List Week Day Two: Favourite Childhood Books

I needed a photo today ;-)

I needed a photo today ;-)

In No Particular Order …

  1. Brambly Hedge by Jill Barklem
  2. Attu and the Snow Giant – Alfred Konner and Helen East (I think? Old book, Amazon doesn’t have it!)
  3. The Conker as Hard as a Diamond – Chris Powling and Jon Riley
  4. Maurice’s Disappearing Bag – Rosemary Wells
  5. Lucy and Tom’s Christmas – Shirley Hughes
  6. The Sheep and the Rowan Tree – Julia Butcher
  7. The Jolly Postman – Janet and Allan Ahlberg
  8. The Jolly Pocket Postman – Janet and Allan Ahlberg
  9. The Jolly Christmas Postman – Janet and Allan Ahlberg
  10. Funnybones – Janet and Allan Ahlberg
  11. The Tiger Who Came To Tea – Judith Kerr
  12. Milton the Early Riser – Robert Kraus, Ariane Dewey, and Jose Aruego
  13. Tilly’s House – Faith Jacques
  14. The Very Busy Spider – Eric Carle
  15. The Church Mice at Christmas – Graham Oakley
  16. The Patchwork Cat – Nicola Bayley and William Mayne
  17. Parrot Cat – Nicola Bayley
  18. The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark – Jill Tomlinson and Paul Howard
  19. The Hen Who Wouldn’t Give Up – Jill Tomlinson and Paul Howard
  20. The Better Brown Stories – Allan Ahlberg
  21. Moving Molly – Shirley Hughes
  22. Each Peach Pear Plum – Janet and Allan Ahlberg
  23. Animal Ark – Lucy Daniels
  24. Our Cat Flossie – Ruth Brown
  25. Flat Stanley – Jeff Brown
  26. Mog – Judith Kerr
  27. Six Cousins at Mistletoe Farm & Six Cousins Again – Enid Blyton
  28. Secret Seven – Enid Blyton
  29. Enid Blyton’s Mystery Stories (the ones with Diana, Barney, Snubby etc)
  30. Blackberry Farm by Jane Pilgrim

I love to collect books from my childhood. Andy thinks it’s a bit bonkers but I don’t care. I like to sneak them from home when nobody is looking too (shhh Rachel you didn’t hear that!) Ok well my mum knows I take them so that’s ok.

I intended to write a better list but I got caught up in the Amazon Black Friday week thingy – it’s do addictive and no I didn’t win the Wii last night, yes I sulked about it for a bit and NO I have never planned on buying a Wii ever, anyway, so I really had nothing to sulk about. But it is fun clicking madly trying to get stuff!

p.s at work today I tried to get through a door that is one of those assisted opening ones – I ploughed into it like you do a normal office door and just bounced right back off again, hahaha whoops.

p.p.s If you have any list ideas that you would like me to write, let me know :-)

p.p.p.s I reserve the right not to make lists about embarrassing stuff though. Because that is not the aim of list week!

List Week Day One: Things That Make Me Happy

Hello and welcome to Little Tin Bird List Week. Blogging without photographs goes against my grain a little bit but I’m sure it will be fine :-)

In the interests of positive thinking, today’s list is going to be about happy things. Here goes …

  1. new socks, especially if they are stripy, spotty, or have bees on them.
  2. “clean towels day” at the weekend and that first shower where your towel is lovely and new and dry and fresh
  3. ditto having fresh bedding … mmm
  4. notebooks – I have lots but don’t like to write in them and spoil them.
  5. yarn. New yarn, stash yarn, the potential of buying yarn online and waiting for it to be delivered … but going into a yarn shop and buying yarn justlikethat and coming out with a big smile on your face and a bulging paper bag full of yarn is the BEST.
  6. On that note, John Lewis makes me happy.
  7. blue sky
  8. fresh flowers (Andy brought me fresias home today!)
  9. sleeping
  10. watching birds
  11. peanut butter on fresh white bread
  12. satsumas … best fruit ever
  13. the seaside
  14. being on top of a windy hill (and having my hair tied back)
  15. tea. I don’t know how I existed before I started drinking tea.
  16. blogging. One of my very favourite things
  17. getting a bargain
  18. looking in a mirror an unexpectedly feeling a bit pretty without your glasses on
  19. ducks when they stand up and go “QUACK QUACK UAK UAK UAK!!!!!” really loudly
  20. ducks generally
  21. and geese as well, love geese.
  22. hoarding books from my childhood and sometimes stalking really out of print ones on ebay and that humungous YESSSS feeling you get when you actually get one. wohoo! “Tilly’s House” is now mine again!
  23. fairy lights
  24. silhouettes of trees
  25. my family
  26. my Fat Man Santa
  27. Terry Pratchett books. I can never settle on my favourite character. Sometimes I am SURE it is Tiffany Aching, but then … what about Sam Vimes? And the Granny Weatherwax? But surely Nanny Ogg is my favourite? No, Angua. Oh hang on though, Death is ace too. And Susan. And what about Sweeper?
  28. Andy going “OOOOH I got you another present today!” and giving me TWO new notebooks. How fab. I just showed him my list afterwards with number 4 as notebooks :-)
  29. Hot chocolate
  30. good friends
  31. rabbits
  32. guinea pigs
  33. my red chair
  34. ladybirds
  35. The smell Herbal Essences conditioner
  36. the way smells are so evocative of memories
  37. having tea at my grandma’s house
  38. Andy’s family
  39. things that glow in the dark
  40. getting a gossipy, newsy letter in the post
  41. buying shopping and making a nice dinner
  42. Flickr
  43. taking photos
  44. my purple gloves
  45. finding welly boots that fit
  46. Monday night crochet in the pub
  47. walking by the canal
  48. the church being lit up at night, and being able to see it from my kitchen window
  49. our new house (makes me happy for the most part, honest)
  50. babies
  51. reading a new book
  52. a drink of cold water
  53. ipop clicks magnets
  54. DCUK ducks
  55. things that have stars on them
  56. Emma Bridgewater Christmas mugs with reindeer on them
  57. Tomte elves with stripy red and white legs
  58. cats
  59. laughing
  60. baking a cake
  61. reading other people’s blogs
  62. wrapping Christmas presents
  63. having visitors
  64. knocking a really big bit of plaster off the wall in one go
  65. snuggling up under a blanket that I’ve made
  66. evening walks in the summer
  67. Dorset
  68. butterflies
  69. bees
  70. magpies
  71. crows
  72. jackdaws
  73. train rides through the countryside on a beautiful, clear autumn day when the leaves are just turning from green to slightly goldeny green, the sky is blue and there are puffy white clouds in the sky and the fields are just beginning to be harvested.
  74. Whittards
  75. Wagamama
  76. my wedding ring
  77. Andy’s raucous laughter
  78. The Hairy Bikers
  79. Thinking deeply
  80. When it starts to snow, but before it settles and becomes a problem.
  81. Dreaming
  82. New pens
  83. honey and lemon soap from the Fosse Way Honey Company
  84. the view from my bedroom window and the kitchen window
  85. speaking on the phone to my sister
  86. Sabrina the Teenage Witch
  87. Green Wing
  88. Spaced
  89. Friends
  90. Futurama
  91. Jonathan Creek
  92. keeping birthday cards forever
  93. looking at photographs from when I was a baby, and all my siblings growing up too.
  94. My grandma’s garden
  95. doing lovely things to surprise people
  96. the bedroom we stay in at my parents’ – it’s all cosy and nest like
  97. internet shopping
  98. warm hoodys
  99. hot waterbottles
  100. having a haircut.