Stripy Interlude

I keep trying to write this blog post but Andy is trying equally as hard to distract me from it! At the moment he is impersonating Ben Kingsley’s character Don Logan from the film Sexy Beast. Hilariously terrible but very distracting.

What I was TRYING to say, was that I know I said I was going to post about my trip to Bolton Abbey, but then I found these photos from last weekend and realised that I hadn’t shown you how my Kool Kotton stripes were doing.

Hanging crochet on the washing line for photos is a normal thing to, right?

It’s about the right size now, I’ve done two stripes in each colour and then the first four stripes again to make it the right lenght. I want to put a border around it, but I’ve never done a border on a blanket like this before, where I’d have to work up the sides which are not real stitches as such.

But you know what, I really, really like the way this blanket has turned out. I think it’s lovely and once you adjust to the colours not being BRIGHTS, they actually look really good together. My one regret is purple next to coral – coral has replaced the shrimp colour as my least favourite!

What I like especially is the texture of the blanket – it’s so different from wool but really drapey, cool and just lovely to the touch.

So what do you think? Likey or no likey?

27 thoughts on “Stripy Interlude

  1. Paula Rudy says:

    I l-o-v-e your blog! I read here in Mesa, Arizona, USA. Your new stripy blanket is fantastic! Don’t you just love the cotton. Myself, I have a hard time working with wool. Makes my hands sweat too much. Also we don’t have the wonderful wools available to you on the otherside of the Atlantic. Pity. Thanks for your wonderful blog.

  2. Likey!! I don\’t know if photographing a blanket on the washing line is the \’normal\’ thing to do, but its certainly a bloomin\’ good idea! I\’ve just started the Attic 24 granny blanket hookalong so I may well use your technique when I come to photograph it

    Fiona xx

  3. Definitely likey :-). I’m really missing crochet but don’t really want to start a project when I’ll have to leave it behind for 6 weeks. Mind you, I have a few I could finish off :-).


  4. Jo says:

    Very much likey. It looks lovely. I am doing Lucy’s granny stripes at the moment but had requests for 2 more blankets and I think this may be one one of them.

  5. Definetly likey – good luck with the edging if you do try it out.
    It’s hard to tell from the photos – what sort of size is it?

  6. Likey! I’m more of a muted colour person anyway, so it’s well up my street :)

    I am even starting to (sorry) LIKE the prawn, as it’s sitting with the cerise and those two greens. Think that’d make a cute combo for a little baby girl hoodie. Hmmm…

  7. Well I guess it\\\’s nice but I prefer some of the brighter stuff you\\\’ve done… That said, I like it as it is and I\\\’m not sure a border would add much to it… Well listen to me, I sound a bit moody don\\\’t I?! I can imagine it feels really nice though, I\\\’m loving the way crochet feels, it\\\’s so completely different from knitting.
    How can you not like coral, it must be one of my favourite colours!!!!!!!!! xx

  8. Ooh! Likey! I want some of that Kool Kotton myself. I think you should be able to go round with a border if you crochet round the sideways-on stitches and just make sure you do the same number of border stitches to every sideways-on stitch (er, if you see what I mean… treat the sideways stitches like you would the foundation ring of a granny square, hook the hook under the stitch and not through it – I reckon that should work).

  9. God it’s rubbish. I can’t even look at it it’s so foul.

    OBVIOUSLY I’m joking.

    I actually think it is bright, or are my eyes just funny?! It’s definitely not what I would call muted. It’s not as loud as the other blankets but I really really like these colours.

    I do think it needs a border though although obviously I am not the person to be giving you advice about that!

    PS If you do happen to be looking for another project, have you heard about SIBOL? (They have a blog – ) You just send her crochet squares and she makes them up into blankets for charity and care homes. Thought it was a lovely idea and you could bang out some squares to send to her no problem!

  10. penelope10 says:

    Oooohhhh, I likey! I think all the colors look very well together! Nice mix. I am still waiting for my Kool Kotton. For the border, one I really like is the Crab Stitch (reverse sc). I will do that one on my granny stripe.

  11. ooooooooooo me likeeeeeee!!!!!
    looks lovely, and agree the colours work beautifully.
    agree about the drape too, loving my koolkotton blankie, using it for b’s naps now its a bit too warm for the cashmere blankie.
    i think an edging would look super, keep meaning to edge mine but have run out of kk to do it in.
    baby b on lap, he prob more of a distraction thasn your andy n g vgf c vcfvbv he keep bashing my keyboard, he says hello to you!!!
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxghunm,nmoll;,,mnuhbvtt gf

  12. hi me again just had another lookee and i\’d say yes def def give it a border. working down the sides is fairly easy, just poke your hook in whereever you can, spacing stitches evenly. borders/edges make such a huge difference to a blankie, so worth the effort, makes it look like a def blanket notr just a bit of stripy crochet, if that makesensexxxxxxxxxxx

  13. I like like like, I really wish I could do bigger projects like that, I get part way through and thats about it! Small, quick make ups are what I do mostly! Like like like

  14. Jeannette(aka Bonzogirl) says:

    muchly likey….
    re the colours..they are nicely accented by the strong red and the dark purple..

    go girl go!!!!!

  15. I have some KK that I haven’t used, probably as I chose some bleurgh colours but you have inspired me to order some more colours and get started on a blankie. Yours looks fab, love your colour mix!x

  16. I love the blanket! I would definitely give it a border…nothing too intricate…maybe just two rows of sc. It’s not too hard to crochet up the sides. I generally just close my eyes and start poking! It’s not an exact science, right? :-)
    Anyway, well done!

  17. Sarah says:

    Hi there, i’m in the middle of doing a srtipey interlude (cushion and hopefully a blanket to match) but i can’t seem to get the edges either side straight like yours – how do you get the sides so straight ?????? what stitch do you use ?????
    HELP . xxxxxxxx

  18. I know this was from ages ago but I’ve been reading your blog from the start. I love your KK stripes. What you were saying about the drape was what I was hoping a cotton blanket would feel like so I may well splash out! xxx

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