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I realised recently that it was taking me longer to choose the colours for each square I was making than it did to actually make the squares. This was holding me up a lot, and when you have half a bajillion (I just made that up) squares to make to get your blanket finished, any time saver is a good plan. So what I do now, is sit for about ten or fifteen minutes with my blanket and a notebook and make a list of what each square is going to be. I’d just like to point out that is not my normal writing, that is my “I’m sat on the bed making a list” writing , and the only person who needs to know what it means is me. It’s allowed to be messy ;-)

Then, I make all twenty circles for that row and when I have done that I attach them to the blanket. It’s saving me so much time – the only thinking I have to do is whilst making the list! Fabulous. Usually I watch a film or something on Iplayer while I work. I have now made 360 squares, and the circles in the above photo are for squares number 361 – 380.

I also got my bake on today and made snacks for my brother and sister’s school lunches. That is, if it’s not eaten by the end of the day …

I had a couple of requests for a basic granny square pattern, so I have done a little pattern for that as well. You can click here Basic Granny Square Pattern to see it, or on the left hand side of my blog. Happy hooking! xxxx

9 thoughts on “How I Work

  1. Chris says:

    Thank you Heather for the Granny pattern tutorial. It’s very plain and you did it so fast! Even I understand it. And yes, the bake looks delicious too.

  2. rachie says:

    wow, you’re so organised!!…I just wing it; whatever comes out of my stash basket is the next square…lol!

    I love your colours, what wool are you using?

    loving the blog xx

  3. Stacey says:

    Thank you!!!

    I am going to try it out on Wednesday on my day off :D I’m a bit obsessed with baking yummy things at the moment! Hehe xxx

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