Sneaky Evening Blogging – a milestone and a winner!

I have reached 340 squares! I’m so excited by this that I had to tell you about it. Three hundred and forty! It’s almost bed sized, almost.

It’s getting a bit tricky to photograph now because it’s so big. I had to stand on my pillows and hold my camera aloft (and then crop out the part with my belly, legs and feet, lol). But yay, 340! That’s only 3 more rows until I reach 400, which is what I was aiming for originally. However. I was at that point intending it for a double bed, and on Saturday I found out the the bed in the house we are moving to is a kingsize. Dare I entertain the though of going to 500? That’s certainly a rounder number than 400. Plus, how awesome would it be to say that I made half a thousand squares for my blanket? Pretty awesome. But then I think about the work involved (although I DO love working on it, I am actually itching to start new things … mmmm flat circles and ripples …) and the cost of the yarn.

Let’s get to 400 and then see.

In other news, I have one a blog-iversary giveaway from The Girl on her lovely blog Living With a Boy. How exciting! I knew my love of crisps would come in handy one day. She has also appointed me her crochet mentor, which is just as exciting … especially as I am in the process of making a basic granny squares pattern. Hopefully I can post it tomorrow or on Thursday. :-)

What an exciting evening! xxxxx

Blues and Greens and Stripes

You may remember that I was really looking forward to Saturday, when my friend Katherine was coming to visit. Well she did (and brought her baby bump with her ♥ andher bump was wearing an ace red and white stripy top. Katherine, your bump looks good in stripes), and we had lunch while watching the birds and the bunnies in my garden. She didn’t believe how big Willow is, so I showed her. She believe me now. Willow weighs more than a baby.

After lunch we mosied on over to The Bramble Patch where they were having a two day sale. I love sales. Probably more than is healthy, and certainly more than is healthy for my bank account. On the journey I did helpful things, like pointing out interesting clouds, sheep, LOOK AT THE VIEW, and where there are usually some llamas and donkeys. I’m good like that.

I thought I was very restrained in the event of this being a sale. I had to keep reminding myself that I am unemployed, and I have just enough money left to get my travel pass once I’ve moved back to Leeds. Don’t Spend Any Money. Fortunately I had ten whole pounds in my purse that I’d been given as a thank you gift. Spending that didn’t really count as spending money, so I really only spent £8.20. Yessss, go me.

I got 1.8m of this fun, stripy fabric. I love stripes. I love the little flowers on the pink stripes. I love the wiggles along the green stripes. This is Good Fabric.

I also got this bad boy. 2 metres of it in fact for the bargain price of £10. Isn’t it beautiful? I just love this colour. I actually thought that it was Moda fabric but when I checked the selvage this morning it’s actually Timeless Treasures (whoever they are.) I thought it was the same colour as my very favourite fabric, which is Moda Arcadia, but it’s actually sliiightly different. But that’s ok. Because I love it anyway.

Did you know, that the Moda fabric (with the birds and the dragonflies) was the very last thing I purchased before I got married? Yep that’s right – the day before my wedding me and my mum went fabric shopping. I think I was quite a laid back bride. I just let everyone else do the stressing for me!

I don’t think I could ever use this fabric. I’m a bit sentimental about it now! Plus it’s so pretty that I can’t think of a suitable project for it.

But shall I let you into another secret?

All the fabric that I buy just gets put into my fabric box. That’s right. I have a nice little stash of fabric, but I can barely sew. I can sew on a button, or sew up a hole, or sew on a name tag. I can even make little christmas tree decorations – I made some little trees, and two pieces of holly a couple of years ago. But that’s about it. I have a sewing machine that scares me. Oh and I don’t know how to thread it.

But you know. I’m sure I’ll get there. Sewing is my next challenge.

So now, I think I’ll stick with stroking my fabric and admiring it’s prettiness. And I’ll stick with crochet. And aim to finish some projects. I found this bag in my room this morning. It was cunningly hidden inside a rucksack and I found it when I lent the rucksack to my mum this morning.

It’s my Vintage Stripe Blanket, aka the bane of my crochet life.

This is folded in half by the way. It’s 250 stitches long. I started with a 3mm hook. Don’t do this to yourself guys, use wool, use a big hook. Go chunky! Go short!

It is pretty. And it is stripy. But it’s so boring to work on! plus I’m terrible at straight lines – I’ve gone wrong a few times and it’s got an odd bulge at one end. I should really finish it though.

I mean I have the yarn for it …