Oh my

Yesterday was baby day. In the morning me and Andy went to visit Katherine and her beeeeautiful baby daughter Phoebe, who is overwhelmingly lovely (and a champion wriggler!) Here is Phoebe on her super blanket that Katherine actually finished just as she was going into labour (that’s good timing in my book)

Isn’t she beautiful? and isn’t that a wonderful blanket?

Then on the way home, Andy dropped me off at my friend Lisa’s house to see her new baby, Katrin (who is 5 days younger than Phoebe). That’s me holding Katrin in the top photo. She is not so much of a wriggler as Phoebe!

Rachel came as well (we both know Lisa from work) and had some lovely cuddles with Katrin, who is kindly modeling the blanket I made for her way back when we didn’t know what she would be. I think the colours look just fine for a girl though :-)

Aaaaaand now my “I need to have a baby” levels are through the roof so we are off to Ikea to take my mind off it. AND, Andy is going to buy me some more Lingo bags to keep my yarn in, which means I get to sort out my stash later.

I think that he thinks the only way to distract me from babies is to surround me with yarn. We’ll see how that works out …

I must blog these photos

I still have sooooooo many photos left from my holiday that I haven’t blogged yet! I keep looking at them and wondering just how on earth I’m going to post them all and not bore you silly. I desperately want to record the rest of my holiday on here because I love looking back through my blog and my photos and seeing it all chronologically, like a diary. If I don’t blog these now, I never will and I know I’ll regret it. So my apologies for another photo heavy, Dorset post! Here goes :-)

Behind the hedge in Andy’s mum’s garden is a small meadow and for the first few days we were there is was home to thirty five hungry munch cow-calves. They were too big to be little calves but too small to be big calves. They were just lovely. I could have watched them for hours! They just ate All Day Long and were indiscriminate about what they ate – grasses, thistles, nettles and even a tree. Most exciting when they came near to our hedge and several times a day Andy would call me because “the cows are here! the cows are here!” and I would take photos of them and we would try to feed them long long grasses, really stretching our arms out and OH! the delight when they ate the grass we were offering!

We went on evening walks around the village (really a collection of hamlets). Isn’t this just the *perfect* place for an evening walk? The light was so beautifully golden and it was just so silent. I love being in the countryside.

This photo is my desktop image, it’s so beautiful when viewed at full size. I keep staring at it and longing for more walks there.

Our walks took us through wheat fields! Who knew that wheat fields were so exciting? Miles and miles of wheat, as far as you can see.

I love this photo ♥

Then there were the roses! Oh the roses. The ones in my MIL’s garden smelt soooooo good, the table and chairs were right next to them and it was all I could smell when I sat there crocheting. Just lovely.

These ones are from my mum’s garden, in the very early morning light.

We also went to Arne RSPB nature reserve near Poole, which was chocablock full of foxgloves and wood ants. Great views though, but it was really hot and all the dust stuck to our legs. Not pleasant, but a good day anyway.

(Never put your finger in a foxglove because there might be a bee in there! Also they are poisonous.)

And I don’t know if this next photo will creep you out or not, but I think it’s an ace photo and I’m really pleased with it. Wood ants like to farm aphids because the aphids secrete a sugary substance that the ants like to eat. They sort of groom them and lick it off. And I photographed them doing it! Click the photo to make it BIG (dare ya)

Wood ants are really big by the way. This is not the full sized photo. In the full sized photo, the ants appear about the size of my hand. Email me if you would like to see it :p

All too soon it was time to leave Dorset, but we went the scenic route and stopped off at Andy’s dad’s on the way home. We chilled out in the garden under pretty clouds:

and I took photos of big dasies. Lovely :-)

Looking up through dasies really does it for me, so pretty!

That is the last of the Dorset photos, I promise – so glad I have blogged them now though!

Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx