On the First Day of Holiday …

On the First Day of Holdiay (Saturday 2nd July) I woke up to blooming lillies and that wonderful glorious feeling of no work for sixteen days. On top of that, I had lots to look forward to and lots to plan for it. I’m amazed at home much I crammed/am still cramming into these weeks. I’ll spare you the details of how much laundry washing and drying and packing I did during this day ;-)

I took a chair out into our tiny back yard and sat in the shade drinking my morning cuppa. I love to sit in the cool shade and see bright blue sky all around me. I love to see it and appreciate that it is warm but I prefer to do so from the shade. Sitting out first thing in the morning on a beautiful hot day is one of my favourite things to do. I gave the rabbits their first hop of the day …or flop in the case of Bramble who skittered about so much that she wanted a rest. Unfortunately about ten minutes later the washing machine emptied itself (as they do) and made a loud noise under the manhole cover that Bramble was laying on. She was HORRIFIED with me as she thought I’d done it. She actually growled at me, thumped her legs, hopped back into her cage and sat in her bedroom thumping. She wouldn’t stop until I went away. Silly thing. She got over her fright though as she was keen to come out again in the evening.

As usual when I sit out with the rabbits I added a few stripes to my ripple. Then I put it aside to concentrate on the bunting I’d promised a friend for her craft fair table. Have you ever tried to photograph bunting? VERY tricky business. Thank goodness for washing lines but the photos still didn’t look as good as I’d hoped. I made one pinky set and one red/blue/grey set. I’m really pleased with how the colours worked together.

The clear blue sky made way for a pretty sunset. Incidentally this was around the time I was packing my clothes. I was mooching around at about 10pm when I realised that my train left in 12 hours and 15 minutes and I had not packed anything for 8 days away. Fortunately I am a quick packer ;-)

Day two … coming soon.


14 thoughts on “On the First Day of Holiday …

  1. Siobhan says:

    Glad you are having a good holiday Heather. I’m with you on the sun thing – that’s why I like summer evenings; I think it is beautiful when it is still light but the sun has lost some of its heat. Mornings are beautiful too and lovely and quiet. Funny little rabbit! I am convinced that my cat blames me when she falls of the TV when she has been sleeping. She gets woken up rather abruptly by the fall, looks around and sees me and thinks (well I think she does – it’s how she looks at me, bless her!) ‘what did you do that for, you’re so mean? I always feel as if I must be at least partly to blame. Love your bunting pattern; it will be snapped up.

  2. Hi Heather, love your bunting especially the second set …really pretty :0)
    Glad you are having a fab holiday. I’m a shade person too . I love the sun but not sun bathing.
    Looking forward to your next instalment .
    Jacquie x

  3. Great photos and I am so with you on the shade sitting..when we caravaned in sunny places I think our fellow campers may have thought my DH and I had fallen out as I always sat in the shade and he in the sun….the bonus is and always will be that your skin will be super – even when 66 like me!!

  4. I totally agree about the mare re taking pics of bunting, you did a fabby job of it though!
    Can’t wait to catch up with you and find out how your hols panned out!!!!
    See you Friday, perhaps I could treat you to a late lunch after my ww meeting at 1pmish?? I have a hankering for Italian, do you fancy it??

  5. Yes you’re right! I made a pigs ear trying to photograph my tiny star garland. It looks really naff. I think you did well though, the bunting is very lovely.

    How hilarious is that babbit?!? little Cuckoo does similar if he hurts himself and I’m near, gives me the evil eye and wails that I hurt him. Me!!! I’d never hurt him!!!!!

    Will you pack a case for 5 of us for the weekend? Can’t cope. Can’t cope!!!

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