Review 2010: Places I’ve been

1. Yorkshire Sculpture Park & Bretton Hall with Katherine

2. To Knit and Natter with Lucy (I was v nervous haha)

3. On an epic yarn hunt through West and North Yorkshire and also Lancashire

4. Boulmer Beach on our first wedding Anniversary

5. Bolton Abbey, the day before my birthday

6. The yarn section of John Lewis in both Milton Keynes and Southampton

7. Eaten ice cream on top of a windy hill in the Derbyshire Dales

8. Leeds at Christmas with Rach and Fran

9. Lulworth Cove with Andy, my mother in law and her husband

10. Marvellous Tea Dance with Fran and Rach (Leeds Corn Exchange)

11. Leeds (This was before I moved back up so technically it DOES count as a visit because I had to travel three hours to get there!)

12. Drinking tea in Holmfirth

13. Bluebell Woods at home with my mum, Andy, and my sister Alice

14. Portsmouth (twice) with my sister Rachel

15. Arne nature reserve in Dorset with Andy and my mother in law

16. Alnmouth beach on our first wedding anniversary

17. Dassett Hills where we did jumpin’ jumpin’. Well they did. I took the photo with both feet firmly on the floor.

18. Stratford on Avon with my mum, our last trip together before I moved back to Leeds.

19. My birth town to visit my great aunt and uncle (my great uncle sadly passed away in September aged 87, inevitable but devastating.)

20. Middlesmoor in the Yorkshire Dales, our first trip when we moved back to Leeds.

21. Fairburn Ings over the Easter Weekend

22. Old Dairy Farm Centre with my mum, Andy and my sister Alice, where we consumed ENORMOUS CAKE.

23. Isle of Wight with Andy and my father in law.

24. Dorset, to stay with my mother in law and her husband

25. Gold Hill in Shaftesbury

26. Shaftesbury

27. York (numerous times!)

28. Boulmer Beach (oh blast, this photo has worked it’s way into two mosaics … argh can’t change it now!)

Also in 2010 we made about a hundred trips to Ikea and to the town where we have now bought a house. And to boring places like Morrisons, or B&Q. Quite a few trips to B&Q now I think about it, to buy fun stuff (lying blatantly here) like loft insulation and crowbars. Still, I don’t think that’s a bad number of places to have visited in a year, it’s roughly one every two weeks which is pretty good really. Here’s to more trips in 2011!

5 thoughts on “Review 2010: Places I’ve been

  1. We’ll have to go to the next Vintage handmade fair in Ilkley cos the Marvellous Tea Ladies do the catering there…..something so exciting about eating baked goods with edible glitter on them!
    Can’t beliiiiiieve you were nervous about coming to knit and natter, you didn’t show it. And it was good wasn’t it??!! I’m not too scary am I lol??

  2. Am loving the ‘year in photos’ I could do that too and surprise myself with my year lol
    Have a wonderful New Years Eve and all good things to come your way in 2011.
    x Sandi

  3. Sarah says:

    Lovely photos, what a lot you have done over the year. So if I haven’t said it before I wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2011! xx

  4. Ann Collins says:

    Lovely photos. We have relatives living at Parson Lee Farms up north in the Barnoldswick area and I really enjoy seeing your photos. Somehow I found your blog after reading Lucy’s for several months. I live in California.

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