Midnight Bunny Rescue

I don’t know if I have introduced you to my rabbit yet. This is Willow and she is about two years old. She began life with me (just after I graduated) as Wilfred but then became Willow after we realised that she was most definitely a GIRL rabbit! She is a very big bunny, not fat in the slightest but very long with big feet and is chunky in proportion to that. She is also very cheeky and has a mischevious glint in her eye, always on the lookout to cause a bit of trouble. Yesterday she chewed through the playstation controller wire when she came in for a hop in the living room (!) which you’d think is bad enough for one day, but OH NO, Miss Willow decided that she would take a stroll around the garden at 3 am this morning.

This is Willow in her new hutch:

Sadly we lost our oldest bunny, Flash, last week and his cage became available. He was very very old – fifteen years in fact which is well over twice the average age for a rabbit. Anyway, as Willow was growing a bit too big for her current hutch, we decided that she should move into Flash’s hutch as it’s much bigger with the run attached to it. We spent all day cleaning it and mending a bit that had rotted away. We worked so hard that we failed to notice that the little wire door on the bottom left of the run (incidentally this is behind that heavy looking flower pot …) was not locked closed but merely pushed to.

Andy woke me up in the night saying that he could hear a noise outside and that he thought it was a cat. I leant out of the window, but couldn’t see anything (our bedroom is on the ground floor), thought that if it was a cat it would have run away by now anyway. Back to sleep. Five minutes later, I heard the noise as well. Rummage for a torch. Andy leans out of the window … “Yes it’s a cat! No … it’s a rabbit … oh no …”

By this point I’m on my feet and out of the door, wide awake as I just hear him say that it is Willow. Naughty Willow. Out through the dining room, slip on some shoes in my bare feet. I’m just wearing a nightshirt and it’s flipping windy and cold and starting to rain.

Andy is shining the torch through the window onto Willow, who isn’t that happy to be in the spotlight but stays put. It’s narrow and messy down the side of the house.

So I pulled the dustbin out of the way and crouched down and called her a few times, in my best friendly-bunny voice, and to her credit she did hop towards me, close enough to grab her. She was sat right up by the blue shell shaped sandpit thing. (I have no idea why we have all these children’s toys anymore, my brother turns 15 next week and he is the youngest)

Grabbing Willow in the dark from an odd angle is no mean feat as she is very large and did not want to be picked up. She was most disgruntled that I had foiled her little hop around the garden! I brought her inside for a bit of a cuddle and to check that she was ok, which she was – it was me shaking like a leaf!

We popped her back in the hutch and she immediately hopped down the ladder and tried to get out through the door again. She’s so naughty! I feel so guilty that she got out because of a mistake I made, but at least she’s ok now, and the door is firmly shut with a flowerpot for extra security. I’m just glad it was Willow that got out and not Whiskey, because she is much more tame than he is. He is very flightly and hoity toity as all Dutch rabbits are, and always tries to sneak out of the side of the cage when you feed him.

(He’s a bit tricky to photograph as he is so speedy. Also he always wants to nose the camera lens!)

Just to complete the house moving circle, Rocket the guinea pig has moved from his little hutch into Willow’s old penthouse appartment and is very happy up there. The green thing is his Pigloo where he sits like a tortoise :) bless him.

So as a result of escaping rabbits, I have not slept since 3am, instead laying awake until 5am when my parents got up and then giving up sleep as a lost cause and just getting up properly. I feel somewhat groggy now!

I have also not blogged all of the crochet that I wanted to share, like this:

and this:

Ah well, tomorrow is another day for blogging!

Lots of love x x x x x

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