Blooming Marvellous

Good morning, and happy Saturday :-) I just thought I’d pop in to give you a quick update on something that I’m sure you have all been thinking about. That’s right. The bulbs in the car are blooming!

Don’t they look sweet? Beautiful Narcissus. (Or should that be Carcissus? I can hear you all groaning!)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend xxx

9 thoughts on “Blooming Marvellous

  1. Carcissus!
    Spring must be on it’s way.
    This is the very first time ever, I’m certain that anyone has ever gardened in an automobile.

  2. That. Is. Blooming. BRILLIANT!!! THE most amazing idea I’ve seen all month! *cannot WAIT to try this out* And Great Taste, in picking Daffs. Just got to love Daffs. :)

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