Is it Spring yet?

I have this rosy photo as my computer desktop at the moment to remind me of summer, and warmth, and flowers, and colour. It may not be spring yet, but January has slipped past like the quick month that it always turns out to be. January has passed already, I can’t quite believe it.

The days are getting ever lighter, and in just a week or two I will almost be able to walk home in the light. Or at the very least, not leave work in complete darkness.

January has not been a dreadful month, it felt very hopeful really. I have stuck to some of the things that I wanted to achieve this year – I sewed on my machine (although I haven’t since), worked on my hexagon blanket, had fresh flowers every day (we are currently awash with daffodils and tete-a-tetes and I LOVE it this way!) and I have read “something new” this month. The Red Queen, by Philippa Gregory, is the sequel to The White Queen that I read on the train last year when I was commuting. It was good, but I don’t think I’ll read it again. It made me glad that I am not a woman living in Plantagenet times, that’s for sure.

I’ve seen friends quite a bit, although my trip to see Katherine (Peppermints & Poppies blog) was foiled (for the third time) because I caught a nasty cold from work. I’ve had it all weekend and it’s been MISERABLE. I resisted from blogging because it would just have been “whinge whinge complain moan and whinge” and that’s so not fun to read. I’m still full of snot now but managing to get to work and whatehave you. Second cold I’ve had since my new job though, both caught from there so I’m not overly impressed with that. I didn’t even make any hexagons this weekend.

Still, onwards and upwards – January down, February next! (Actually, counting it down is freaking me out slightly. We have an attendance sheet at work and it has the whole year marked in little boxes where you write H for holiday, tick if you’re in etc and it disturbs me to see the whole year fitted into half an A4 piece of paper. With one whole twelfth of it ticked off already.)

4 thoughts on “Is it Spring yet?

  1. I’m sorry you’ve got yet another cold. This winter has been the worst one for colds and flu. Several people I know (including myself) have had it more than once and I think its the same bug hibernatiing for a while and then re-emerging to cause havock once more. Roll on the Spring!

  2. Sarah says:

    Have some snowdrops peeping through in my little front garden and other shoots beginning to show so a step in the right direction towards spring. Hope you feel a lot better this coming weekend.

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