Thank you all for your kind comments about Whiskey-bun. It’s always really sad to lose a pet, it never gets easier no matter how many pets come and go. We’ve had pet rabbits and guinea pigs since I was ten years old and it’s terribly sad every time.

This week seems to have flown by, I can’t quite believe that it’s Friday. Time is going so quickly at the moment, I can’t keep up! It’s our first wedding anniversary this weekend so we are off out to (hopefully) have a splendid day tomorrow. I can’t wait :-)

Back in March I started the ripple in the photo above, but then cast it aside for other projects like Rico baby blankets, knitting, birthday blankets and cushion making. It was too hot to work on a woolly blanket. But then the other day I found it in the living room in the starry bucket (because that is the natural place to store a WIP blanket of course) and just started it again. Previously I wasn’t sold on the colours, I’d chosen them in a hurry when asked what I wanted for a Christmas present. The navy blue was Not Right and I wished I’d chosen something else. But now, when laid out flat, it looks a bit like an optical illusion because the stripes contrast so strongly with each other. I really rather like it. I think that some of the colours are discontinued now, so I’ll only be making it as wide as I have enough yarn for now. It won’t be a big blanket but it looks pretty damn good as an end of bed runner. It also makes a good shawl for when I get chilly in the evenings :-)

I’m trying to do one stripe every day after work. I’ve done two stripes in three days … not bad :-)

Have a lovely weekend everyone :-)

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