Blooming Marvellous

Good morning, and happy Saturday :-) I just thought I’d pop in to give you a quick update on something that I’m sure you have all been thinking about. That’s right. The bulbs in the car are blooming!

Don’t they look sweet? Beautiful Narcissus. (Or should that be Carcissus? I can hear you all groaning!)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend xxx

How I Work

I realised recently that it was taking me longer to choose the colours for each square I was making than it did to actually make the squares. This was holding me up a lot, and when you have half a bajillion (I just made that up) squares to make to get your blanket finished, any time saver is a good plan. So what I do now, is sit for about ten or fifteen minutes with my blanket and a notebook and make a list of what each square is going to be. I’d just like to point out that is not my normal writing, that is my “I’m sat on the bed making a list” writing , and the only person who needs to know what it means is me. It’s allowed to be messy ;-)

Then, I make all twenty circles for that row and when I have done that I attach them to the blanket. It’s saving me so much time – the only thinking I have to do is whilst making the list! Fabulous. Usually I watch a film or something on Iplayer while I work. I have now made 360 squares, and the circles in the above photo are for squares number 361 – 380.

I also got my bake on today and made snacks for my brother and sister’s school lunches. That is, if it’s not eaten by the end of the day …

I had a couple of requests for a basic granny square pattern, so I have done a little pattern for that as well. You can click here Basic Granny Square Pattern to see it, or on the left hand side of my blog. Happy hooking! xxxx