Things to look forward to

This summer, I am looking forward to:

Climbing Ilkley Moor

Meeting Katherine’s daughter! Not long now – and I’m SO excited :-D (Note to Katherine: I’m going to live vicariously, like it or not)

Going for evening summertime drives into the countryside, parking the car and just standing listening to the sheep and watching the light turn to twilight and then to darkness.

Walking in shady woods – we have a few places on our list that we want to explore :)

Going to the beach – I have a list of beaches as long as my arm!

Lots of this

Celebrating our first anniversary of this

Some more of this!

And hopefully, LOTS more of this …

This …

This …

This …

and this!

Can’t wait :-)


Kool Kotton

When my Kool Kotton arrived yesterday, it was somewhat overshadowed by my Debbie Bliss cotton dk. It’s so exciting to receive new yarn, because whilst I truly love Rowan Pure Wool dk (it’s my favourite to work with, and for finished product), I haven’t got that inital *squeeee* feeling of excitement when I’ve bought it lately. I think it’s because there isn’t much experimentation colourwise left for me, I know what colours I like together, and I know which ones I dont. More recently I’ve just felt frustrated at their discontinuing of nice colours.

I’m not ready to open my Debbie Bliss yet, I want to retain the newness of them, with their little labels on, move them around and see which colours go best together, stroke them a bit, sniff them (they smell like yarn shop!), squeeze them.

But the Kool Kotton, I resisited until about 6:30pm and then just dived in. As the prawny colour had been giving me the bad heebie jeebies (I think it had even begun to smell like prawns by this point) I decided to get it out of the way and use it first. Eurgh, prawns cocktail. Sorry. But then, something weird happened. The next colour I carefully selected to be the least affected by the prawn colour was “cerise” and it Actually Looked Good. Blimey. Cerise is magic!

Oh my yes. I was a bit unsure about the colours when they arrived, but when put together I actually really love them. I think they’re really good. I’ve just been working them up in straight rows, and this is going to sound really daft but in my head I keep thinking of it as a Straight Ripple, because it’s worked into the tops of the stitches like a ripple pattern as opposed to in between the stitches like the Bella Dia vintage stripe pattern.

Yes, that did sound very daft.

I made the stripes two rows wide because I like it to look chunky, I hate cutting and joining ends unnecessarily, and I like all my loose ends on the same side!

The yarn came from here and I have the following colours:

Top row L-R:

KK1 “Pink” (prawn!)

KK15 “Cerise”

KK14 “Khaki”

KK3 “Denim”

KK13 “Purple”

KK7 “Coral”

Bottom row, L-R:

KK12 “Olive”

KK2 “Mauve”

KK6 “Mint”

KK11 “Tomato”

KK10 “Lilac”

KK8 “Aqua”

I’ve been so impressed with this yarn that I’ve just hooked with it for most of the day – sitting in bed this morning when I woke up, then a break to do housework *yawn* which has been needing doing for a while – I hate housework – and then this afternoon as well. It’s been a very nice day today really, far far far too hot to go out anywhere but lovely to chill out at home with Andy. I took the unprecedented step of turning off my laptop for almost the whole day and do you know what? I got so much more hooking done!

The wonky-ness of this photo bothers me, this is what you get from not looking at the photos you take until you want to use them. Also comes from lazy laying on the bed photos, whoops.

I’ve done quite a lot of rows now, and I’m feeling it in my wrists now – so in an attempt to stave off RSI I think crochet is off the cards until at least Wednesday. I remember when I was doing my Big Blanket back in July last year that I would crochet really intensively over the weekend and not be able to hold the hook on the Monday. I need to be a bit careful really, both my mum and grandma have painful hands now and I think I’m heading the same way. Best not encourage it really.

It’s been soooooo hot this weekend. Me and Andy don’t do very well in the heat. We are naturally quite warm people and hot weather is a bit miserable really. I also HATE burning, or catching the sun at all. I’m really paranoid about it. I used to be a really olive skinned child and go a beaaautiful colour in the sun, but then all that changed and I have really pale skin that burns fast. Particularly on my face – on the tops of my cheeks in particular but not just under my eyes which gives me the look of a reverse sunburnt panda. I just hate burning so much, I go to any lengths to avoid it. Can you actually burn through bus windows by the way? The other day I was SURE I had burnt on my face through the bus window, I after-sunned it just in case. Eurgh, sunburn.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE warm weather and sunny blue skies and these are so good for going out in, and taking photos in. But I don’t like HOT weather like it has been this weekend. Today we have been inside, keeping cool and enjoying each other’s company. He’s been working later for the last couple of weeks so we’ve really only had a couple of hours together in the evenings and so a whole weekend together has been much needed. It’s good to talk and we’ve not done enough of this lately. So today we did. Good-o.

Yesterday we went to visit Katherine and I felt her baby move! awww. I can’t wait until she is born ♥ The car journey was so hot we almost did actually melt, abandoned all plans for a picnic out in the park and so had a rather lovely picnic in her living room instead! Very nice.

I can’t believe it’s 10pm already, it’s gone so quickly. I feel like I need another day of weekend, one that is not SO hot so that going out of the house is a possibility! I suppose I should go and tidy up my yarn (which is all over the bed) and try to find somewhere to keep it. Our bedroom is funny. Andy’s side of the bed is tidy-ish, with a big stack of books on his bedside table. My side has yarn all over it. Two boxes stacked on the chest of drawers with some loose yarns behind it. John Lewis bag on the floor, full of Secret Project. 4ply cotton & flowers in a little bag on the floor. Debbie Bliss cotton in a box. Kool Kotton … on the bed. Do you think we could just sort of sleep around the yarn rather than move it?

I really think the Expedit YSU is going to have to come upstairs. It’s looking a bit bare where it is now – I’ve been doing all my crochet whilst sat on the bed and it’s much easier to have the yarn up here with me. Hmm. Project for next weekend perhaps!