21 thoughts on “I suppose it was inevitable.

  1. Oh no, you have it too? We’ve had it here since Wednesday afternoon. It’s really really bad today – so bad I can’t get over to my boyfriends house because he is snowed in. I hope I can make it to work on Monday!

  2. Jeannette..aka Bonzogirl... says:

    You’ll be in the kitchen then…doing anything that means the ovens on!! well its either that or invest in an electric blanket and have a duvet day…brrrrr…take care

  3. Us too! haha, I woke up this morning and was like: whaaaat is that white stuff on the window… oh no! Sounds like a good day to snuggle up in a pile of yarn ;)

  4. Rachel says:

    If it makes you feel better, I’m currently trying to type my ethics essay wearing earmuffs and mittens. Yes, mittens. As if the essay wasn’t challenge enough!

  5. I’m in ‘sunny’ Kent (well we did have a little ray of sunshine earlier!) and the temperature has not risen above 0 degrees all day. The sky looks full of snow but as yet is holding off. As much as I love ‘up north’ I’m REALLY glad I’m ‘down south’! Sending you warming thoughts and hoping the temperatures rise for you very soon. xxx

  6. Debdor says:

    I live in Gloucestershire, and we have only had a light sprinkling. However I work at school, and the kids are going to be miserable next week, desperate for a snow day, so I am rather hoping for snow – sorry….

  7. We have about 8″ of it here, just a bit further north than you. Hey, if you’re cold you’ll just have to whip up another gorgeous blanket! I’m off to look at your granny square instructions – how rock n roll is my Saturday night?! xx

  8. Sarah says:

    Yes we too had a covering of snow. Windy and cold!!! We are forecast more for Tuesday. Am jealous of Debdor living down in Gloucestershire as thats where I come from and would love to be there when there is snow!!!
    Am really restless at the moment /have too much to do/trying to shift everything back into the living room after repainting the walls.
    Love your photo/looks like a lovely view from your window.
    Keep warm.xxxx

  9. Hiya, Stopping by via Libby’s blog. Just wanted to say Hi from sunny Essex…yes its sunny here today and we are sitting here waiting for some snow…Keep running to the window every five minutes! Lol!
    Love your Blog…will add you to my Blog roll so I can easily pop back x

  10. we have some snow too. thankfully not enough to cause any railway problems. it might just cheer you up a little knowing that snow (e.g. on your roof) is a very good insulator! good luck! xxx

  11. Aaaaaah. Damn the snow. Hull has beaten you though I’m afraid. I got back from my sister’s and the pipes were freaking frozen! And the Stitchettes went to the knitting and stitching show in Harrogate and left at 3.30pm and still aren’t home. Yeah, it’s nearly 10pm…

  12. I know how you feel, I just come back from feeding the hens and their water is frozen solid. I have been crocheting with fingerless mittens on and despite the fire – I feel cold. And there is more snow forecast – poo…..

  13. Donna Radu says:

    I know what you mean about not liking certain yarns. Try crocheting (or knitting) 8-inch squares for Knit-a-Square, which will turn them into blankets for African AIDS orphans. That ought to give you a Christmas-y giving feeling, and you’ll be able to buy some bright new yarn!

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