Rosie Ripple Ta-daaa

This ripple blanket was an unplanned, out of the blue, “Yes let’s DO THAT!” kind of blanket. I bought the yarn and began making this blanket on the 19th February, and finished it on the 20th March. Let’s call it an even month, given that February is two days shorter than the average month. There was a deadline you see, the first birthday of a little girl named Rosie, who turns one tomorrow. She is the daughter of two friends who we love but don’t get to see very often. You may remember that I made another Rosie Ripple before she was born, in slightly dubious colours since I did not know what flavour of baby she was going to be.

As you can see, since then I have progressed enough to do a border. Well I say progressed enough, it’s probably just laziness that stopped me in the past. That, and the daunting task of making a ripple straight. This is Not Fun. It looks good when you’ve finished, and while I did listen to all advice and read all of the links sent to me, basically I just bodged it and it’s fine. I went round again in the same colour and that sort of hides any bits that are a little wonky. Working into the top edge was all right, but the bottom edge was a pain. Have you ever tried to work out of the wrong edge of a foundation row? Tricky business, that.

Can you see where I’ve made it straight? I slip stitched along the tall bits, and then did (UK terms) dc, dc, htr, htr, and then tr, tr, and then htr, htr, dc,dc. Or something like that, like I said I mostly just bodged it and hoped for the best. You can pull stitches short or tall if you need to ;-)

Oh and I forgot to say that I did ten repeats of the pattern, but then did one extra stripe of the first colour so that the border looked right.

I want to snuggle in this photo.

After I had done battle with making a ripple straight, I went around the blanket and did two treble stitches into the side of each stitch. I think they look like little fingers holding on.

In the same colour, I then did a round around the whole blanket again in the same colour, putting one treble into each stitch. This was very enjoyable! I did this in the first, second and third colours and it’s very therapeutic just going around and around like that.

I had planned to go round it in all six colours but once I’d finished the “lavender” round, it just looked … enough. I was unsure whether adding the two darker colours would work or not, the contrast that worked nicely in the mane body of the blanket would have ruined the border. I really like the way the colours of the border blend and I spent a long time looking at it and er, stroking it.

It did need to look a little more finished though, so I added a round of double crochet in “magenta” and then a row of pink pointy bits (you can see the method for making these HERE, about halfway through the post) to complete the look. I have to say, while the concept of these pink pointy bits is very simple, and they ARE simple to do, man this was my least favourite thing to do! I think I was so keen for the blanket to be DONE ALREADY that making myself do something fiddly and finicky right at the end was a challenge. The pointy bits are not evenly spaced because I lost the will to count or care. But, it looks great, I have to say. In fact, I felt little to no attachment during the making of the blanket (as I knew it was destined to be a gift) until I did the border. It is the first border I have made, and OH I just wanted to keep it for myself! The bit that really gets me is all the lovely neat little corners, oh so sweet.

It looks lovely folded, too. I always love it when I can fold what I make, there is just something about a folded blanket (or pile of folded blankets) that makes me feel good inside.

By now I expect you are waiting for a full photo aren’t you? Well ok, but it’s not the best, the reason being I was trying to catch the light after work and there wasn’t a lot to catch. I was also trying to keep the messy parts of the bedroom out of the photo! Anyway, here goes …


It sort of glows. Beautiful.

So, a few facts for you here:

Yarn used: Stylecraft Special Dk from Country Crafts

Colours: Sherbet, Cloud Blue, Lavender, Magenta, Plum, Pomegranate (in that order, makes one repeat.)

Starting Chain: approx 126 (or nearest number divisible by 14)

Stripes: 60, plus one to make it look right

Weight: hmmm well I used one whole ball of each to make the main body and then approx half of 4 other balls to do the edging. I forgot to weigh it when it was done, but that works out at approximately 800g. I know that each stripe took 10g of yarn.

Time taken: one month, working on it solidly and obsessively, and watching A LOT of things on iplayer. A lot. I even watched a programme about churches, and another about really old bibles. Yeah.

The idea of this blanket was to be a total surprise for the recipient. The thought of them having absolUTEly no idea about this blanket flying through the post to get to their door just made me full of bubbles inside. I was so excited. I didn’t want to do my ta-daa post until I knew they’d received it.

Only, things didn’t quite go to plan in that respect.

The thing about surprise parcels is that it’s often helpful if there is someone at home to receive them.

Turns out, this was the week that our friends were in Italy. ITALY! How rude!

Anyway they are back now and have indeed received the blanket. So I am sorry that the ta-daa post took so long, but as you can see, not my fault ;-)


I received this photo (below) in a text message earlier today (and as I don’t have a clever phone I had to send the text to Andy who DOES have a clever phone, so that he could email it to me to download to my computer to upload to photobucket to link to on my blog)

Definitely worth it.

Go on, make something and give it away. It feels great.

43 thoughts on “Rosie Ripple Ta-daaa

  1. Sarah says:

    The border around the blanket is delightful. The new owner certainly seems to like it.!! well done you. Have a great week.
    And I found my lost ball of yarn at

  2. DonnaTN says:

    It is a beautiful ripple blanket. I love the photo of Rosie and her new blankie. It was worth it even if it was hard to get it from phone to blog.

  3. Heather I have to agree with you, to make something and give it to someone as a surprise is such a great feeling. Your blanket is gorgeous and Rosie looks as if she loves it too.
    x Sandi

  4. It turned out great! A note about working out of the wrong side of the foundation chain – I actually always work my first row out of the wrong side. I personally think it’s a lot easier than working into the “right” side, and it gives a nice finished edge on the bottom if I’m not doing an edging. And before you tell me I’m crazy – I’ve gone back and worked into the wrong side of a whole project before I started doing this way, and I agree that’s tricky. It’s way easier to work the first row on the wrong side than to work an edging on the wrong side. And then you get to work the edging into the right side same as regular stitches!

  5. Sandra says:

    Hi Heather, what a lovely blanket, looks just yummy for snuggling in! And thanks for the tips on edging a ripple – I think I am going to put a border on my big ripple blanket – if I ever get to that stage! Am completely distracted by daisies at the moment!! Lovely to give handmade things as gifts – things to treasure. xx

  6. penelope says:

    Rose’s picture with the blankie is priceless!!!
    Wonderul colours, what a lovely job, and the edging really balances it out!!

  7. Beautiful blanket and lovely photo of Rosie ‘playing peek-a-boo’??? You really achieved something wonderful which will always be treasured by Rosie and her parents. Now, what’s next????

  8. stitchesfromwales says:

    Love it!! I am making my first ripple but not as quickly as you !! don’t know if I will have the patience to try and add a border though. thanks for photos.

  9. Jillian says:

    Lovely :) I love the border, really finishes it off, much respect to you for all the counting etc, and it really paid off :)

    Love it even more because I have a daughter called Rosie too :)

    Great photos, can really feel your love for this project through your words :)


  10. I’m glad I’m not the only one that has to keep messy bits of the house out of photos – oh to live in a not messy house :o) Your blanket is beautiful, what a triumph! I really like the border – I’m currently thinking a lot about borders for my granny stripe blanket. I was leaning towards a scallop edge, but seeing your point one… oh decisions decisions! Well done on your blankie anyway, what is the next Big Project?
    Jones x

  11. Hi Heather , your blanket looks stunning . I love the colours and the border. Great that you got a photo of the birthday girl with it .I’m sure she will treasure it in years to come , or wear it out , either is good I think :0)
    Jacquie x

  12. MelanieMelanie says:

    Hi Heather,
    That blanket is beautiful! I love the colour combination and the dark coloured edging really pulls the blanket together and sort of anchors it; and the dark colour is gorgeous. It’s giving me some ideas! x

  13. Oooh that is LOVELY. I am definitely going to copy that at some indistinct time in the future when I don’t have 10 other WiPs! Good job! x

  14. Joanna says:

    Heather, what a lovely blanket! I love the colours and the border and, well, everything about it! What a lovely present for little Rosie. I haven’t made a ripple blanket yet but think I’ll put it next on my to do list. Joanna xx

  15. Beautiful – I LOVE that edging! I am very close to finishing my very first granny square blanket…started over a year ago now using your granny square tutorial! I’ll let you know once I’ve got some pictures posted online. Hoping my 2nd blanket comes together a little quicker!

  16. You did the evening up the wobbly edges really well. I love the shot of it all folded up neatly and the one of Rosie enjoying it. My two biggun’s were using my granny blanket as a sail this morning. I wonder what adventures Rosie will have with that magical ripple you have created. Xxx

  17. Claire Macdonald says:

    Beautiful ! I am off to buy my first crochet hook and wool at the weekend, I feel inspired and hope I can manage. What a wonderful friend you must be ! xxx

  18. Well done! I love your colors and the border/edging is fantastic! I just finished my first ripple and posted about it too. Mine is going out the door as a birthday gift for my niece. I liked it so much I plan to make another just for myself!

  19. The first couple of photo’s you showed had me thinking “Hmm, I don’t really feel it…”, but then I saw the whole, stretched out on your bed and WAUW!! Absolutely gorgeous!!! The colours are fantastic and the border makes it look finished. Very good job!

  20. Becky Cronin says:

    Lovely blanket, you did such a good job on the border. It lays so nice, I always have trouble with borders!!

  21. Lizzie says:

    It’s absolutely amazing Heather, I love the border, it makes such a difference. Rosie is such a lucky girl to receive this from you. Happy hooking. x

  22. Nicky says:

    Oh, I absolutely love it – especially the solid border with holes in the corners. Do you just do 3 chain stitches to get that effect? Beautiful. X

  23. Judith Uren says:

    Have just found your page and I think it’s a delight, I’m going to do the plain granny squares first and then you never know I might end up being able to do a ripple! Thanks for giving us this site. Cheers Judith

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