapbox (hey, I’m allowed, leave me alone!), remember to always back up your work, always lock your door, don’t lose your key, don’t spend all your student loan at once because you DO have to eat for the rest of the term, always remember that toothpaste and loo roll are not self filling and you do actually have to buy them, and if you buy a bottle of Ariel Handwash you can save a ton on laundry money. Just … don’t try to handwash your duvet cover, it’s so not worth it.

Oh, and give me a text or an email if you want a ring (this goes for you too, Rachel) cos I have free minutes :-)

Good luck – you’ll do just fine. xxxxxx

Warm Woolly Weekend

7:11 am on Saturday morning and it’s not quite light. The sky is still a bit pinky. I am on the way to the post office depot to fetch a parcel of yarn that arrived for me on Wednesday. It takes about twenty minutes at a fast walk to get there, 30 minutes if you are like me and need to take photos every ten steps.

Before long I have a squishy blue parcel in my dotty bag and I’m on my way home again. The yarn is 5 balls of Cashmerino dk and one ball of Rialto Aran. Lovely!

I sometimes struggle to get out of my bed at weekends because it’s soooooo nice not to have to go to work. Sometimes though, I like to hop straight out of bed and into yesterday’s clothes and out of the door before I’ve had time to think. My alarm went off at 7am, my first photo was at 7:11 am. It’s like sneaky secret time and I can get lots done.

Back home for a shower and some breakfast and a couple of rounds on a granny square before I’m off out again to meet Lucy and Jaunt With Intent (version 2) to the Yarn Shop where she wants to swap some yarn. I get some yarn for Andy’s Rialto blanket, another ball of Cashmerino dk for my Selfish Blanket (more on that soon!) and a mystery ball of soft blue yarn that was in the bargain bucket.

Home again … hungry now. Quick lunch and then nip upstairs to take some quick photos of my Phoebe Ripple while the light is good. Two hours and a hundred and fifty photos later … well you saw the Blanket Fest post yesterday and that was a fair chunk of the photos I took. The other chunk was of YARN! Yeah! Stashmerino Cashmerino! I took 101 photos of Stashmerino Cashmerino in various piles, stacks & combinations.

I am Most Excited about this next blanket. I’ve done a little sneaky bit already but I’m trying to hang on because I have a few projects that still need to be finished before I can throw myself into this. Cor. Hard work though, the yarn is lush.

It does beg the question though: WHY, when I have THIS to look forward to, did I start 2 new projects on a whim? Really Heather, that was ill-advised.