On My Camera – home-in-the-day edition

Hexagon joining all day long, snuggled on the bed watching Scooby Doo boxset horizon expanding, intelligent & intellectual documentaries

A happy kitchen windowsill with pink scented Stocks and juicy nectarines in a pale blue bowl

Plenty of raindrops on my windows

Magazine indulgence

Wishing that I had a beach hut hideaway (and also wishing that this book belonged to me, and that I had actually bought it a year ago when it was still in print.)

Discovering that a “one egg, 2oz everything else” cake mix makes six perfect sized cakes with which to cheer Andy up when he arrives home. With a cherry on top for extra cheer.

An evening visitor on the kitchen door

The gleeful trying on of clothes that re-fit me and wearing big smiles on top of my favourite jumper (FAO Americans: I mean sweater, not a fundie-style pinafore!)

Sitting and finishing a long-outstanding project while indulging in the entire first-season box set of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and being SO HAPPY that I finally let myself buy the first season. Counting my pennies in anticipation of season 2 and beyond.

Really loving my time off to do Nice Things.

21 thoughts on “On My Camera – home-in-the-day edition

  1. Scooby Doo rocks! I love your unashamed TV viewing preferences! The blanket looks like it’s coming along nicely, and I love the colours on that last one. Well done on the refitting clothes, it must feel great, you should be really proud of yourself!

  2. I love your blue jumper, that colour blue is one of my favourites! But oooh oooh oooh a snail on the window, revolting, slimy little beasties, they give me the creeps!
    xXx Helen

  3. Sarah says:

    Your blanket looks so warm and cosy. It will be just right if we have a winter like the last one and we all have to turn the heating down
    because of the cost. Was talking about beach huts with brother and sister in law yesterday afternoon! They live in Suffolk and have a House
    boat. Looked good in the photos. I bought those magazines too. I found some of the print in Mollie Makes a bit small. On the positive side
    I found an article about crafty workshops in my area so might give one of those a try. Enjoy rest of week.xx

  4. I agree, Scooby Doo rocks as much now as it did 20 years ago: this is a scientific fact!Don’t you just love having days off when you can just indulge in whatever you fancy instead of the usual weekend rush of doing the shopping/cleaning and everything else you could not fit around your job!

  5. You do not know how excited I was to see the hexagon blanket again! I love that blanket and can’t wait to see it finished. I don’t normally like red, but red is the perfect colour to join all the other colours together. More photos please!! BTW, I tried out blocking using the foam play mats that you suggested – have blogged about it – it worked out a treat, even if I was too impatient to pin out accurately!

  6. OMG HEXAGONS!! Very very very EXCITED about seeing it.

    Also. Hurray for clothes fitting again and hurray for you actually keeping them instead of being ‘organised’ like I was and getting rid of them all.

  7. You are making me feel very jealous!
    Love your photos of your day…particularly the hoooky ones :) I love the rainbows in the last one especially!

  8. 1 egg and 2oz everything else? I must remember that. What about baking powder? Not needed? Good. My boys will thank you for this snippet.

    I was going to say on an earlier post that your face is looking thinner. I’m glad you are feeling happier about your figure. I put 2lbs on this week. Bollocks!!!!


  9. Siobhan says:

    On your camera…you have some beautiful pictures and lots of gorgeous colour! Love your blanket. You are going to be so pleased with it and proud of yourself when it is done. Just think of all those cold winter evenings coming our way. We are all going to have to wrap up in blankets with heating being so expensive. I keep telling myself to get my skates on with my granny blanket. The colours in your blanket are looking just beautiful together. I wish I could scoop a nectarine of the page – it’s too late to go and buy some and they do look nice!

  10. Loving that hexagon blanket – the red borders are fabulous (actually I think “awesome” would be a good word) – and the scooby doo – the children all love SD so I get to watch it at times without having to ‘fess to liking it! It sounds like a perfect day.

    (And I have found myself becoming strangely attached to Mollie Makes – which is most unlike me with magazines – did you enjoy it?)
    Hope the weekend brings another lovely day for you.

  11. Bria says:

    I just learned how to crochet in the last week (while on holiday) and I’m totally hooked on it (no pun intended)! I love all the pictures of your work…so inspiring! Where do you get your yarn (here in the UK)…because I think I need to find a good supplier.

  12. Devinder says:


    i love that blanket so bright and beautiful – is there a place that you can get a package of these colours or did you just get them ad hoc?

  13. ali.b. says:

    Hi, popping over from Attic 24 – Sabrina!!! wow – you are a girl after my own heart lol – just off for a proper nosy of your blog xx

  14. Sarah says:

    Cushion has lovely colours. yes please give us some advice on keeping the sides straight on crochet projects. Those hexagons are brillant!
    Have a good weekend.xx

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