Red Sky At Night – Shepherd’s Delight

Upon arriving home from work yesterday and entering the house I realised that it was warmer outside than in. I stood on the back step looking out over our little town for a while, and watched at the sky changed from blue to pinky blue to pinky orange and finally to wonderful, fiery, orangey bluey pink. Oh how content I was, standing on the step and resting against the kitchen doorframe! There was a warmish breeze blowing from the West and the sounds of traffic in the town were gently drifting up to my ears. I looked out and watched the sky, and looked longingly at the hills in the distance and felt so happy to be there, standing on my step, feeling warmer weather around the corner and the endless possibilities and freedom that warmer weather brings.

It should be pointed out that Red Sky At Night is also Heather’s Delight as well.


One week ago I stepped out of my front door to go to work and was so amazed that the sky was blue that I tip-toed back inside in my shoes (for someone who lives in a House o’ Rubble, I don’t do Shoes In The Dining Room) and grabbed my camera for a “quick, I’m nearly late!” shot. And this one, of course, the first gratuitous “tree branches against sky” shot of 2011.

Imagine my surprise then, to wake up to SNOW on Saturday morning. Snow? Surely it’s Spring by now, surely? Nevertheless, it didn’t stay long and quickly melted away, thank goodness. Saturday was nice actually, Andy caught the train to Leeds for a spot of shopping and I had the house to myself. Without anybody drilling, or carrying rubble sacks through. Peace and quiet! I was waiting in for the postman (arrived just after noon, grr) so made the most of the time to work on Andy’s stripy cushion cover. I’ve finished a whole side of it now, but I need another ball of Rico Cotton before I can start the next side. I’m trying to work out the most economical way to get it, because the postage is always the same as the cost of the yarn when you buy one ball, hardly seems worth it.

I love the colours when they’re in order like this. I found it difficult to work with the colours when I tried to make granny squares, but they just look lush like this and it’s so much easier to make things when I don’t have to think about the colour placing as I go along. Sometimes I just want to hook in a straight row without thinking, so sue me :-)

I also am very taken with the htr (half treble) stitch. I am fascinated with how they are different on the front of the work and back of the work. For example, the yellow row is a “front” row, and the emerald green is a “back” row. I think the back rows look like a row of dancing ballerinas with their arms stretched out! This stitch just feels really dynamic to me. It’s also useful because I make treble stitches quite tall (it’s just my tension) and it doesn’t look good with this cotton, my granny squares are definitely not my best work. But the htr stitch here is good. I’m planning a big winter blanket for the end of the year worked in htrs in an aran weight wool.

(I’ve planned out all the blankets I would like to make this year! It helps to plan because then I can slowly build a stash one ball at a time.)

Ah look, you have caught me in the act with my sneaky interlude project. This was a spur of the moment thing and I’m not going to go into too much detail in case the intended recipients read my blog. I don’t think so, but you can never be sure! So instead of ruining the surprise, I’m going to keep it. But it’s a ripple blanket in stylecraft. I’m using 6 colours in the same order: Sherbet, Cloud Blue, Lavender, Magenta, Plum, Pomegranate.

This is me hooking on the train (that’s such a big fat lie. I didn’t hook, I just took a photo. I think the trains are too dirty to hook on! What if my yarn went on the floor? Eww.) on the way to visit Katherine on Sunday. Ace! This is the 5th time we’ve tried to arrange a visit and the first time that we have not been foiled by illness or snow. Hurrah! She can’t really visit me at the moment because there is nowhere to sit in our house, and it’s certainly not suitable to bring a 7 month old babygirl who is learning to crawl. But that’s ok, I don’t mind travelling because I get to listen to music :-) I bought a new CD on payday that me and Andy are listening to right now, it’s so good.

To get to Katherine’s town you have to go through Wakefield Kirkgate station. I took a photo because it’s so crazily barebones for a station! It’s odd really. It has the same design as loads of other stations, like Keighley, or how Derby Station used to look, and a bit like Sheffield station, but it’s just rack and ruin. A carcass of a station. I think it’s the largest unstaffed station on the Northern Rail network.

I’m sure it could have been impressive at one time.

(I can’t believe I have just put a photo of Wakey K station on my blog.)

Ha, when I first moved to York to go to uni, my English geography was terrible. I didn’t even know where York was really! Anyway, to get the train home you have to go through Wakefield Westgate. And I thought this was the name of the city, and that Wakefield Kirkgate was a separate city. Not one of my brightest penny in the pot moments! When me and Andy talk about Wakey K station it is always referred to as “the separate city of Wakefield Kirkgate”. I’m not being allowed to forget it apparently.

And just in case that isn’t enough bare brick photos for one evening, Andy has taken the ceiling down in the living room now, hurrah! So here is the celebratory progress photo, for posterity:

It looks loads smaller with no ceiling!

Thanks for all your circle instructions by¬† the way guys, I haven’t had the chance to try them out yet due to aforementioned weekend visiting and whatnot but I’m freeeee this weekend so will definitely be having a go. Thank you :-)