Cornishware Dreams Can Come True

My Cornishware dream came true! In a fashion. On Friday I was on my way to Tesco and I decided to go the scenic route, ie go to the yarn and fabric shop first (I needed some cream and some yellow yarn. Honest.) and to bob in to the antique shop on the way. I try not to go in all the time because the turnover of stock is not very high. I walked all the way around it and I was just on my way out when there, perched on an old mantle piece was a Cornishware canister pot with no lid. As I walked towards it I thought to myself “If it’s a tenner I’ll buy it!” and I got there and it was £12. What’s £2 between friends? I didn’t have any cash on me and I didn’t want it to be sold while I was at Tesco so I erm, hid it inside a coal scuttle bucket until I came back! Fortunately nobody saw and it didn’t sell. I even haggled and got it for £11. My grandma sent us £10 instead of Easter eggs (because she is lovely lovely lovely and still thinks we should have eggs even though we are 24 years +!) so technically it only cost me £1.
It’s so happy with Daffodils in it! Can you just picture it brimming with Sweet Williams too? I can. I know I shouldn’t be buying fripperies really but sometimes it’s difficult to resist. Eh, as long as we don’t starve it’s all good.
Love Heather xxxxxxxx

10 thoughts on “Cornishware Dreams Can Come True

  1. Sandra says:

    Looks lovely with the daffs in it, think its fine to have an odd little treat, especially if its courtesy of a lovely grandma! x

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I love cornishware ever since receiving a set of I love Scotland cornishware mugs when we departed the UK. In fact I have requested something blue and cream for Mothers Day which is coming up in May. I would be happy with an eggcup!

  3. Ahh Heather, I am so happy for you, what a find, this cornishware is certainly something that I would have too. I have lovely white cereal bowls with thick blue rims, a blue tin cannister in blue with a cork lid and a lovely little blue bottle, they go from house to house with me.
    The daffs are Spring.
    x Sandi

  4. Sometimes you just need to splash out on something that makes you happy. And as you said…it really didn’t cost you that much. If your grandma is like mine she would probably be thrilled that you spend it on something that makes you happy. Money in my family is given with the strict instruction to buy something you want but can’t normally justify! :)

    Your Cornishware is lovely. Love those colours!

  5. penelope says:

    Let me tell you, I absolutely Adore Cornishware!!! I have some pieces from my Mom from England and I have acquired a few here. Love yours! Great find, Heather!

  6. What a lucky find – and such a good idea to hide it the coal scuttle! We seem to be going through a phase of accidentally breaking all our mugs at the moment and I am going to order some of the ‘for the girls’ Cornishware mugs.

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