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This weekend is the weekend of the RSPB Birdwatch. You list all the birds that appear in your garden for one hour this weekend and then fill in the form on the RSPB website. We did ours from 12-1pm today with some bribery food of fruit cake, bread, apples and crackers. We have had quite a variety of birds in our garden this winter (have a look at this post) and they did not disappoint today. Usually we manage to pick an hour where the birds are all off appearing in someone else’s garden but this year was fab and we recorded loads of different types of birds. I guess word must have got around that we had the best food or something!

We counted a total of 15 varieties of birds in our hour, which is pretty good I think. We had:

  • 15 Sparrows
  • 1 Fieldfare
  • 2 Chaffinches (male and female)
  • 2 Collared doves
  • 2 Wrens
  • 4 Blue Tits
  • 2 Starlings
  • 1 Pied Wagtail
  • 2 Goldfinches
  • 2 Robins
  • 2 Great Tits
  • 1 Dunnock
  • 2 Jackdaws
  • 8 Blackbirds
  • 2 Wood Pigeons (Rach knows all about these as they sit above her bedroom window and wake her up at stupid o’clock in the morning)

I managed to take a few photos, please bear in mind that these were taken through double glazing (which is not very clean!) and using a coffee mug as a tripod because I’m not very steady with my zoom lens. So they are not fabulous photos, but a nice reminder anyway. If you hover over them you can see what type of bird it is (I’m sure most of them are obvious to you though.) It was great fun to do, me my mum and Alice all against the window with binoculars, it was very exciting. You still have a day left to do it so if you have a garden, get going! Chuck some bread out into your garden and get watching. Best time is in the morning really, they seem to disappear by the afternoon time.

3 thoughts on “RSPB Birdwatch

  1. Didn’t realise you’d be able to spot so many different types in such a short amount of time, that’s brilliant! And the coffee mug worked brilliantly, your photos are really nice! x

  2. Hello
    I like bird photography and I always enjoy close photographs of birds.I must say that you have taken good shots.Thank you very much for showing us these beautiful pictures.

  3. Margaret says:

    I just found your blog and have been looking back through your posts. Thanks for adding the names as a few of these birds we don’t have here in Oz. Thoroughly enjoying reading your blog, thank you.

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