Happy Hexagon Blanket – still in progress

Ahh the Happy Hexagon Blanket … you all seem to love it far more than I do! I have to say though, that now it is all joined I love it more. The main reason for this is that it is no longer a half-joined thorn in my side. It’s been sitting around for so long that it blocked up all my creative energy. Now it is all joined though, I feel much more free and creative – always a good thing. I still need to:

– make half hexagons for the sides

– put a border around it. I am going to do one round of red clusters, and then one round of red TRs in each stitch. Then, the next round will be a different colour, then red again. I’ll repeat this until I have about 4 or 5 of the different coloured rounds. (Best laid plans, but it will probably be until I get bored.) Then, some kind of edging: possibly the one I used on the Rosie Ripple, but possibly just a round of HTRs in a contrasting colour. Not sure yet.

– tie and trim all the ends.

I hate ends.

Anyway, here is a pic of it in all it’s joined up glory. It is quite striking, but I think that it might not be a bed blanket after all as it’s so busy. Perhaps it can be a spare room blanket, or go on the sofa at such time as we get a sofa.

Dahlias are back!

Forgive me for showing you this photo again, but I do love it so. It’s rare that I really really like my own photos, but this one I do. Andy took it. Because I made him. “I need a photo of me holding the flowers!” I exclaimed when I came back from the market on Saturday. “I can’t do it myself, it’ snot WORKING!”.

He is so obliging if bribed with a cup of tea.

Lucy bought me my first ever bunches of Dahlias, on our very first day of being in our Very Own House. Way back in September. I was smitten with the Dahlias and from that week on, I bought myself a bunch every week until the season passed.

On Friday I walked past the market on the way to work and did a double take as I saw the buckets of crazy Dahlia blooms at the front of the Flower Man’s stall. Whaaaat? Dahlias ALREADY? But it is only July! I sent a text to Lucy. “OMG there are DAHLIAS on the market already! I cannot wait to buy some tomorrow!”

So I did. First thing on Saturday I went to the market and bought not one but two bunches of Dahlias. On pink, one red. Red for the kitchen windowsill in a blue striped jug …

and pink for the dining room windowsill in a blue dotty jug …

and one single pink Dahlia on its own on the tiny grubby windowsill at the top of the stairs …

I think there is a sort of infinity about the way the petals unfurl. There could be petals forever!

It’s bittersweet, in a way, that it is time for Dahlias already. Nearly a year of being here … nearly Autumn and Winter again. I can’t believe it’s nearly been a year, and I really really can’t believe that we have to have Winter again soon!

Overall, they are lovely flowers that make me happy. Not bad for £4.