List Week: Things I have Done Today

1. Despaired at the SNOW falling from the sky. Seriously, weather, we have no central heating and a suspicious roof that is causing suspicious soggy patches on our 110 year old walls. I don’t have any winter shoes and I don’t think work will appreciate me turning up in wellies. Are you KIDDING ME with the snow thing?

2. Drank tea. I buy a cup at lunch time from the cafe at work and I look forward to it ALL MORNING. 60p well spent. I stopped counting how much it would cost a month to keep me in lunch time teas, because it is TEA and I was paying a pound thirty for it in Leeds from Pret so I am quite happy with my 60p cuppa in the middle of the day.

3. Finished my book. I have been reading John Grisham’s “The Appeal” since last Thursday and today I got to the final two chapters and had to go back to work. Argh. That’s what I do at lunch you see, drink tea and read. I have read 3 books in three weeks. Anyway I rushed home and read the final chapters in a gobbly frenzy. I had always assumed that John Grisham books were gruesome murder type books but it turns out that I’m poorly educated and they are in fact legal fiction. Awesome. I have started reading all of Andy’s books that are lying around the house now, because that way I don’t have to pay for them. I have also started on the David Baldacci books, and the James Pattersons. Also, Andy has just started reading a new David Baldacci and I intend to pinch it from him when he’s done. He’s better than a library tbh.

4. Apologised to my sister about the stealing books from home thing. Ok I did that yesterday, but my days all roll in to one at the moment. I should point out here that I have not taken any books that were not truly mine (ie, Sheep and the Rowan Tree, Animal Ark) or ones that were left out for the charity shop and I only took those ones after, AFTER Rachel, Alice, Patch AND my mum had been through them. They’d been piled on the landing for months, now they are in my spare room. All’s fair in love and book pinching. (Would you rather I put them in the top of the wardrobe Rachel? You know, my wardrobe in my bedroom? The one you stole from me when I moved out and painted green and pink?) Just kidding. Love you really.

5. Phoned my brother to wish him HAPPY SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY!! He is so old now. He is twice the age that I was when he was born. Crazy. I was very disappointed that I’d gained a brother cos I had been hoping for another sister. Just kidding. Love you really Patch and I hope you liked your present :-)

6. Cooked dinner. In a fashion. Today I “made” pizzas from Marks and Spencer so that we could eat quickly before we …

7. Went to the cinema to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1! and it was GREAT. I loved it. I’ve never really loved a HP film before, they’ve always been a bit mediocre, not a patch on the books, and mostly just a handful of important scenes from the book strung together with no exposition or explanation etc. This one had a PLOT that MADE SENSE! hurrah! I was scared in parts (cos I knew what was coming, Bathilda, ew) and sad as well. You’ll see. By the way, Bill Weasley = great casting. But Rufus Scrimgeour will forever look like Richard Branson in my head, and not like Bill Nighy, who will always look like Billy Mack.

8. Felt guilty for not blogging yesterday.

9. Picked up dry cleaning. This might seem mundane, but this is the first time I have ever had anything drycleaned. Well it was Andy’s coat but he wasn’t about when the drycleaners was open, so I had to do it. Get me, being all grown up. It made me think about why I’d never done it before. I realised that this is because I barely have clothes that require ironing, let alone dry cleaning. If you can’t wash it and tumble dry it, I don’t want to know. Actually, I don’t own an iron. Or an ironing board. Life is too short to iron. If you can’t wash it, tumble dry it, flick it out and hang it straight, I don’t wanna know.

10. Washed up. My sink is next to the oven. I needed to heat the oven for the pizzas. I only washed up to keep warm!

11. Looked at the thermometer. With the fire on it’s lowest setting (the one we usually use, we only crank it up when we get REALLY cold), the room temperature was 13 degrees C.

12. Put on a hoody. See number 11.

13. I have NOT bought anything on Amazon. Go me.

14. Planned another blanket in my head. One that probably will not be created until I work through my backstash and use up all the yarn that is in the spare room. Help. I don’t like some of it. I want new yarn. Help. I think I have a yarn buying addiction. Hey the loft needs insulating! Reckon I can stick the stuff I don’t like up there?

15. Felt tired. I feel tired now. I need to go to bed, it’s an hour after I usually like to be in bed but I am staying up to write you a lovely list. Because I’m good like that.

16. Read some other blogs. Although not as many as usual becauseĀ  I think there is some event going on in America. OH YEAH THANKSGIVING!

17. I did know that really. I have been thinking about what I am thankful for today. I was thankful first off that it wasn’t raining this morning, because I don’t have winter shoes and I hate sitting with wet feet all day. Incidentally I saw a schoolboy (about 9 yrs?) walking to school this morning in SCHOOL SHORTS. It was bitingly cold and his mum had sent him out in shorts, poor thing.

Seriously, I am thankful for so many things. Particularly for Andy, and my family and friends. My house, electricity, the gas fire, internet. For so many things that we take for granted. Clean water (unlike the residents of Bowmore in the book I just read). The NHS.

18. Decided that I NEED to get a hair cut, and on the next free Saturday that I have, I am going to go and find a haircut.

19. Appreciated the pretty Christmas lights in town that went on today. Ahhhh! Beautiful.

20. Had a hot chocolate. That I have just finished, and now I am going to go to bed. I like sleep. mmm, sleep.