Last day of November

Hello and happy Monday to you all – I hope you all had a good weekend :)

I can’t believe that it is the last day of November today … this year has just flown and I’m amazed that we can start opening Advent calendars tomorrow. I have a Quentin Blake one from Paperchase, I sneakily bought it for half price in their sale earlier this year. It’s very glittery and Christmassy.

I am also excited about tomorrow because it is YARN DAY! We (my mum and my Grandma) are going to Milton Keynes tomorrow to go to John Lewis. Just for a Christmassy morning out really, a little bit of shopping and a coffee. My Grandma is giving me some yarn for Christmas, and I get to choose it tomorrow. Can you tell I’m excited? Well, you would be too when I tell you that the above photo is JUST their display of Rowan. That’s right. Just Rowan. There is another of Debbie Bliss, and then another one of Sirdar, Patons and other miscellaneous yarns that I’m not that interested in (not being a fan of pastels, acrylic or that nasty yarn that is white with flecks of other pastelly colours in it.)

John Lewis has pretty Christmas decorations too, all the way up their central stairway (well, escalator way really!)

Apologies for blurry photos, I was snapping in secret.

It’s Christmassy outside in the shopping centre too, the grotto is in full swing and there is a Helta Skelta Slide

Weird Elephant thing

and my favourite – a beautiful old Carousel with two storeys

On the crochet front, I have taken a break from Christmas trees (all two of them) and am whipping up another blanket.

Can you tell what it is yet? Bet you can. It’s so quick to make though, in 5 days I have made and joined 60 squares. Sometimes I surprise myself at how quickly I can work.


Flickr Inspiration

I’ve spent a lot of time on Flickr during these last couple of weeks and I have seen some FABulous blankets on there, absolutely beautiful and really inspiring. I’m always planning my next projects in my head and thought I’d show you a few that I am loving at the moment.

Firstly, this blanket by WelshKaren. Wonderful colours :)

Then, this cushion by Warrenbird

I love the border on The Garden Bell’s blanket here

This gorgeous Granny blanket by forines13 – it looks a bit complicated for my abilities right now, but you never know, perhaps one for the future …

An amazing Ripple by la shika … I definitely want to do a big ripple blanket for my bed sometime, in bright colours.

Perhaps my favourite of all, and second on my list of “Blankets I want to make” list is this beauty by Maryse_ro, I love this so much and I’m mostly just waiting until I can find a yarn that has enough colours to make this possible. Maryse_ro has some fabulous photos on her photostream, by the way, I love looking through them. I would love to be able to dye and spin yarn like she does.

What inspires you on Flickr? Leave me a comment and show me your favourites, I’d love to see :-)

I love seeing photos of people’s stash as well, makes me all giddy and wanty and grabby, hehe. Like this stash from jdsouza and this one from Tartlime.

Speaking of stash, has anyone worked with King Cole Merino Blend DK? It has lots of lovely colours but I’ve not seen it in a real shop to give it a squeeze, only online. I’m reluctant to buy some and it be splitty or scratchy or something. Opinions greatly received :-)