Dear Bloggy Friends,

Thank you SO MUCH for your lovely and encouraging comments on my last entry (especially those ones encouraging me to buy more yarn, hehe). Seriously though, thank you for encouraging me to offer my blankets for sale. I have actually sold the Sweet Pea ripple now, and this makes me so over the moon that I cannot describe. I mean, blimey. Very Big Smiles from me here :-)

I realised that I hadn’t taken any photos of the other two ripples. I tried tonight but the light is still rubbish and grey here at the moment.

Both of these ripples are for sale, £45.00 each. Please email me at heather AT if you are interested (I take paypal!). The Circus Ripple is 77 x 61 cm and the Seaside Ripple (I think it looks a little seasidey!) is a bit bigger at 83 x 61 cm. Both are made from Rico Baby Classic dk, which is 50% acrylic and 50% polymide but is the softest yarn ever and I LOVE working with it. It really is SO soft. Plus is washable at 30 degrees C!

So without further ado, here are a few more snaps of the ripples taken in quite bad light. Unfortunately the colours in the Circus Ripple aren’t showing so well here, they are most accurate in the top photo above ^^^.

I was also pondering earlier on doing commisions – so for example if you wanted a Sweet Pea Ripple, you could email me and I could make you one especially. What do you think?

Oof, by the way, I am SO glad that it is Friday tomorrow. I think that this week has actually gone past pretty speedily but I have so many things that I want to do this weekend that 4:30pm tomorrow can’t come quickly enough! hehe.

Lots of love (and more thanks!) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

edit: the circus ripple looks like it has wonky edges. It doesn’t, I just didn’t notice until posting the photo just now. Eek! It really is straight and neat though, I just should have taken a better photo… whoops.

12 thoughts on “THANK YOU

  1. Congrats on selling one already! I’m half way though Lucy’s granny stripe blanket but your lovely ripples make me want to do them again – maybe cushions this time! :o)

  2. Ren says:

    Your ripples are FAB! (I went out at lunch yesterday to get wool for my own ripple I want to make in the lovely seaside colours even though there are no babies around at the moment). Don’t worry about your stash – you should see mine!!! If you are passionate about wool go for it! I have to stop looking at websites such as yours and Attic 24 plus I keep buying wool from Sarah London !!!! I don’t know when I’ll have the time to make all of these things???!!!

    Your work is beautiful – I am sure you will get lots of work commissioned!!!! Best wishes.

  3. Excellent news that you’ve already sold one. WINNER! How brilliant is it that you’re doing something you love and MAKING MONEY FROM IT!

    Good luck with the other two – bloody love that circus ripple.

  4. huge congrats on your blankie sale, lovely news indeed.
    Can I just say that my favourite word in your entire post is without question “Oof”. gawd, I just LOVE that you start a sentence with an oof, made me laugh out loud :o)
    Have a fabby weekend Heather…any sign of That Letter yet??

  5. How wonderful that you have sold a blanket!!! Now you will just have to invest that money in more wool for your stash!! I love the circus ripple but I can’t afford the postage on top of the price of the blanket……will just have to have a go at my own some time soon :-)

  6. melissa says:

    I get all giddy and happy happy when i make money from my crochet!! matter of fact, I made $40 just this week. a lady here in the office’s mother passed away about a year ago. her mom was a crafter extraodinare. so she brings me the 1/2 finished afghan that her mom had started but didn’t finish before she passed on. so i finished it for her. $40!! came in So Handy! (needed to buy marching shoes for my honors band teen-ager). Love your blog!

  7. Sarah says:

    PS Have finished my first ever blanket!!! However the sides were a LITTLE bit uneven. So after racking my brain I decided to add a shell
    border edging which has given the sides a wavy effect and disguised the wonky bits! I ‘ll send you a photo so you can cast a critical eye over it. xx

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