One Whole Month – January

Can you believe that January is very nearly over? It has (thankfully) gone really quickly. I don’t enjoy January very much! Anyway, I have completed a WHOLE MONTH of Project 365 with NO CHEATING. How good is that? I’m very impressed with myself. Above is a little collage of all my photos from this month (with the first photo twice because Picasa does not like uneven numbers), and if you would like to see them in more detail you can go to my Flickr here where they are all handily in a set. Hehe, is it daft to be proud of oneself for this?

4 thoughts on “One Whole Month – January

  1. You’ve done a really great job with the daily photos! My favourites are the macro-lens ones. And I’m kind of partial to the bowl of cereal…? Whenever I took an art class, the theme of my work was always “everyday life”.

    Have you upgraded to Flickr pro?

  2. Not daft at all, far from it! It\’s so nice when you achieve something, however small or insignificant it may seem to others. And surely if something makes you happy, then that\’s all you need to know! x

  3. Lovely pictures heather, and yes, didn’t january whiiiiizzz by, such a speedy month!
    A quick question….was it you that sent me a gorgeous stripy face flannel????!!!!

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