And the winner is …

Unlucky for some, but not for Rachie! Comment number 13 was selected by the random number generator. Here is Rachie’s happy Saturday, which to me sounds MEGA busy:

my Saturdays are always mental, the best part is not having to get up for work at 5am…although I usually wake at that time out of habit…but that wonderful feeling that “today is Saturday” is just glorious and I can lie-in until 8 O’clock (but I have to be quiet…if the 3 little people hear me, that’s it: my lie-in is gone!!) then it’s a rush to get my son up and out the door to his music group then he comes home and I have to drag my daughter out from under her covers as she plays cello in a string group, in between getting lunch and music lessons its washing school uniforms, baking lunch-box treats for the week ahead and a quick clean-out of rats and guinea pigs, then a trip to the park with them all after lunch and we all come home tired and hungry in time for tea, baths all round and then a bit of hooky time if I’m not too tired…and that’s a Saturday for me…today I finally finished a shawl so I’m happy enough…

Congratulations Rachie! I will email you and then send me your details and I’ll post bunny to you this week.

Well that was fun wasn’t it? I **LOVED** reading about what makes your Saturdays happy, it seems like everyone really appreciates that sixth day of the week (even retirees!) Me and Andy had a LOVELY Saturday this week, pop back tomorrow and I’ll tell you aaaaaalll about it :-)

Lots of love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

p.s I feel like I should point out that Rachie is not my friend Rach or my sister Rachel, just in case you think there is something dodgy going on ;-) it’s clearly a great name.

Saturday Morning Happies

Seven stripes of a baby ripple done

The Cherry tree starting to blossom

New arrivals (and a VERY early redelivery postman who looked horrifed at the state of my early morning just leapt out of bed hair)

They are going to live with Henny Penny on the YSU (Yarn Storage Unit!)

And these bunnies are SO cute that I bought an extra one as a little giveaway prize :)

So, if you would like to win the bunny in the above picture, leave me a comment and tell me what makes you happy on a Saturday and I will do the random number generator thing on Monday evening to choose a winner.

:-) xxxxx