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I’ve been playing around with my stylecraft a bit and I think that laying it out in “colour order” is my favourite thing to do. I’m not going to use it in this order but there really is something so satisfying about putting things in colour order. I love it!

By the way it bugs me no end that one of the labels is torn, I contemplated putting a different one on it just for the photos but then I realised that that was crazy talk and I managed to cope with the torn label.

Although, Lucy, I wish that you had chosen an even number of colours to make your Granny Stripe blanket with. How am I supposed to line all my balls of yarn up if there is an odd number? Seventeen just does not line up. The number 17 in this instance gets me almost as much as that label. Almost.

It’s pretty easily fixed though. Look, I have cleverly added another ball of “Aster”, another ball of “Lipstick” and added a whole new colour right there in the middle, “Teal”.

Twenty balls. All in rows. Ahhh. The Teal did worry me briefly, because it’s not part of the official Lucy-Granny-Stripe pack, but I LOVE that teal colour and it does fit with the rest of them I think. Plus the fact that it makes it 18 colours (which I can line up in sixes, threes and twos…) makes me feel happy.

I’m saving this yarn at the moment, apart from having lots of other projects on the go at the moment, I’m having to be a lot more careful with my money at the moment and I think that saving this yarn for a time when I’m poorer. What do you think? Also I like the fact that it’s all sat there nicely and complete. Part of yarn for me is the potential of it :-)

Do you want to see what I’m keeping this in?

We went to Ikea the other day and they have these new “Lingo” bags for £2.59 and they are just PERFECT for storing stylecraft! Look, 20 balls of stylecraft in there, nice and cosy … ahh!

I’m having a week off blogging this week (no internet being the only reason!) but I will see you in a week’s time with some Secret Project reveal photos. Have a lovely week all of you! xxxxxx

Edited to add: You can buy the Granny Stripe pack from Masons Needlecraft and also from Country Crafts :-)

17 thoughts on “Stylecraft Thoughts

  1. Hi Heather

    I found your blog on Lucy’s site (as I see alot of people have!!) and I have spent this evening reading it all! I love it!!!

    I’m more of a knitter than crocheter but I do both. In fact my first ripple blanket was for my new nephew last Nov.

    Been funny reading about my local area (Yorkshire) in the words of someone else. Glad that you are back up here..and very close by…I’m in Shipley, which I read you had the joys of passing through on the train! Forster Square retail park is regularly visited by us, esp for our pets (1 dog, 1 cat, 1 rabbit and 1 guinea pig – did have 2 rabbits and 4 guineas at one point).

    Anyway just wanted to say hi and I look forward to reading your blog regularly. Thanks.


  2. I think I\’m going to have to order a Lucy set too, if only to play with! Lining up the colours and arranging them is part of the creative processes isn\’t it??
    Have a good week away from blogging.

  3. Sarah says:

    Hello there i ordered the Lucy pack also but having just read you super wonderful blog i will defo be adding the teal and one or two other colours.
    Can’t wait for your bog reveal next week.
    Have a fab week,

    Love from

  4. Sometimes I think we are all crazy how we drool and oh and ah and yarn all lined up! But isn’t it fabulous? I like the teal in the mix!
    Can’t wait to see the progress. :)

  5. Sarah says:

    The colours are so eye catching and it is great fun arranging all the colours. I do the same thing with felt pens and pencils! When I was sixteen and had my first Saturday job it was in the ladies separates department of a large store and all the jumpers(posh lambs wool) had to be sorted to colour with all the different shades arranged on the shelves a bit like a wool shop and a water colour paint box!!!
    Will be ordering my stylecraft pack this weekend!! Enjoy your Blog holiday. Look forward to your posting with your project reveal!!xxx

  6. penelope10 says:

    Oh, I love the line-up of those beautiful colours! I am still waiting for mine, but it gives me time to do my Kool Kotton.Looking forward to you returning next week!

  7. The yarns look lovely! Lucy is a great inspiration isn’t she? I have a ripple in the queue and I just finished the Lucy Bag. I could just stare at her blog all day.

  8. Jen says:

    Oooh, what a lovely granny stripe those yarns will make! And the Ikea bag—LOVE! I might just need to trek down to our Ikea to check those out. I love that they zip to keep the yarn nice and tidy.

    -Jen (missilebird on ravelry)

  9. Hurray for laying everything out and making it neat! Loves it. Good idea to keep it for a poor day too. That’s the trouble that I have, lots of things I want to do, without the funds to do it!

    Will miss you this week, see you soon!

  10. oh lord, I am LAUGHING!! I know, i know, I have NO IDEA why I picked out 17 colours, it was just the way it went at the time and i do wish too that I’d chosen 16 or 18.
    I picked up that teal colour loads of times but it just seemed a tad too dark, it kept jumping out at me, so I put it back in the end. but it is a lovely colour, and seeing it in your lineup makes me like it even more,
    I’m thinking of making a second stylecraft pack which has more of the darker colours in it, I’m thinking a rich/deep colour palette for a winter stripe. I would buy them all just to play with them like you’re doing, it’s a lot of fun and a great way to develop colour confidence/awareness if you get that, I was tring to say this to my hooky buddy the other day when she was having trouble putting colours together. Told her to go play with her balls!! And to her credit she did as she was told, and was delighted with the squares/colour combos she was coming up with as a result.
    Anyhow, rambling… wondering how long you’ll resist the guess is not long!!!
    have a great week Heather

  11. I always used to arrange my felt-tip pens in colour order….didn’t everyone?!

    I like that teal colour and am contemplating some Stylecraft myself if I think I can get away with it. Imagine my consternation the other day when my husband asked me what I was going to do with all these crocheted blankets!! Only a man would ask that question!

  12. Evening, I purchased the same wool a few weeks back and added a few extra colours, one of those being Jaffa. Quite fancied a bit of orange to liven things up a bit

    Oh my, what a mistake. It is fluorescent! Avoid at all costs!

  13. Jude says:

    Just wanted to thank you for your link to Masons and Countrycraft. I went with Masons (‘cos of the brilliant postage price) and ordered a’Lucy’ pack and 3 extra colours late on Saturday evening. Much to my delight they arrived at 8.30 this morning! Brilliant service and now I’m having lots of fun playing around with the colours, and I agree with Lucy on the softness and quality for an acrylic yarn – brilliant. Love your sister’s blanket – keep up the good work.

  14. Allyson says:

    Doesn’t everyone line things up in colour order?! I thought they did! I know that it’s always the first thing I do. Then I play witht the different combos, then I line them back up in colour order and on and on it goes :) So much fun! Is there an OCD tendency in us do you think?!

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