A Holiday at Your Desk

How gorgeous is this card? I spotted it this morning before work and it was one of those things I just HAD to buy. I’ve had it propped up against the telephone on my desk today and it was like taking a little holiday every time I looked at it. Which was often! I soooo want that little beach hut to be mine-all-mine.

Those cushions, wow. I am building up my collection of stripy beach cushions – so far I have one (!) currently residing on my Big Red Chair. I plan on adding to this collection as soon as possible. Perhaps with fabric from Deckchairstripes website. Mmmmm I can see them now.

And look! Matching bunting! I loooooove bunting :-D This should really really be my beach hut.

And aww, those little painting of tiny houses on the wall, so sweet.

So that’s how you take a holiday whilst at your desk at work. All for the bargain price of ninety seven pence. Bargain.

Unfortunately it makes me desperately want to go to the seaside! Roll on summer holiday.


P.S I can’t believe I forgot to tell you about this! Whittard are having a 50% off sale on ALL their china, oh my gosh, how exciting. I have such a bad Whittard addiction. I also now have 6 jugs and 5 mugs being delivered to my mum’s house. LOL. But it’s not that bad – one mug is for Andy, two are for my mum and some of the jugs I’m going to let people give me for my birthday. Sorted! :-D

11 thoughts on “A Holiday at Your Desk

  1. Hi Heather,

    Wouldn’t it be bliss if you could actually work from the beach hut, I like to dream!

    p.s You must of started a stampede, Whittard’s web page won’t load :-)

  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the info on Whittard I’ll pop in on my way home from work. And you comments on Rowan Up Country, I ordered yarn from them on the internet and they are very prompt with the orders. I’m not too sure where we have yarn shops in this neck of the woods(
    except within a department store).

  3. Sarah says:

    PS. Forgot to say that I painted my shed last summer in a similar colour to the beach hut(Seagrass it was called). Now if I make some bunting and cushions could I pretend I was by the sea/Sidmouth in Devon/ or anywhere by the sea!!!?

  4. Hi Heather,

    I am also loving those bright stripy cushions. Wish to crochet some brighties like those. And thanks for that Whittard link there. I am having confusions selecting my mugs and cups. :-) Good day!

  5. you’re going to “let people give you” for your birthday, brilliant!! Haha!! Now that’s organisation!!! Might pop over to Whittards during my lunch break then! Thanks for the tip! Although didn’t they go into administration at the end of last year?! x

  6. That is a beautiful card. Should definitely make the work day nicer having that to look at.
    Just checked out the Whittard website – looks like I have to pay a visit to that shop. LOVE the teapots and mugs :-).


  7. Hi Heather,

    Just had to tell you what a bad influence you are. After exploring, and drooling, over the Whittard website I had the idea to search in Australia. There is ONE store – no idea where – but they sell online. Thankfully Mothers Day is coming up and I was able to buy myself some goodies :-). They didn’t have a lot to choose from but I’m excited to start my collection before I get to the UK :-).


  8. That’s a beautiful card, I can almost smell the sea air!

    I have a quick question: I’m about to start making a ripple blanket, I can’t decide on which size hook to use (choice between 6mm and 4mm), I’ve noticed when I crochet I tend to be quite ‘tight’ so I’m leaning towards the 6mm, but I was wondering if that’s a big no no. Any thoughts from someone who knows better would be great!

    S x

  9. Oops, not sure how to reply to your reply!

    It’s dk, so 4mm it is! I don’t have a hook the next size up so I think I will have to think loose thoughts while making my chain! Thanks for your help :)

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