Dahlias are back!

Forgive me for showing you this photo again, but I do love it so. It’s rare that I really really like my own photos, but this one I do. Andy took it. Because I made him. “I need a photo of me holding the flowers!” I exclaimed when I came back from the market on Saturday. “I can’t do it myself, it’ snot WORKING!”.

He is so obliging if bribed with a cup of tea.

Lucy bought me my first ever bunches of Dahlias, on our very first day of being in our Very Own House. Way back in September. I was smitten with the Dahlias and from that week on, I bought myself a bunch every week until the season passed.

On Friday I walked past the market on the way to work and did a double take as I saw the buckets of crazy Dahlia blooms at the front of the Flower Man’s stall. Whaaaat? Dahlias ALREADY? But it is only July! I sent a text to Lucy. “OMG there are DAHLIAS on the market already! I cannot wait to buy some tomorrow!”

So I did. First thing on Saturday I went to the market and bought not one but two bunches of Dahlias. On pink, one red. Red for the kitchen windowsill in a blue striped jug …

and pink for the dining room windowsill in a blue dotty jug …

and one single pink Dahlia on its own on the tiny grubby windowsill at the top of the stairs …

I think there is a sort of infinity about the way the petals unfurl. There could be petals forever!

It’s bittersweet, in a way, that it is time for Dahlias already. Nearly a year of being here … nearly Autumn and Winter again. I can’t believe it’s nearly been a year, and I really really can’t believe that we have to have Winter again soon!

Overall, they are lovely flowers that make me happy. Not bad for £4.


18 thoughts on “Dahlias are back!

  1. Hi Heather, love the picture of you with the Dahlias. The close up of the single flower is gorgeous too….the light is magical.
    I’ve been away and only just seen your stripy cushion post….fabulous :0) the close ups of the colours are just stunning …no wonder you made explore. There is something special about cotton yarn …I love working with it.
    Jacquie x

  2. LOVE the photo of you with the dahlias – be sure to tell Andy he did a great job. You are so lucky that flowers are so cheap and you can have them throughout the home.

  3. I love a dahlia or two myself, I’ve managed to grow some pretties in pots this summer. Unfortunately the snails like them too! Nothing more cheerful tha aflower in each and every room to bring joy for that moment xox Penelope

  4. Hello,I found you via Lucy at Attic 24, and I love Dahlias, too!
    I once a duck called Delila, after my love of Dahlias and Delia Smith’s cookery books.
    Lovely photos, and nice to meet you.

  5. Sarah says:

    Love the photo of the landing window with the sunlight making the pattern and your bottle with the dahlia in.
    Have started some bunting!

  6. I know the hall window is grubby, at least you say it is, but I adore the glass. Worth saving for sure. I have a thing for frosted glass.

    The dahlia’s are gorgeous and I’m shoked how many you got for £4. I bet the market man fancies you!!!


  7. Oh you are going to HATE me!!! Why? I am going to burst your dahlia bubble……I hate myself for doing this to you but are you ABSOLUTELY SURE there are no eariwigs within those beautiful petals? Sorry but those little wiggly things just love dahlias and whilst I love the blooms we gave all of ours away years ago because of what can lurk within. Just make sure you examine them well…give them a good shake outside before you put them in water. Again I am so sorry for telling you this but I hate the thought of eariwigs so much I just had to tell you.

    • admin says:

      thank you for the warning! There were no earwigs in the Dahlias, although there was one under the rabbit hutch when I fed them the other day. Our house is so holey and gappy though that we frequently find spiders and woodlice. Lovely.

  8. I grew dahlias this past summer, I love them too, unfortunaly the bugs ate the petals :( good thing is, they will grown again this summer :)
    x Sandi

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