Summer Garden Squares Cushion – Tadaaah!

Finally I have a finished object to show you! I was hoping it would be two finished objects this week but I had a small crochet based disaster on Saturday so it is not to be.

You may remember way back in April or May that I blocked the front of a cushion cover – the first thing I ever blocked and I was really pleased with the result. It was a fast cushion cover to make, because I discovered it in a box with two squares left to join. I think I made it last summer. I joined the squares and added a border and after I blocked it, it just sat on my chair for ages. I finally got round to making the other side of it a few weeks ago. After all the time it took to complete the first side, I had the second side done during the course of Friday evening and Saturday. I put it on the blocking boards on Saturday evening and by the time I came back from Ikea on Sunday, it was done. I joined it up lickety spit and I’m really chuffed with it.

I am a blocking convert. I have to admit, I never really saw the point before because my tension is loose and when I made large blankets the weight of them kept it straight enough for me. I think you’ll agree though that there is quite a difference between the blocked and unblocked cushion covers.

Oh and before you ask, no, I don’t iron my bed linen. Life is far too short for me to iron things.

I got out my trusty blocking equipment and set to work. I start in the middle and work my way outwards. This is an improvement on last time when I started at the bottom corner and worked from there. I find working from the middle out more effective.

Then all you have to do is spray it liberally with warm ish water (and then don’t touch it!) and take hundreds of pretty photos of it close up, whilst admiring how much the pretty pins look like a little forest. I’m an impatient kind of person, and as the last blocking effort took nearly a week to be satisfactorily dry, I stuck this one under the bathroom window in full, hot, glaring sunlight and it dried really fast. Excellent.

Lovely jubbly, two forty centimetre squares!

The yarn I used was Rowan Pure Wool dk, from stash. The right square is the one I made last year and it is a copy of a section of the 400 squares blanket. It also has one colour of Cashmerino in it. The left square has the addition of “Tea Rose” and “Hyacinth” and doesn’t have “Ultra Marine” or the cashmerino colour. I like the left square better. I really made an effort with the colour placement too. There are a couple of what I think of as placement errors but I’m sure it’s just me that sees them. I’m trying to be more “colour aware” with my work and I’m starting this with thinking of colours as hot and cold. So I tried to not have two hot colours next to each other, or two cold colours. I think it works well and looks more balanced.

I joined it using red yarn because I like the join to look intentional. I’ve mentioned before that I join things leaving a deliberate ridge and I hope this shows what I mean. I join with wrong sides together, and leave the ridge on the outside.

Very pleased with it :-) The only thing I’m not happy with is the white cushion underneath. It’s REALLY visible up close which detracts a little from the crochet. If I were more confident with my sewing machine (and not so damn impatient!) then I would have covered the cushion first. But I didn’t, and I’m still happy with the cushion despite that. I’ve used a feather cushion this time as the one I used previously was polyester and has really NOT stood the test of time. I used it all the time on my chair and it’s really baggy now. Still, they’re made to be used! :-)

p.s Hexagons: I have discovered that it is impossible to make 1/3rd hexagons. Actually impossible. It does not work. It was very frustrating to discover this, but I have (mostly) made my peace with it and will instead embrace the chevrons at the ends. I will also try to write up a half hexagons tutorial for those who asked for it. Can’t promise WHEN this will get done thought!


34 thoughts on “Summer Garden Squares Cushion – Tadaaah!

  1. Sarah says:

    Heather, this cushion is delightful! I need to make one. Thanks for explaining about blocking work. I guessed that it was Rowan yarn you
    had used. The colours are lovely. Enjoy looking at it, using it etc etc…. xx

  2. What a pretty cushion, the colours are lovely. It makes me want to make some cushions too, in fact I think that will be my next project once I finish the blanket I’m working on, I’m on the dge now so shouldn’t take that long.

  3. It’s gorgeously colourful and it going to look great on your red armchair. From the photos the white cushion pad looks fine, what other colour would you have used? I know what you mean though, I prefer not to see the cushion pad but I don’t see how it’s possible with granny type squares as the gaps in the yarn are such a feature of them.

  4. It’s a lovely cuhion Heather, the colours look very pretty together and I love how you have joined it up using the raised red ridge ~ it’s very effective. I also have to agree with you that life is indeed to short to iron bed linen :O)x

  5. Oh how gorgeous Heather, oh no I think I might have to become a blocking convert now after seeing your before and after photo’s! Love all those delicious colours xox

  6. Looks absolutely fantabulous!! I really need to get some crocheted cushions made for my sofa. Love the colours, & you have done brilliantly with the placement of the squares. Simply gorgeous!!xx

  7. That cushion is…….GORGEOUS and I can’t make up my mind which side I love best, so I will make it a draw and say they are both tops in my book.
    xx Sandi

  8. Sandra says:

    Mmm…think you may have just converted me to the virtues of blocking… Might have to give it a go next time, I am usually way too impatient! Lovely, lovely colours x

  9. I have just emailed you about one way to fill those gaps around the hexagon blanket. Let me know if you don’t get it as I’m not convinced I attached the photo properly.

    Lovely cushion, btw!

  10. I love love love that cushion. I am getting into my car now and am going to come to your house and steal it. Not really, but I am going to shamelessly copy your idea! Hx

  11. Pretty pretty cushion. Complete lovliness. You couldn’t look at that cushion and not have a little inner smile. I WILL get round to making one. I was browsing through flikr earlier looking for inspiration on ripple colours and unsuprisingly came across one of yours. I like the green with purple and pink colours.
    Whatever did happen to the lovely looking red spotty sewing affair you teased us with a while back?
    Kier x

  12. Beautiful cushion covers…well done….I laughed when I read that you don’t iron your bedlinen…..are’nt we a diverse lot……you have the patience to crochet endless projects….you sort out the colours which takes time and creativeness…you are not satisfied that you made a mistake in the project yet to be revealed and ripped it back to redo it…you take the time and effort to block things….(need more info on your ‘blocking equipment’ – I thought it was done with rods)…..yet life is too short to iron LOL!! Whatever turns you on…..I do iron stuff – my reasoning is that my hotpress/cupboards etc are tidier because of it….yet I can be equally easy and relaxed about many other things in our life and our home. So it really sorts out what we think is important to us, doesn’t it!!

  13. penelope10 says:

    This has inspired me to finish my squares. I don’t have enough for a blanket, so a cushion or 2 will be nice.
    Well, done, and I love the join.

  14. Hi Heather!
    This is definitely the best bloggy make I have seen this morning…and I have been looking for a while! I’m going to do a Blog Highlight on your blog later on today… I love it! I’ll let you know when it is done :)x

  15. Rosy Nancarrow says:

    Thats a beautiful cusion Heather. Very tempted to make one with the wools I have left from my Happy Blanket (hexagons). Can you share the pattern?? Oh, by the way, I don’t iron my sheets either – I have plenty other ironing to do without having to iron them! Rosy x

  16. Jillian says:

    Lovely cushion :0) I have had one side of one done for aaages too and you have inspired to me to finish it, thank you!

    One question though… when you joined your small squares, have you only joined the bits between the trebles and not the stitches of the trebles themselves? (if that makes any sense) It looks great :0) Fab idea x

  17. Siobhan says:

    I’ve come back to comment on your lovely cushions and I see there is another post! Will read that in a minute. Love your cushions, they look absolutely gorgeous – wonderful colours. I think crochet cushions are deceptive and crafty little things (pun intended). You think that they are small, uncomplicated and manageable where say a blanket is not. But that is before you realise all the complicated stuff involved – like getting the exact number of squares to fit around a square cushion exactly. Like how to join them, what to put on the back etc etc etc. And with the ripple you have the wobbly edges to sort out. No, none of it looks easy to me a second glance. Which is why I have never done one! But I must because I have cushion envy so I have to find ways of making it work. But not now as I am fixated on my 2nd blanket which I need to be finished in time for cold nights in front of X factor. Well done for sussing out cushions Heather and making such pretty ones!

  18. Sam says:

    I have come across this lovely cushion! I am a beginner “hooker” and would like to give this a try. Is there a pattern for the squares and how to join them?

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