How much is too much?

Weeeeell we sorted out all my yarn yesterday and instead of distracting me from babies all it really did was reveal to Andy just how much yarn I have. In my defence, it is the Stylecraft that makes it look so bad. And that is designated for the Granny Stripe, which I am deliberately not starting yet because I’ve got other bits and bobs I need to be making. oh and 4 balls of it are leftover from that blanket that I made my sister recently, they aren’t for the granny stripe.

What’s that? It’s not just the Stylecraft making it look bad? hmm. Well the 5 balls of Rowan Cashsoft chunky are left over from making my Grandma her blanket at Christmas. And the Patons cotton is to finish off the Vintage Stripe blanket (I learned an important lesson with this blanket. don’t use cotton with a 3mm hook and try to make a blanket. Also, follow the pattern and don’t add in mysterious increases.)

What else do we have then? Well the Kool Kotton is for some baby blankets that I’m making, so that’s clearly ok. Ditto the Rico Baby Classic, as I’m working on that right now. The Rowan/Sienna 4ply cotton in the middle there was a mistake, I’ll admit that, but it was a fairly cheap mistake really. I’m sure I’ll find a project for it one day. Perhaps.

Oh YES, and the Rowan Pure Wool? I am making new cushions with that, and I had to buy all the Lavender and Tangerine I could find because it’s discontinued and I need my cushions to match my 400 squares blanket. They’d look odd missing two colours like that.

The Jarol Heritage was an impulse buy back in April when visiting Katherine because the teal shade was AWESOME, and then another little teeny tiny impulse buy the other day. The teal was lonely, I bought it some friends.

The American yarn is from my swap, and the cotton ease is awaiting the perfect project. Plus I really like to stroke it.

Debbie Bliss Cathay? Yeah that was a mistake and shows that you shouldn’t be tempted by sale signs. I think it will end up as a scarf for my grandma.

So really, it’s not that bad at all!

Oh yes, I also have a big box full of quite sizeable oddments of mostly acrylic (as well as some almost full balls) that I was going to make into SIBOL squares. I still haven’t got round to this and quite honestly, I don’t think that I’m going to have time to do this in the forseeable future. Therefore, would anyone who is already making SIBOL squares like any of this yarn? To make the SIBOL squares with I mean. I’m happy to post for free in the UK, just leave me a comment and then I’ll email you for your posting address etc.

So have you been wondering what I’ve been making lately?

Well I finished the Sweet Pea Ripple, save for tying in a couple of ends. This is a total of three baby ripples completed now, the Sweet Pea Ripple, the Circus Ripple and one same as the ripple that I made for baby Katrin (I can’t think of a name for it!)

aaaaand I’m extremely nervous about saying this, but I’ve actually made them to sell. I have started to make a Folksy shop (I’m sure you’ve noticed that I keep talking about it but never doing it) but honestly, I haven’t put them in there because I am not graphically talented enough to make a banner image for it, or a cute logo, or make it all pretty.

Is it incredibly cheeky to offer them on here first? If it is not cheeky, then I will offer them on here, and try to take some half decent photos of them (the light is terrible here at the moment, really overcast and yucky). If it is mega cheeky then PLEAse tell me and I will re-attempt the Folksy thing.

aaaand now I’m going to go and hide!

ETA perhaps some prices would be good here?

It’s hard to think of how to price these, as obviously if I was working it out based on how long it took to make them then nobody would ever be able to afford to buy them. The price that I’ve been mulling over in my head as I make them though is £45 a blanket, including UK postage. I’m happy to ship to the rest of the world, but I’d have to add £7 on for International posting.

The Sweet Pea Ripple is 70 x 61 cm (sale pending! OMG)

The Circus Ripple is 77 x 61 cm

The blueygreenyyellowy ripple is 83 x 61 cm

28 thoughts on “How much is too much?

  1. First off, to me, all that yarn just looks like Heaven to me! I don’t think it’s a lot. :)

    Second, I love that new ripple blanket. The colors are so pretty!

  2. Sarah says:

    all that yarn looks FAB. ohhh the colours are fablicious. if you are selling them then i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to purchase the sweet pea ripple blanket. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Sweetpea is a perfect name for that ripple! The bottom one is lovely too and makes me think of primroses (even though I know you don\’t get blue ones!). I think they would definitely sell.

  4. Jo says:

    I don’t feel quite so guilty about my yarn stash now =)

    No, it is not at all cheeky to offer for sale on here, if you remember Lucy did the same thing last year with some gorgeous pictures she had made.I am sure people will not mind at all and it will save you the hassle of organising the shop and updating etc etc. You go for it x

    PS the sweet pea is Gorgeous

  5. I feel you should have started this post with the sentence, “Hi my name is Heather and I am a yarn-a-holic.”

    Excellent justifications for all the balls of wool here, I’m very impressed. Everyone knows if you justify it it makes it all ok.

    I’m crazy impressed that you’re opening a Folksy shop-type place and if I wasn’t so bloody determined to LEARN HOW TO RIPPLE I would be making you an offer.

    You know what you need to do? Stop feeling embarassed about trying to sell them on the blog, hold your head up high, name a price and see what happens. You are supremely talented and should not be feeling shy about selling your wares. If anything you’re going to need the money to sort out your yarn habit :)

  6. Jillian says:

    Ok I actually gasped when I saw that picture at the top! It’s only envy though! Your blankets are beyond gorgeous and worth every penny I’d say. I esp love the sweet pea one…beautiful colours and such a lovely evocative name. As for selling them on here…go for it!

  7. Jillian says:

    Oh and by the way, your bottom ripple makes me think of Pacers … yeah I know you’re too young to remember them! (a sweetie from the 70’s…eek an admission of age)

  8. Sarah says:

    Your sweet pea blanket is beautiful and so are the other two. As to the cotton one (the one done on the 3mm hook) why don’t you
    just add a pretty border to it, drape it artistically over the back of a chair or wrap it round your shoulders on a chilly evening.
    Am hoping to finish my blanket project this week. I really want to do a ripple one next. Question; How do you manage to do the foundation row for the ripple? Should I do it using a larger hook?
    I bet you sell your blankets in no time!! Good Luck xx

  9. Siobhan says:

    I think your blankets are really beautiful – really nicely crocheted as well as being lovely colours. Don\’t feel embarrassed about selling them – it\’s great that you have got skills to sell. The only thing I would say is to make sure you are happy with your prices – you have probably researched already; £45 seems like a good price for a baby blanket to me. I recently looked on etsy and I was shocked how little some people charge; like you say you are not able to charge for the hours and hours of work put in (at minimum wage what would that be?!!) But people like to feel they have something special and will happily pay for it. Low prices can under value something and put people off – that can be just as much a problem as asking too much! One of your blankets would be a beautiful gift – unique and hand-crafted (how much nicer than one from Mothercare!) Good luck with Folksy, I think the blankies will fly off to happy new owners very quickly.

  10. I don’t think it’s too big a stash! You’ve got most of it ear marked right? Stick the bits you dont think you’ll use on ebay or trade on ravelry, open your shop then buy more!!! (PS, *heart* the sweet pea colour combo) x x

  11. I’m pointing a big finger at you and shouting Yarn Addict!!!!!! – can you hear me?

    Who the hell cares though, if it makes you happy, then it’s no bad thing. It makes me happy too, though my stash is nowhere near the size of yours.

    I absolutely love the colours in your Sweat Pea Ripple Blanket. If I’d got a spare £45 I’d be ordering one straight away. It’s really beautiful and I’d be extremely happy to own one.

    Your a very talented lady. Dont’ feel embarassed trying to sell the fabulous goodies that you make. Get photos taken, prices listed and get selling.

    Jill x

  12. melissa says:

    yummy!!! you can never have to much yarn. I sorted through mine about 6 mos ago, it completely covered my king size bed PLUS the floor around it. so much yarn….so little time.

  13. Pookie says:

    WOW!!! I am SOOOOOO jealous of your yarn stash! Am loving your blankies (the sweet pea one is particularly beautiful) and the bottom one reminds me a bit of the seaside….mmmmm!
    Good luck with your sales :)

  14. Sharon says:

    Hello Heather, your blankets are simply gorgeous. The blue-green-yellow colours remind me of the seaside! And I love the colours you have used in your SweetPea blanket! Good luck with you little folksy shop!!

  15. You’re kidding about the Debbie Bliss Cathay – I LOVE it. The fact that it is discontinued is the saddest thing ever.

    I’ll cheerfully swap something if you’re interested. Not that I’m trying to do your grandma out of a scarf or anything…

  16. Suzan says:

    I love your stash. It seems under control to me. You would be horrified if you saw the stashes here. Love the sweet pea blanket.

  17. Janice Perkin says:

    why oh why did you let Andy see them altogether?!!!!!!!! – your blankets are gorgeous and you are so quick

  18. Gorgeous stash and gorgeous blanket!!!

    Don’t be embarressed by your stash be proud and build on it!!! I’ve posted my stash on my blog before but only as viewed in the many stacker boxes…I may need to do this too – just need a few days to get it out and put it back again!!

    I do know what you mean about selling your blankets. I make toys, hats, gloves etc etc and used to sell at craft fairs (generally once or twice a year). I never know what to price things at and even if I’d sold loads it never is enough to meet the cost of the table, yarn, stuffing and leave a nice amount for me.

    So I’ve thought about selling online but don’t know if I’ve got the time for it…or the potential hassle. Having to keep records of all sales, do you declare it?? What if something goes wrong – basically I’m a wuss! So please let us know how you go on with your sales and good luck!!!

  19. Wow! How I wish I had all that yarn. I completely ran out at the weekend so I am off to the Wool shop on Friday to stock up. I am planning on making a ripple blanket next so plenty of inspiration on your blog. Your blankets are beautiful and I think £45 is the right price. Good luck.

  20. Heather, dear Heather,
    Please dont worry about not having time to make the SIBOL Squares! You have had such a lot going on in your life with your move etc.,
    I can\’t get over this amount of stash you have? Goodness where do you keep it all?
    I\’ve now just finished the 2oth SIBOL Blanket and I\’m (we\’re)having such a wicked time over there.
    Anyone want to join us,
    Great post here today, I\’m so pleased i popped over.

  21. You can never have too much yarn…I have a whole chest of drawers full of impulse buys and future project buys!!
    I like to just look at it sometimes and arrange the colours in satisfying combinations.
    Oh my god I ‘m crazy aren’t I ,I just realised that.
    And your ripple blankets are beautiful…well worth £45 of anyones money.
    Em xxxx

  22. my what a teeny tiny bed you have! Of course you need to go out and buy more wool as I can see a cover underneath and I’m quite sure you can fit wool on the floor, ceiling and walls too!

    The sweet pea blanket is gorgeous, just love those colours!

  23. devil says:

    Well, I’m the last person who can tease you about your stash. Mine is even worse, um, I mean bigger. There are worse things to be addicted to, I reckon.

    No, it’s not cheeky at all to sell your beautiful handmade items on your own website. It’s nice that you’ll give your blog-readers first crack at buying them. They’re just lovely.

    Cheeky would be crying poor and begging your readers for donations to support your yarn-buying habit. ;)

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