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I’ve spent a lot of time on Flickr during these last couple of weeks and I have seen some FABulous blankets on there, absolutely beautiful and really inspiring. I’m always planning my next projects in my head and thought I’d show you a few that I am loving at the moment.

Firstly, this blanket by WelshKaren. Wonderful colours :)

Then, this cushion by Warrenbird

I love the border on The Garden Bell’s blanket here

This gorgeous Granny blanket by forines13 – it looks a bit complicated for my abilities right now, but you never know, perhaps one for the future …

An amazing Ripple by la shika … I definitely want to do a big ripple blanket for my bed sometime, in bright colours.

Perhaps my favourite of all, and second on my list of “Blankets I want to make” list is this beauty by Maryse_ro, I love this so much and I’m mostly just waiting until I can find a yarn that has enough colours to make this possible. Maryse_ro has some fabulous photos on her photostream, by the way, I love looking through them. I would love to be able to dye and spin yarn like she does.

What inspires you on Flickr? Leave me a comment and show me your favourites, I’d love to see :-)

I love seeing photos of people’s stash as well, makes me all giddy and wanty and grabby, hehe. Like this stash from jdsouza and this one from Tartlime.

Speaking of stash, has anyone worked with King Cole Merino Blend DK? It has lots of lovely colours but I’ve not seen it in a real shop to give it a squeeze, only online. I’m reluctant to buy some and it be splitty or scratchy or something. Opinions greatly received :-)

One thought on “Flickr Inspiration

  1. Heather, the KC merino blend is very very similar to the Rowan Pure wool in weight and feel…possibly ever so very slightly not quiiiiite as soft as the Rowan though, although not much in it.
    I’ve been very tempted by it too cos of the colour range, and the price (£2.95 or so for 50g??)….but I have been sooo spoilt by the luxury of working with cashmere blend yarns that I’m holding out to do my next blanket in DB Cashmerino DK. Needing to save up first mind you.

    Hope this is of some help

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