Big Reveal: Baby Ripple

Good afternoon everyone :-D As promised, today is the BIG REVEAL of my very first baby blanket. I finished the final stripe last night and I’m so pleased with it. I’ve worked pretty much constantly on this for the last 3 and a half days and it’s grown really quickly. I like to do things quickly to keep up my momentum and interest – I hate it when projects become a chore to work on.

So here it is, all 21 stripes and 63 rows of it. I’m so pleased with the way it’s turned out and am happy with my colour choices. It had to be gender neutral, and no pastels. I used Hayfield Bonus Dk and one ball (the green) of Stylecraft Dk.

I used the Attic24 Ripple Pattern with a starting chain of 112 plus 3 for turning. I love this pattern, it’s very easy to do and has a really good rhythm to it once you get started. I had been worried that I couldn’t cope with a fullsized ripple (which is what I have planned for my Christmas yarn) but now I’m much happier having had a practice on a half sized one.

So what do you think? I’m pretty pleased with it :-) Next week I am going to start my next baby blanket for Peppermints and Poppies as she is finding out the flavour of her bump. I’m so excited!

Lots of love, Heather xxxxx

The Sky at Night

Don’t worry, this is not going to be a Patrick Moore blog post. On Tuesday evening I was sat in my lovely red chair hooking away on the ripply baby blanket with my back to the window, blissfully unaware of the BEAUTIFUL sunset behind me. Fortunately my lovely brother thought that I might like to see this and drew my attention to it. WOWeee! in a matter of seconds I had extricated myself from my crochet (record time for me – usually I’m still tangled up in yarn every time I have to answer the phone or anything), grabbed my camera from my bag and hurried outside to the dining room because I just HAD to get this on camera. We sometimes have nice sunsets but this was a seriously good one with the added bonus of silhouetted trees. yay! Seriously, just look at it. Isn’t it stunning?

I’m so pleased that my camera has a “Sunsets” setting as it has captured the colours EXACTLY as they were. Perfect.

Amazing colours.

I think this must have been the same evening as Petit Filoux has written about.

As it set further it left a gorgeous purpley glow. Out at the front of the house the light was incredible. This must be what twilight is.

The moon really sets that photo off I think.

And then, just another five or ten minutes later the sun had finished setting and all was dark. I was so pleased to have taken those photographs and so very grateful that my brother pointed it out to me. I feel really lucky when I see things like that.

And while yesterday was cold and grey, today is cold with a brilliant blue sky. Actually, it is grey again now. But it was beautiful and blue about an hour ago when I took these two photos. I know the garden looks scruffy, but then I’ve yet to see a garden at this time of year that looks great. Besides, the birds LOVE our garden! There are soooo many of them out there at the moment and they are really loud because they are all setting their territory and trying to get a mate. This weekend it’s the RSPB birdwatch survey thing and hopefully we should be able to count quite a few. Oh and the Fieldfare has returned … I hope this is not a forewarning for more snow.

You should also know that it’s impossible to go into our garden without speaking to the rabbits and guinea pig. They just demand attention so much! They jump about in their hutchest and make as much noise as possible to get you to go and see them. Whiskey actually picks up newspaper in his teeth and hops about from one end of the cage to the other waving it about. Then he gives it to you when you do go over. So sweet.

Whiskey has the softest little nose ♥

Willow is always desperate to leap out and pushes the door really hard with her face if you go near.

Rocket is really sweet, but I think he only comes to see me because I usually feed him and he associates me with food. He doesn’t like to be touched but always wants you to go and see him.

Tomorrow I hope to do the Big Reveal for the baby blanket – I only have 4 stripes (so 12 rows) left to go which I should have finished by the end of today. See you then :-) x x x x x