Hot Chocolate with Rosie

On Saturday we had the pleasure of the company of David, Ellie and Rosie (of the Rosie Ripple fame).

We went out for lunch and took a stroll by the canal to see the ducks. Lots of ducks!

I love the children think that ducks are the best thing ever. I do agree, ducks are great and we have loads along this stretch of canal. It’s because all the tourists feed them chips, but what can you do. That’s probably why there are so many of them here, they’re too fat to fly away. Still, they are good value entertainment for small children.

On the way to the coffee shop for a drink I smuggled Ellie away to a shop I knew she’d love. I was right, she did love it. Sadly neither of us have any money to purchase any goodies but fantasy shopping is just as good here. The smell is wonderful! Ellie was most approving of the shop staff’s uniforms – 50’s (?) dresses, black with white polka dots. Ellie was wearing a similar dress, red with white polka dots! This is because she has impeccable dress sense and always looks great. Very pretty too, look:

Rosie likes to eat and drink pretty much everything (apart from sausages!) and is always keen to have a try of your drink. She is very adept at drinking from a proper cup, but after hot chocolate she did become the World’s most chocolatey child.

Do you get much cuter? Not really.

Such a lovely day :)

10 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate with Rosie

  1. Oh what a sweetie Rosie is, I agree with you about ducks being a wonderful form of entertainment for little ones, looks like a lovely day out with special friends xox

  2. What a super cute couple with a super cute baby. Takes me back to the many hours spent watching ducks (or quackies as Amy used to call them) when my two were young :-).

  3. Rachel says:

    Something about Rosie really reminds me of Alice as a baby in these pictures! I’m thinking eyes, eyebrows and general face shape maybe, in particular the one where she’s looking at the ducks! x x

  4. Sarah says:

    Most children say something that sounds like mum or dad when they first learn to talk. My first word was quackie. Well if your parents will
    give you a yellow plastic duck what else is there to say? That walk along the canal looks very inviting. Rosie looks cute in her mac.

  5. Bet you’re broodier than ever now! She is a very cute little gal. Mind you with such stylish parents she couldn’t be anything but loveliness personified. Gosh I feel a slob sat here in track suit bottoms and sticky out hair (am I excused because I’m a shade under the weather?)

    That shop looks scrummy.

    I’m going to see if I can join your Friend connect, I haven’t been able to up till now. Wish me luck!

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