That Sunday Feeling

That Sunday feeling … you know the one. The end of the weekend, Monday-looming kind of feeling. I have the day off from work tomorrow and I’m still feeling Sunday-like! I’m sure this is directly related to the fact that the clocks went back an hour today. This time of year aaaaaallways gets to me, I hate it getting dark at 4pm, having to “buggle in” and shut the curtains, put the lights on before I’ve even cooked dinner. Hate that this dark time of the year seems to last soooo much longer than the summer part of the year.

I wish I was back in that photograph, being on the pebbly beach in our crocs. It’s mad that this photo was taken over two years ago. Two years! I’ve graduated, got married, changed jobs, bought a house since then. And had at least two hair cuts. (I’m terrible for leaving my hair to run wild. March. March was the last haircut I had. Hah.)

I’ve mostly got the dust off of everything now, hurrah! You would not believe the places the dust gets to. It was even in the fruit bowl; I had to wash up my oranges. We had a trip to B&Q as well today for more house-type glue (expanding foam, polyfilla) but I managed to score three packs of fairy lights while Andy was eyeing up SDS drills, excellent :-D Talked him into putting them around the mantle piece in the living room and around the headboard of the bed as well, even better. I’ve been waiting AGES for fairy lights to come back into the shops!

Fairy lights got me feeling a bit festive, so I had a bash at some festive granny squares. By which, I mean granny squares that are made out of red, green, and white yarn (Stylecraft in Claret, Meadow and Cream). I’m still debating the edging – leaning towards having green for the first three rounds, the two rounds of white, and then having red for the 4th and 5th rounds. I love blankets with a red bias <3

I also spent a fair bit of time browsing for photos of granny square blankets for inspiration, and came across these two fun sites:

Granny Squares in the Wild and Where the Woolly Things Are the names of which amuse me greatly :-)

Oh yes and my Bloglines reader closes tonight! I’ve put everything into Google Reader instead now, grumble grumble. I’ve added a follow box on the side of here too, or at least, I think I added a follow box, it’s saying “Join In” rather than follow. Ah I don’t know! I think I’ll stick to making festive granny squares, that much I can do :-)


8 thoughts on “That Sunday Feeling

  1. Sarah says:

    When I saw your photo I thought surely not the beach in crocs at this time of year!!! Then I read on.
    I bought fairy lights last week at B&Q. I have some in the shape of coloured stars(from a couple of years ago)and meant to put them in the kitchen today but ran out of time. A little activity to look forward to. They do make the place seem cosy. Not looking forward to travelling home in the dark on Monday.
    Glad to hear you are getting rid of the dust, I was busy cleaning newly laid floor tiles(down on my hands and knees) I imagined myself
    back in Victorian times ,hard work!!! The man who had the job laying them said he was glad that he did not do tiling as a full time job.
    Look forward to seeing your festive granny squares. Made a sticky pear ginger cake today and it was yummy!!!!
    have a cosy week in your house. xxx

  2. i’m de-lurking to ask a question. :) you turned back your clocks this weekend? i’ve always assumed everyone, everywhere turned their clocks back on the same day. we don’t turn ours back until next weekend. i like the long nights but i never get used to feeling like i should go to bed at 7pm cause it’s been dark since 5. :) glad to hear the dust is clearing up. hope you have a lovely day off

  3. aww, I hate the Sunday feeling. I’m having it right now in fact, remembering all of the horrible work I left behind on Friday, still waiting for me at my desk haha.

    ps: I’ve switched to Bloglovin’ instead of Google reader. It has some cool features :)

    xo leanna

  4. Hi Heather, I agree so much about the dark times and missing the light of summer. My daughter is actually moving from Oregon to Ohio because of our long months of rain and clouds. But I just turn on more lights and I keep my cheery attitude. Hugs, from Oregon

  5. I hate that Sunday feeling. I hate it even more when you are hungover and coming down with a cold. I hated yesterday, hated it with a passion. Not feeling too happy about Monday right now either.

    But hurray for crocheting Christmas blankets. Although not hurray for the LACK OF PHOTOS OF SAID SQUARES.

  6. i know that sunday feeling all too well! although i had yesterday off too, and so it completely went away. guess going away might have helped though
    as for the change of time, i hate it! well i hate it getting darker earlier in the evenings, obviously quite enjoying the lighter mornings… grumble grumble grumble!!!

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