So … all that Stylecraft …

Do you remember that way way back in June, I bought the “Lucy” pack of Stylecraft yarn (that many people went on to make a Granny Stripe blanket with)?

I’ve been saving it ever since I bought it, knowing that there would come a point in the future that I would be too poor to afford any yarn to make a nice blanket. We’d already viewed our house by that point ;-)

My Stylecraft Stash has grown a little bit since then though. I started off with the 17 colours in the pack, and then added a ball of Teal.

I have been sneakily adding to this stash ever since then. Little bit by little bit. Now it looks more like this …

Yes, that’s a little bit bigger than it was in June.

This weekend, I decided that it was High Time that I started using this yarn. I’ve been mulling over what to make with it for quite a while and kept coming back to the same pattern, the Ruby Hex pattern by Nova Seals . Isn’t it stunning? I’ve been lusting after this blanket for months! You can see it in it’s full glory on her Flickr.

So a Ruby Hexagon blanket I shall make.

I really feel that the thing missing in my life right now is another big blanket project. Something for ME (I’ve been making things for other people lately which sadly just isn’t as fun as making things for myself. I know that’s selfish, sorry.)

On Sunday, I got all the yarn out in front of me and listed all the shades that I have.

Twenty seven! (In the photo above there are 28 I can’t for the life of me think why. Surely it must just be a duplicate.)

Hello, gorgeous basket full of scrummy yarn!

I have been a bit daunted by the sheer number of colours and a bit worried that I couldn’t keep track of which ones were which as I was using them. Sooo what I do is take the labels of as I use each ball and tie a hefty sample to the label, and store them all in my new tin (New Home gift from my lovely mother in law):

(Sadly Andy is paying no heed to that advice in the top right corner. Mostly because I get up way before he does and it’s always me that makes the tea…)

The pattern is really simple, worked in clusters of two UK treble/US double stitches, separated by chain-1 spaces.

Look! This is my first one. I’m still getting to grips with the colours, and it’s dark now and a bit harder to work them out without natural light.

(please excuse the dodgy lighting, it’s really difficult to photograph things without natural light, and I am at work throughout the daylight hours at the moment.)

I’m so excited to be making a big blanket again! <3


30 thoughts on “So … all that Stylecraft …

  1. This project looks really exciting. I love it when I work out a plan for yarn. When I started Lucy’s granny blanket I stuck a little bit of yarn to each ball band and pinned them together in the order I wanted, and I also lined them all up along the back of my settee! I’m not normally that organised! But then I guess for this project you’re not using the same order all along!

    Looking forward to watching this project come along, Fiona x

  2. It looks like this will be a gorgeous blanket once finished. I’m really grateful for the tip of saving a bit of yarn with each label for future reference – thanks!


  3. Love, love, love it. I might even have to dig out my wool and start something like this. So far I’ve only crocheted straight line blankets :-).
    Oh, and I LOVE the tin too :-).


  4. Barb says:

    I love all the Stylecraft! I love all the colors, wish we could get Sytlecraft here:( The new blanket is going to be beautiful. Can\’t wait to see it. Keep warm! Barb

  5. Debdor says:

    I really dont think you can beat stylecraft yarn for their colour range, your blanket is going to be almost edible! I count 28 balls in the basket by the way. Barb have you tried ‘’, that is where I get mine from. I cant see if they send abroad sorry, but they do accept paypal, so they may very well do.

  6. Sarah says:

    Stylecraft yarn has a really good range of colours and your hexagons are looking great!!!
    I have that biscuit tin and keep biscuits in it when I make some. Sadly empty at the moment.
    And like Libby I have only managed straight line blankets so far!!! Enjoy your project. I shall look at the pattern on my day off.xxxx

  7. Oooh, those balls of wool look fab but the colours look so much better once they’ve been put together in your hexies, it’s gonna be gorgeous! I LOVE those shade names too … Lipstick … Bluebell … SHRIMP!!! :)

  8. penelope dubois says:

    Your colour combos are great! I’ve been eyeing that pattern too! It’s given me some motivation to do one, in the middle of Christmas gifts!!
    That tin is neat. My favourite Tea Bisquit over here is called “Social Tea”. I could sit down and have a whole stack!

  9. Oooh crochet post – very exciting!! There’s always room for making stuff for yourself, I’m feeling the same way at the moment, since big blanket I haven’t made anything for myself so I was a bad girl and started on crocheting up something just for me!

    Am feeling the hexagon love!

  10. Hello. LOVE the hexagons. Your blanket is going to look fabulous; hope you’re gonna keep us posted on its progress? Don’t feel guilty at wanting to make things for yourself, I’m feeling all crocheted out after making Christmas gifts but equally can’t wait to get back to my big blanket project (even though I sometimes feel like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew with it!). Debs xx

  11. Lovely! I also bought the ‘Lucy’ collection and made a blankie, Yours looks like its going to be brilliant with all those hexagons. Keep us posted with progress pictures

  12. T H U D … I am in love with your colors. And the pattern too … it’s in my Rav que. =) Are you going to join them as you go or sew them together???? I highly recommend the 1st way! It’s both fast AND fun to do.



  13. All that delicious yarn! Just love it all. It is beautiful indeed. A great alternative to wool….isn’t it sad that such a natural yarn is now almost unaffordable. I’m sure it will be a beautiful item when you complete it. Keep going!

  14. Catriona says:

    Hi Heather

    WOW!! Colours are delish! The shapes already completed are gorgeous. I have now given up teaching myself to crochet and have decided to make a log cabin design knitted blanket instead. ( Downloaded pattern )All I have to do is wait for the snow to clear a bit-we were at the epicentre of Monday’s blizzard here in the central belt of Scotland- and then I can buy my Stylecraft selection.
    PS I think the lightish blue towards the end of the second row is your duplicate.

  15. Jillian says:

    Oooooh! I LOVE all that yarn! Wow! Even better as we one have none (really dire) wool shop here and all they ever have is Stylecraft. I have officially gone from hating it to LOVING it, aso thank you! Really looking forward to seeing it take shape :)

  16. I can’t stop thinking about your gorgeous hexagons, this is going to be one b-e-a-utiful BB. I’m so excited for you!!! Really looking forward to seeing these grow and multiply, you’re going to have some mighty pretty Piles stacking up around your house, i might have to come over and fondle them :o)

  17. All of those colors will make a lovely hexagon blanket! Once you get the hang of them, those hexagons will practically crochet themselves! I can’t wait to see your finished blanket!

  18. Sarah says:

    love your stash of yarn can’t wait to see your lovely blanket . where did you get your stash of stylecraft yarn ?? can you possibly recomend where i can buy some online?????

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