400 Squares Blanket – Big Reveal!

It started off small, using the scraps leftover from the Granny Alice Blanket. I like to think of them as planting the seeds for my next blanket.

And then it grew …

and grew … quite quickly to begin with as it was SO EXCITING and BRIGHT and COLOURFUL and really fun.

I frequently had “OMG so much colour!!!” moments about this blanket.

Originally it was only meant to be a 100 square throw. But I reached 100 and thought … “hmmm. That’s quite small.” I thought how amazing it would be to have a blanket like this that covered a double bed. Quite a few people thought I was a bit bonkers.

Reaching 200 squares didn’t take too long, and you were all REALLY complimentary about it, that was great fun :-D

I’m so excited about showing you the finished blanket. Just a few more photos and then I’ll show you, promise.

Did I mention it was colourful? I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo!

By this point the blanket was so big that I could only work on it whilst sitting on my bed! I began to make lists of each colour for each square, which speeded up the process a lot.

It was also getting very tricky to photograph it!

Once I reached 400 squares, my sister tried to steal it. Several times.

400 squares! It was incredible seeing it spread out like that, just WOW.

Then of course, the question of how to actually finish the blanket. I was desperate to get it finished before we moved house but was unsure of how to edge it. You see, the things I like most about this blanket is that there are so many small bursts of colour, and that it is very dense, ie not a lot of granny square spaces. I thought that having a normal granny square edging in each colour would be “too much” and would detract from the blanket itself. I wanted it to be all about the amount of squares, you know?

So in the end I chose to do two rounds in the Debbie Bliss “Kingfisher” colour. The first round was Granny Square edging, because with that many joins it would have looked rubbish to just do TRs into each stitch straight away. I used the Granny Square Crinkle-Free Edging method by CompactUK and I’m REALLY happy with the result. The second round was a TR into each stitch. Like so:

You can see the Crinkle-Free edging better here:

And now, I am SO PROUD and excited to present to you my finished blanket.


(You can click this one to make it bigger)

I adore my blanket. I’m so incredibly happy with it and I LOVE the way the border is understated yet ties it all together *just right* in my opinion.

I have learned a lot about colour choices with this blanket and it’s given me a lot of confidence, colour wise. I trust myself to choose colours now, which I didn’t before. The only changes I’d make to this blanket would be the use of orange on the third round of any square. It doesn’t go well with the surrounding squares and is better as a first or second round.

This blanket is also really special to me as I made it during the time that I lived at home. My Time Out from normal life. I started it on the 25th November 2009 and finished it on 13th March 2010. Oh I just love it!

Catch Up Part 1 – Moving

It’s time for a catch up, don’t you think? It’s almost been a week since I moved and if I don’t write about this now it will be far too out of date to blog about and I will never write about the joys of moving house. And I wouldn’t want to forget it…

Last Friday I tried to finish all my packing but just felt terribly ill with a nasty headache and so I didn’t really get much done. When my sister came home from school she badgered me into doing some more, and ended up packing all my clothes for me. Score. It should be noted here that all of the clothes and me and Andy own fitted nicely into one largeish box. We are not fashionable people; I don’t “do” clothes shopping.

It took a Long Time to load the van because I kept finding things that I thought I’d packed when really I’d just moved them into a different room. Argh. I have also returned to the North with the addition of the desk I had as a child (“You have to take it! I carried that for two miles in your pushchair when you were a baby!!”) and the nursing chair that my grandma used for my mum, and my mum used for me. You can’t actually sit on this chair because the webbing base has disintegrated, but it’s fine for a little blanket and a few bears. (Or a hippo with new feet).

So after an emotional goodbye to my mum, sister, brother and grandma (and Willow bunny) we hot footed it to Milton Keynes to get some of our stuff from the storage place. You probably aren’t allowed to take photos in there. Oh well.

As you can see, we had a LOT of stuff. Hello red chair! In the end we filled the van to the top, twice. I’m still trying to work out how we have accumulated so much stuff.

Sorry for the blurry photos, they’re off my little camera and it doesn’t like anything except nice good sunlight. Silly camera.

We quite enjoyed our first van trip up the M1 and briefly discussed moving to America to be truckers together. We’d changed our minds by the next day. It was dark and rainy by the time we got to the house, I’m sure rain should be made illegal on a moving day, don’t you? Moving house is bad enough anyway without everything being WET. We were both thrilled at the prospect of unloading the van after having loaded it earlier and then driven it for 3 hours, but we soldiered on and unloaded everything into the living room, orderd Dominos pizza and then collapsed into bed. Where we awoke 6 hours later to repeat the process and go and get the remainder of the stuff from the storage place.

We were grateful for Costa that day.

I think Costa were glad as well because we did spend quite a lot with them this weekend!

Later that evening we had a picnic amongst the boxes. Thank goodness for M&S Food shops at service stations and the fact that I can cook pasta with a jar of sauce in one pan. And that I remembered where I packed some bowls and forks.

It’s been hard work and there is still a LONG way to go but it’s beginning to feel a bit more like home. It’s fabulous to live with Andy again, I have missed living with him SO much it’s unbelievable. It’s also great to be with my friends again. Rach came over after work on Tuesday and we had a good catch up. Lovely lovely. Friends are so important.

I might have a BIG REVEAL post for you tomorrow … bet you can’t guess what for ;-)