Where to Start?

“Where to start?” is a phrase that is often heard in our house of late.

“Where to start … with the work on the house?”

“Where to start … with all the washing up?” (this is a problem caused by “every day” washing up along with trying to wash all the crockery and glassware that we keep unpacking and have nowhere to put)

“Where to start … looking through our messy messy dining room for the bin bags?”

and today I am wondering “where to start” with this blog entry. I hope you are in a picture-y mood this evening!

First off is the squash fiasco. Well not so much of a fiasco as a slight disappointment. I bought all these squashes because they looked SO GOOD, good enough to eat in fact. However, it turns out that I Do Not Like Squash. And I thought I liked all vegetables except for mushrooms and aubergine. Andy enjoyed my squash risotto, I did not. AND I still have three of the things left! I think I shall just leave them in the kitchen in the bowl, looking pretty. Added bonus because it means I don’t have to try and find a cupboardy home for the bowl. Excellent.

This is my third bunch of Dahlias (the red ones) and the leftovers of the second bunch (the pink ones). I still can’t get over how much I L-O-V-E having fresh flowers in my house, and relishing how homely they make it feel. Alive, you know?

As for where to start with the house-work (not to be confused with housework), Andy stripped the wallpaper off of the living room walls. Layers of the stuff, dating back to the age where wallpaper was made from vinyl. Who knew plaster could be green eh?

Andy has also drained the (broken) central heating system, and removed the radiator from the living room wall. He is very proud of this. Just so’s you know. Who knew that central heating water would be so black? And would stain a carpet so impressively? (that’s the black stuff that looks like boot polish. Don’t worry, the carpet will most definitely be replaced when the work is all done!)

On Sunday I enjoyed the mild weather, and the beautiful delicate blue of the sky. It’s definitely an Autumn sky though, isn’t it? The trees are beginning to turn as well. A few more weeks and they will be leafless.

I’m making the most of every blue-sky moment, capturing it and squirrelling it away for when the weather is grey and miserable.

Oh and look what I found in Morrisons! For a fiver as well. It’s written by the person who has the Laughing Hens website and is a really nice book. I am tempted to email her and ask her what the yarn on the cover is as I would like me some of that!

Just LOOK at this page …

Oh wow.

Looks lovely with my new project:

I am making a Flat Circle a la Lucy in order to make a stripy round cushion. As you can see, it is not very flat. I should tell you that I’ve since frogged the whole thing *weep* at Knit Night which was a little traumatic. HOWEVER I have reassembled it using 9 initial stitches rather than 11, and the whole thing is working out much better for me – I think my tension is … well a bit rubbish and more suited to the 9 rather than the 11.

It’s lush though isn’t it?

Go on, make it full size. You know you want to!

Just MmmmmMMmMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! This is the first time in a long time that I’ve felt EXCITED and hAPPY and Oooohhh about my crochet. House-stress just flattened my enthusiasm for anything for a long time. But, hurrah for excited about crochet again! I am BURSTING with ideas of things to make at the moment. Absolutely full to the brim. Now I just need some time in between all the washing up and going-to-work fun to be able to make some of the things I’m thinking about during the washing up and going-to-work fun.

First on my list is little bunting made in those exact stripes of the flat circle. Reckon it would work? Bit fiddly and a lot of ends but I’m tempted to try anyway.


23 thoughts on “Where to Start?

  1. The yarn on the cover of the book looks an awful lot like Brown Sheep Company. Go to their site and look at Lamb’s Pride worsted and bulky yarns. Absolutely gorgeous colors.

  2. I’m not so keen on squash either although the butternut is okay in soup if you blitz it up. It kind of goes creamy. Lots of onions and stock though. Love the crochet – what yarn are you using? I have just ordered the Rico pack – finally to do a bag. x

  3. Sarah says:

    I bought some squashes last weekend just to decorate the window sill with the last of my flowers from my garden. You are making progress
    in your new home and sounding very positive. Like the colours of your yarn. Look forward to finished cushion. The bunting sounds like fun!
    Am making blanket for my great neice (as she took a fancy to the one made for her little brother) as a surprise for her birthday next month.
    Using all the bright colours from the stylecraft yarns.
    Well I have stayed up far too late this evening,good job it is a day off tomorrow.
    Have a good weekend. xx

  4. What a lovely post, all colors and happy things, yes even the mess is a happy thing because it means things are happening there. From the glimpses you have shown, your house is very sweet and is becoming a ‘home’ very quickly. I love the colors that are together in your circle, it pops!!! I have been slowly teaching myself crochet and am finally getting my head around how to read a pattern, it is just trial and error, practice and yes the dreaded tension. I like squash (pumpkin in Australia) it makes a great soup with garlic and onions and a small amount of potato. My dad hates pumpkin but will eat the soup, ‘cos it doesn’t taste like pumpkin’.

    Have a wonderful day, hugs Sandi xx

  5. I’m not a great pumpkin fan either, but one way I do like it is roasted. Cut it into big chunks or slices, peel it, roll it in a bit of oil and bung it in the oven till it goes squidgy. Sprinkle with far too much salt and eat with your fingers out of the pan. Yum!

  6. You could try the squash roasted in a hot oven. It makes all the difference, I promise (it’s the only way I can eat it). You need to let it get all brown and caramelised though. When I try to crochet flat circles they always seem more geometric – must be something to do with where I put the increases. Lovely colours you’re working with there!

  7. Lynne says:

    I bought a load of different squashes precisely because they looked so good together – a bit disappointing to find they all taste the same! I agree – if you don\’t care toomuch for the taste try roasting them with lots of sea-salt til they are scrummy. Or make soup – but roast first then use garlic and stock – yummy, I promise.I\’m with you all on the flat circle front – it gets better each time but no idea why mine can\’t get flat first pop. Love your flowers – good luck and do enjoy your new home.

  8. Your cushion matches your sun catcher perfectly. It’s beautiful and I hope you enjoy finishing it off after the terrible frogging incident! Have a great weekend. x

  9. penelope dubois says:

    Love to see the progress of your house! All the pretty touches.The cushion colours are fab. And a bunting just will really set it off.

  10. Adele Bartlett says:

    Roast – gas 5 – the squash (900g ish ) in thin (2cm) wedges with thyme and a drizzle of oil, s and p. for 15 mins. Add 3 peeled garlic cloves and roast for another 30 mins. Cool till can handle. Meanwhile chop a large onion and fry slowly till soft. Cool. Scoop flesh away from skin of pumpkin and put in blender, add garlic, onion, 2 tbsp tomato puree, pinch of cayenne, 850 ml stock. Blend. reheat gently. You can add a drained tin of butterbeans should you wish – we do not. Anthony W-T recipe. Lovely throughout Autumn and Winter. Have made Squash Risotto too – yuk, tasted of nothing. Have to say I too prefer to use butternut squash – save the others for decoration at halloween? Enjoy your posts. Thanks.

  11. Lovely post – the squash looks lovely in its original form – not as something edible!!!
    Love the look of that book – and the pictures of your house – I have been there many times – it definately pays to have a good imagination! Be happy xxx

  12. When I read your blog at work I have problems seeing your photos for some reason, it won\’t download them and I get those annoying little crosses. This means that I mean to read your posts when I get home except I forget and then never comment. It\’s not because I\’m awful.

    I do think it\’s funny though that I e-mailed you about crochet cushion construction, without realising you\’d written this post!

    Hope it\’s a flatter circle now.

    And glad to hear you\’re feeling the crochet vibe back again!

  13. Julie says:

    What a lovely post, I love your blog Heather and can\’t wait to see more of your house as time passes. I need to get back into my crocheting groove as well. Work, family and study have been taking up my time lately but this wee post was bery inspiring xxxx

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