My Amazing Sister Alice

This is my sister, Alice. You may remember her as the recipient of this blanket.

On Saturday, she and Dan (above) started the Devizes to Westminster canoe race, which is a 125 mile non-stop canoe race along the Kennet and Avon canal, and then the entire length of the Thames finishing outside the Houses of Parliament in London.

Yep. 125 miles non stop. As in, through the night, no sleep. And guess what? Not only did they complete this gruelling race but they did it in just 21 hours.

Alice is only 18. She is the first woman and first junior (there is a bit of a blurred line as to whether you are junior or senior in canoeing as it depends on what type of racing you are doing) from our canoe club to complete the DW in the non stop class.

And for that reason, she is amazing and I am bursting full of pride and respect for her.

Congratulations, Alice and Dan :-)

p.s the reason I have not done this race is that you have to eat a lot of jelly babies to keep your energy up and I REALLY hate jelly babies.


My playmats from Tesco have been sat watching me all week saying “use me! use me!” and yesterday I gave in and began blocking something for the first time ever. go me.

Blocking board + towel + pins + ruler (lovely shiny new fancy steel ruler in fact – andy treated me! It was that or an Easter egg and I chose the ruler.)

I think you’re supposed to measure a bit more than I did, and in hindsight I think I should have started with the centre square and then worked outwards. I started with one corner and made that straight and then worked from that point.

Spraying your crochet with water is a bit of a “can’t believe I’m doing this!” sort of moment. It’s still not dry but I am holding out hope that it will stay as lovely and straight as this:

Hurry up and dry!