Full of Sleep

Today, I went to Woolfest with Rach. This is us on the coach about an hour into the journey. Bright and breezy!

Rach has just emailed me this photo. This is me on the way home from Woolfest, at about 6:30pm. Apparently I fell asleep like this, just holding my yarn ready to make my next stitch!

I am very tired. We got up at 6:30 to be on the bus to leave Leeds at 8am, and I did not get home until quarter past nine tonight!

Full of sleep now, so I’m off to dream of brightly coloured yarn and hopefully make sense of my photos for you tomorrow :-)



Finally! Some blue sky and some white clouds after days of heavy grey skies and pouring rain. I took this today just before dinner. There hasn’t been much photo-worthy this week which is why I’ve been a bit quiet on here. I had a brief attempt at “day in the life” type photos on Sunday, but they sort of fizzled out quite quickly. I was bored. Lots to do, but too bored to do it. I know how rubbish that sounds! In the end I just flopped on the bed and read for ages. I think I wanted to read about someone else’s goings on rather than making my own.

I’ve always had Sunday-itis but lately it’s been starting at about 11am on a Sunday which is very un-fun. Andy’s been feeling the same too but we didn’t realise that the other was feeling like that until we chatted about it the other day. So from now on we’re going to make an effort to reclaim our Sundays. Yeah! Make the most of it! Hurrah! We’re thinking … some walking/pottering, coffee/hot chocolate drinking, cleaning, that sort of thing. Rather than stewing and feeling grumpy for no reason.

So in light of that, here are my “two hours in the life of before I got bored on Sunday” photos. I probably could have blagged them out into a whole “look at my awesome Sunday” post but that’s lying and pointless. So:

I fed our outdoor bunnies, who I like a lot more now they don’t live inside. They wanted to come out and hop round the yard but it was manky and raining, and firstly I don’t want them to get manky wet fur because then I’d have to towel dry them and they would HATE that, and secondly it’s raining and I don’t want to stand out there and supervise!

It was indeed very grey. I stood on my step and held my camera out to get that photo so that I didn’t get rained on.

I had cherries as a pre-breakfast snack in my birthday Bridgewater bowl, yay for Blue Hen!

First cuppa of the day in my birthday Bridgewater mug (yay Crocosmia!) Enjoy looking at my legs for a bit because they are definitely skinnier. Not skinny, but skinner than they were 3 weeks ago. Hey, *I* can notice the change and that’s all that matters!

Incidentally I am seriously lusting over the Emma Bridgewater sale right now. Oh, Peony half pint mug, please be mine and come and live in my over crowded cupboard of mugs! And bring the Chaffinch mug with you while you’re at it.

I tried to make head or tail of the circles I’ve made for my Bullseye Squares so far. I failed – my head was not in the colour deciphering kind of mood. I DID decide that I need to step … away … from the dark purple yarn though.

Then later on I was very industrious and made one whole circle. Just one. Go me.

However I did redeem myself slightly crochet wise in the evening when I made a new star/flower type thing. While my initial thought that it would look good as a motif in the middle of a square didn’t work, (damn thing WILL NOT GO SQUARE) I got a huge kick out of being able to create something new like that. I’m sure there are other ones like it online, after all nothing is really original now, but I’ve not seen one like it or seen any patterns or anything. It just came out of my head while watching Andrew Marr go down some sewers in London. I was watching Mega Cities on iPlayer. It was disappointingly not as mega as I had hoped (I like programmes about skyscrapers and buildings that are awesome) and there was a lot more sewage involved. And grease. Eurgh. Guys, if you throw your cooking fat down the drain, PLEASE STOP so that we don’t have to see Andrew Marr unclogging the sewers with a spade. Gross.

Bet you’re looking forward to me reclaiming Sundays a bit now aren’t you? I promise not to mention Andrew Marr or sewers ever again. Can’t promise not to mention X-Men though …