Autumn Colours

The weather was so beautiful on Sunday that after I’d been out to do my food shopping I just HAD to go back out with my camera. I was only out for twenty minutes but boy was it worth it. The weather has since turned frosty, rainy and windy and subsequently spoiled almost everything I took photos of on Sunday.

Can you believe that the sky was really that bluey blue? Just gorgeous :-)

9 thoughts on “Autumn Colours

  1. Simply beautiful, here it is Spring and I have nasturtiums just starting to flower. That sky is such a beautiful blue, we still have cold and rainy days here, such a weird spring this year.
    Hugs Sandi xx

  2. Autumn colours are so vibrant on the blue sky sunny days! I can never resisit going out with the camera! Lucky me got that weather on Sunday and Monday!

    I love all your leafy tree photos!

  3. Sarah says:

    Yes the weather was wonderful on Sunday and Monday but today was so gloomy with rain and wind! I think I prefer sun frost and clear blue
    skies!!!! Love the colours in your photos and how some of the leaves look almost transparent.

  4. Thank you for those wonderful photos, the sky was indeed crazy blue!! Various things meant I didn’t quite make the most of it, so thanks for the lovely reminder!! And yes, it’s rainy and rubbish down here too now :-(

  5. Jillian says:

    Gorgeous! I was taking pictures of the sky through the leaves on Sunday too! Soo lovely :) Have been keeping up to date with your blog but no time for comments… (aaarggh life too busy!) Just wanted to say how happy I am that you are settling in, your chair looks fab. We renovated this place too (it was so bad we had to live in a caravan!), so I share your pain, but it will be sooo worth it, your photos show your pleasure and give a lovely clue as to the end result :0) Keep at it and keep smiling xx

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