Kreative Blogger


I have been awarded the Kreative Blogger award by Katie and I am charged to pass it on to ten people and then write ten facts about myself. Here goes!

1. I am not pregnant. But thanks for all your tomato-baby comments :p

2. I haven’t had a haircut since March 2010, I can’t afford to have it all lopped off and it’s driving me INSANE. I am planning to beg my mum to cut it off when I go home soon. She always used to cut my hair but has refused for the last couple of years, meany.

3. In less than 2 weeks time I’ll be turning 25. I am not as excited about birthdays now as I used to be and always feel guilty asking for presents when people ask me what I want.

4. The first day we spent in our house after we bought it, I put paint testers on 4 of the walls with the intention of painting. That’s a lie. I did it because it was MY DAMN HOUSE and I could do what I wanted! But now we have not been able to paint and I really regret blobbing random paint on the walls.

5. I have started my eat less lose weight be happy scheme. It has taken a lot of effort to write that down there.

6. I hope that nobody leaves me links to the bad health effects of being overweight this time, like I got on my January post. I did not enjoy that although I appreciated the sentiment behind it. I think.

7. Tomatoes are my life now. Not a day has passed in the last week and a half where I have not scoffed many tomatoes.

8. I bought the rabbits a litter tray (well it’s a seed tray, small town shops are not known for their abundance of rabbit litter trays) in the hope that they would go to the loo in it. They think it’s a nice comfy bed and like to sleep on it. The other day I came downstairs in the morning and Parsnip had turned it upside down and was sitting on it like the king of the castle. She had her ears right up with a defiant look on her face that seemed to say, “yeah? and what are you going to do about THAT then? eh?” So I took it away and she was like, “oh. right. Ok then.”

9. I am in the middle of writing you a fabby tutorial for my new fancy Bullseye Squares, I’m very excited.

10. In the last 2 weeks I have read 6 Judy Blume books: I am unashamedly working through my pile of Books That Are Too Young For Me But That I Still Love. The best part is, they are so quick to read! I go to bed on a Friday and read half, then read half when I wake up on Saturday morning. Ace! On Sunday afternoon I also read “The Tin Princess” by Philip Pullman. Books don’t have to be long, difficult, challenging, age appropriate to be enjoyable and interesting.

Ok so that’s the List of Heather done, now for the passing on of the Kreative baton …

1. Cuckoo from Tales from Cuckoo Land

2. Andrea from Andrea’s Apples and Pears (every time I visit here I want to make a ripple blanket!)

3.  Kmmms from Things I Learnt the Hard Way

4. Kirsty from That Crafty Fishx

5. Victoria from Yarn Round Hook

6. Sj from Little Musings

7. Hayley from Pinkfluffywarrior

8. Alice from Crochet with Raymond

9. Jacquie from Bunny Mummy

10. Hazel from Quietly Stitching (please distract Hazel while I go and steal her new stash of yarn. Thanks.)

Well that was fun and I hope you enjoy the blogs I have listed for your perusal above :-) If you want to join in with “Ten Things” lists as well, please do and then leave me a link to your list in the comments, I love reading “Ten Things” lists :-)

p.s back soon when I’ve written the tutorial. They take flippin’ ages to write! I always think I can bash them out really speedily but it never turns out that way. xxxxxx

Market Shopping

For 25 years (well, 24 years and 11 months) I have disliked tomatoes. Oh you know, tomato sauces are fine, and lately cooked tomatoes are ok as well. But the actual fresh, uncooked tomato is something that I always hated. Eurgh. Until last weekend when I woke up and thought, hmm, I quite fancy some cherry tomatoes. Munch munch. Hmm. Not bad. Believe me, nobody is more surprised by this development than me. Since then I’ve been eating them every day! Oooh, lovely. Can’t get enough.

I went to the Market today in an effort to bring our shopping bill down. Oh my, it’s so beautiful and lovely and cheap and there is NO PACKAGING. But be careful if you are an inexperienced Market Shopper, because if you unthinkingly ask for the amount of an item as it is priced on the ticket, that is what you will get. I asked for a kilogram of the much-desired tomatoes (a snip and £1.65) and that is exactly what I got.

They are SO GOOD. So more-ish. So easy to grab a couple and scoff them. And they are good for you! Awesome!

Tonight, I am having tomatoes (obv.) cooked in a (dry) hot frying pan until they pop and then I will squish them with a fork and cook them quickly until hot through. I am having them with courgette, onion, pepper, sweetcorn and rice with a couple of Quorn sausages. I’m dribbling already, I can’t WAIT to make this for dinner. Oh and I may have a little feta on top too.

Do you know what you can also get on the market?

Big punnetts of strawberries for £1.50! I could get used to this.

Without wanting to spoil the lovely red theme of this post, check out these beautiful flowers:

I see them every time I walk past the flower stall and I think they’re just PERFECT. I haven’t bought any because I’m not sure whether they can grow indoors but I’m glad I sneaked a photo to keep. I think they are called Senetti. They are on my list for next year :-)