Starting the Day

Today, I am unbelievably glad that it is the weekend.

Tea and hot buttery toast for breakfast, and now to begin the mammoth task of cleaning masonry dust off of and out of everything in the kitchen. And trust me when I say everything. I’ve yet to find something that is not covered in dust. We had extractor fans installed yesterday which involves core drilling through the exterior walls. So much mess.

So, if you are having a fun weekend, spare a thought for me as I will probably be covered in dust! hehe.

Have a good weekend all of you xxx

10 thoughts on “Starting the Day

  1. Debdor says:

    Love the stripey mug! So progress is happening, even if it is dust covered. I am spending the weekend ‘polkadotting’ my bathroom, I painted it off white, and am now stencilling little purple dots all over.

  2. jo says:

    helping my daughter move to her first apartment of her own. covered in dust! i can relate! love your breakfast setting. finally have my feet up now and enjoying some quiet time with the cat. have a lovely weekend, xo, jo

  3. Ah, the joy of home improvements. Hope it’s not a bad a job as you fear.
    Love the chicken plate – I remember seeing lots of chicken kitchen wear at Alnwick Castle. Unfortunately I couldn’t buy any as had no room in our luggage :-(. That was so the hardest part of our trip – saw so many goodies but couldn’t buy most of them :-(.


  4. Oh my, I am glad it is you and not me, but it is one step closer to how you want your beautiful home. That toast looks so nice, think I had better go cook myself some dinner.
    Hugs Sandi xx,

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