Autumn Colours

The weather was so beautiful on Sunday that after I’d been out to do my food shopping I just HAD to go back out with my camera. I was only out for twenty minutes but boy was it worth it. The weather has since turned frosty, rainy and windy and subsequently spoiled almost everything I took photos of on Sunday.

Can you believe that the sky was really that bluey blue? Just gorgeous :-)

A Finished Object? Surely not!

I can’t remember the last time I finished something! Possibly it was the last baby blanket I made, or the one for my sister’s birthday. Both of which were a loooooong time ago. I’ve moved house since then, heh.

So today I present to you … the (slightly) round cushion! ta-daaa!!!

I used Lucy @ Attic24’s Flat Circle pattern but amended to 9 initial stitches rather than the suggested 11 because I couldn’t get my tension right with it. It’s ended up a bit nonagonal (is that a word? Like a hexagon but with nine sides?) rather than circular as a result of this but I don’t really mind. It’s a nice comfy cushion and it fits in well with my chair.

What I do mind is that when I joined it together last night, I had about ten spare stitches on one side and I’ve no idea why. I made both sides exactly the same, and so they should have an equal number of stitches, shouldn’t they? I despair. I bodged it a bit and it’s joined, although has a bit of an ugly bunched look about it in once place. I have no idea how to make it better so I’m just leaving it – it’s a cushion, not the end of the world. These things happen. Doesn’t mean I’m happy about it though ;-)

The yarn was Rowan Pure Wool dk, which is my absolute favourite thing to work with. Shame they’ve discontinued loads of it really.

Colours for this cushion were:

Kiss, Gilt, Pier, Marine, Dahlia, Tangerine (discontinued), Avocado, Lavender (discontinued), Ultra-marine, Cypress and Raspberry. I used Navy to join it up because I like the contrast of it against the Cypress.

I can’t believe I’ve finished something. I hope to keep this up and work through some of my (sizeable/ridiculous) stash. It’s beginning to get raised eyebrows from Andy. Whoops.